Maintain Your Level of Consciousness At A Higher Frequency

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The Central Feeling Of Awareness and Consciousness

Consciousness is the reality of life. When you are completely conscious, you have complete awareness about what is going on. Therefore, the ultimate substance of all things is pristine consciousness.

A state of consciousness is necessary before you can alter your outer world. The first step to renewing the mind is the desire, the drive for something.

Be health conscious and have secure devotion to who you are and who you are becoming. In order to release the past, you need to presumably die in order to reincarnate the new self.

Assume the responsibility of incarnation of self. Imagination is the only reincarnate of power. The fate that governs your life is how you take action and allow it to grow into what you believe it to be. You can not control the future, however; you can control your destiny by taking the right initiatives to obtain that so called “fate.”

Attention, it can do anything for you, when applied in the right directions of your minds thinking. Direct your attention in the right places and everything should fall into place for yourself.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of beauty and wisdom

Goddess on fire

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Laura Zukerman

Lesson #18 – Allow the World to Sync up

Allow the world to sync up, as you learn to sync up those around you, and as you learn to live in high vibrational harmony; harmony without yourself without the need for tools. With just the purity of power and presence ; the knowledge and inner wisdom that you are divine love , will incarnate.

You can allow the earth to sync up to your new high vibrational alignment. This does not however mean you must carry the world upon your shoulders. Quite the contrary , when you are in a state of surrender and allow the closest vibrational levels to rise to meet yours.

Everyone wins, and everyone of a higher consciousness will feel subtle, yet powerful differences. If you have gotten this far and you are feeling daily a high vibrational nature, you have already synced up with yourself or the highest version of you.

It should feel like pure bliss. If you are not here already, please do not chastise yourself for not being ready. That critical thinking will only go to serve you back and down again. Then , you will not become the light of the world you were meant to be. Repeat this course and it’s helpful tools , lessons and emotional / spiritual guide posts ; until you see the difference.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Tapping into your Inner Goddess Wisdom

Goddess On 🔥