Who Needs Chakra Balancing and Why?

Who Needs Chakra Balancing? Your Chakra Energies May be out of balance. The higher consciousness, the vibrations, and the energies accelerate to release any stagnation in your body or your (being). 

However, the releasing process can be gentle or intense depending on the agenda of your soul and the degree to which you resist the process. Distortion in Space and Time: If your material 3-D awareness is constantly shifting into and out of different dimensions, it might be the sign that your Chakras need to be balanced. The effect is characterized by spatial, temporal bodily disorientation.
 This describes a situation where an individual loses track of space and time, i.e. inability to tell where and when you are. Generally, this is a temporary phenomenon and only lasts until you are able to adjust, integrate and also ground the new vibration energies.

 Aches and Pains

 Aches and pains are great signs that our energy flow is not balanced. It makes us aware of our energy flow, and more importantly, where the energy is not flowing. This is a direct feedback from the body trying to tell us what might be going on ‘in there.’ The higher consciousness, the vibrations as well as the energies tend to flow throughout the body. However, as they move to the places in the body and mind where the blocks (old stuck and stagnant energies) are held, it feels like pain and aches. This is felt in the form of headaches and flu symptoms among others. This is just a sign that your physical body is struggling to release the toxins and the negativity held inside. So, these symptoms are actually normal. The pain and ache disappear once you are done with the healing work and all the blocks are completely released. 

Dreaming and Sleeping 

The ‘dream time” is the time when most of your issues (the once accumulated over a lifetime) are processed through the subconscious mind. These dreams are at times vivid, sexual, violent, otherworldly, perverse, non-sensical, bizarre, nightmarish and at times even alien. Actually, anything your mind can imagine, it can also dream it. The catch is that your mind is only able to use the metaphors, images, and symbols that have been programmed into its “computer bank.” Although such images may not necessarily follow the past events, they are actually the best approximation of your mind’s interpretation of them. It is not really important for your conscious ego mind to waste energy trying to make sense of the details and the storyline of the events since it is just the result of the processing of the energies behind them. Sleeping is just one of many ways our conscious ego-mind copes when overwhelmed emotionally or energetically.

 The same can be said of the higher consciousness. In the process of healing, the energies and vibrations are experienced. These stir up many unresolved issues; this results in fatigue and the feeling of lethargic. During this time, the conscious ego mind (the part of your mind and energies that wants to energize and rationalize) is put on hold to sleep. This allows you to process on the deeper levels of the soul. This continues until your subconscious mind process to the point of saturation when it can take no more. At this point, the ego-mind goes on hold, and the conscious mind takes over as you wake up. 

The Exaggerated Sensitivity 

Any form of healing is associated with the tremendous amount of energy (both physical and psychic). If in the process you are subjected to additional stimulation, it is like adding fuel to the fire. It is, therefore, possible that you may experience exaggerated sensitivity to your surroundings to the extent that you become intolerant or get overwhelmed by the external stimulation of any kind. This could be music, random noise, the TV, traffic of any kind, the light (bright or multicolored), smell, touch, texture, and jarring movements among others.

It is advisable to take a break whenever feeling “fed-up.” Consider engaging in an activity that allows you to process your stuff in peace. Consider exercising at the gym, taking a walk in the park or even leisurely drive. You can also consider camping, touring a park or traveling for a holiday. Just consider something that works best for you, even if it means staying in your room to sleep. Relationship to Food As the higher consciousness, the vibrations and the energies move through your cellular biological and emotional system; there is the likelihood that issues related to your diet may arise. This includes the cellular memories of the feasts and famines.

You may find yourself fixated on emotionally charged comfort foods, experience mood swings characterized by unusual cravings and even loss of appetite. Actually, your body is just trying to adjust and balance. It is important to avoid fighting it back or even judging. In reality, processing of the higher energies is accomplished with a lot of nutritional support. This results in changes manifested through the body emotions and the mind. This is why you should be gentle with yourself. So, if you are experiencing weight gain, it may be an indicator that you are still holding on something which could be emotion, vibrational, energetic or mental. The healing steps that you must continue with include healthy diet, exercising and drinking plenty of water.

 The Worst Case Scenarios 

It is possible that you find yourself in situations that you feared the most. This is something you only thought was a nightmare. In this case, we refer to it as the worst case scenario. Let’s say you are fired, and you have no alternative, with no savings in your accounts, your car is repossessed, your spouse runs away with the kids, you lose your home to auctioneers, someone you love gets a terminal disease, you are raped, there is death in the family, or anything worse you can imagine happens.

None of the above scenarios is pretty. However, they are challenges that can face you, and if they do, you have to deal with them. Whether you come out of it stronger or weaker will depend on you. It is not something you wish to happen, but what is the way out if it does? Well, I suggest you find a better way of dealing with the situation so that you emerge stronger.

Abandoned Lost and Lonely

Have you ever had a strong feeling of not belonging somewhere? This is when you feel isolated, alienated, estranged and maybe misunderstood. You may feel like you don’t fit in your workplace, your home, community or culture. It can be even worse when you feel like you are done with life. There is nothing else left for you to accomplish other than death. This is when the thought of suicide creeps in. You need to understand that your life is not an accident in any way. In fact, you are alive for profound reasons. The completion of these reasons may take many years if not your entire lifetime. So, when it appears like life is empty and bleak, find ways to remain patient and hang on. Seek help from Chakra balancing. This is a temporary phase that shifts the moment you go deeper with the help of Chakra balancing. 

Feeling Dazed and Confused 

This is a phase in life when you feel spaced out; it may be characterized by muddled and confused speech, and difficulty in remembering things. You even feel like you are going insane and may wonder if you have some serious mental illness. Actually, it is not what you think. This spacey sensation is only an indicator that contrary to what you think, your mind is actually opening up and expanding into new and much more liberated ways of thinking, feeling and being. In fact, you are only starting to experience reality outside what is known as the box of the 3rd dimension.

This is actually a good thing, only that you are not used to it. Medically speaking, the speech and memory are all functions of the left hemisphere of the brain. This hemisphere is also associated with worldly, horizontal and linear rational thinking. However, the higher vibrational energies are likely to activate the right hemisphere more. The right hemisphere is associated with the spiritual, vertical, transcendent and irrational ‘feelings.’ When creating a balance between the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, you are likely to experience some temporary diversion or the shift of the energies. This shifts the attention from the dominant side of the brain to a more dormant side. The memory and speech return to normal as soon as the two sides are balanced. 

Laura Zukerman

The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By LZ

Inner Peace & Tranquility / The Chakras and What They Do. From Top To Bottom


As you probably know energy affects you more than you realize. Science has proven that everything in our universe is made of the same energy. But, How does it apply to me? Remember a time when you spoke to someone or encountered something or someone who was angry , stressed, anxious, or in a bad mood? what happened after? Chances are you began to feel it, maybe in your stomach, your heart or your head. It affected you somehow, it does not begin to stop there.

Sometimes you will begin to carry that energy throughout your day, and it ends up affecting everything you do. It will also begin to affect everyone you encounter. You bring it from one direction to the next, you might bring it home. It has a ripple effect and that it just one tiny example. Know that even a complete stranger can affect your life through just energy alone.

There is also a lucky and unlucky phenomenon where if you have ever had a lucky day, one where everything went right. One after another? Almost as if the stars were lined up and conspiring in your favor?

Have you ever had a bad day, where everything just went wrong and it just kept on piling up. All you wanted was to curl into a ball and hide from the world? It is not a coincidence that when these things begin to happen they are controlled by your energy circuits.

Your energy is more power than your thoughts and your emotions. The invisible thing that controls your mood is your energy. It controls everything. It is the one thing that most people do not focus on because they do not see it with their naked eye! Have you ever heard the saying (“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”)

When your energy and person vibration is high, most obstacles and challenges do not even appear , you begin to skip them. The ones that do appear, you are just able to handle them- maybe magically?

When your energy and personal vibration is low- then the pandoras box of negativity, fear, and unwanted scenarios come flooding into your life- and even the “smallest things” tend to bother you!


Going through dark times is terrible, you need to know how to get rid of these limiting beliefs, emotions and actions that are dragging you down.  Within minutes you can become aware of mastering your energy fields. Your logical mind begins catching up with your negative thinking and thats what makes you aware of this and you feel much better afterward, However; you must be aware!!

When Everything flows, When chosen the right vibration and energy for myself for others, miracles being to happen several times a day! If you are dealing with this and you ask for signs, you will end up receiving the higher frequencies of self love and abundance. Sometimes when your in the right frequencies , what you desire the most finds its way to you effortlessly.

You have the physical body and you also have the energetic body and its a complex system. The energetic system is vast and extremely complex. Here are some of the basic  ones to remember for now. In our physical body we have physical organs. You have energetic organs which are known as chakras. Chakras affect you more than you know. They affect your emotions, mood, experiences, health and well being finances and relationships.

For physical bodies there are energetic toxins. Energetic toxins can come through internally or externally. We have physical skin, we also have energetic skin. Energetic skin would be the aura. Aura, depending on how sensitive you are, absorbs what it comes in contact with , just like our skin would.

We then have physical senses= 8 spiritual & energetic senses. This is like our five senses. ( sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.) Our energetic senses help us make sense and decipher the invisible energy. Most of the biggest pain and struggle people experience is because they do not know how to take care of their energetic bodies.

Every painful and traumatic experience you have ever had since you were a child had a tremendous impact on you and its still affecting you and holding you back. It is a compounding affect. When you have energy that is stuck, your problems will keep reoccurring over and over again , and you wont be able to fully move forward regardless of how hard you are trying. If you have energy blocks in your system, there is an energetic blue print, to keep you from moving forward.


Heres how it occurs, the painful experience will happen and the energy from that initially gets stored in your energetic body. Then the initial energy that was stored in your body from these painful experiences eventually turn into energetic patterns.

These energetic patterns keep you stuck, and cause you to keep re-experiencing the same problem over and over and over again. Unless you are able to remove the deeply – rooted energetic blocks that are stuck in your body. ( Sometimes on a deep cellular level ), You will be stuck where you are, and you wont be able to fully move forward.

Energy can get trapped, in auric fields, from day to day living, in chakras- from your own pain or from trauma others inflict upon you. In the actual organs, from internal to external sources. In karmic and energetic timelines. In DNA and Cellular levels – passed on from ancestors and generational trauma.

Lets use chakras as an example, its one of the hidden energetic systems that flows within our bodies and affects everything in our lives from our careers to relationships to inner peace.

Your crown chakra – has to do with spirituality, intuition, and purpose of work. So, if you are having issues in that area, theres most likely energetic toxins and blocks in your crown chakra.

Your third eye chakra- has to do with absorbing peoples energy, and tuning. Being able to tune into the energetic world. If you are sensitive to other peoples energies, theres most likely energetic toxins and blocks in your third eye chakra.

Your throat chakra has to do with speaking, your truth and confidence, and communication. So, if you are having communication issues, theres most likely energetic toxins and blocks in your throat chakra.

Your heart chakra- has to do with love and self love. If you have a hard time loving yourself, or you keep attracting toxic people into your life, theres most likely energetic toxins and blocks in your heart chakra.

Your solar plexus chakra- also called the power center, has to do with wisdom, self esteem, self worth and personal power. If you have a hard time standing up for yourself, or standing in your power , theres most likely energetic toxins and blocks in your solar plexus chakra.

Your root chakra- has to do with career, being grounded, and material abundance. If you have issues with money, abundance or staying grounded, theres most likely energetic toxins and blocks in your root chakra.

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess On Fire


Mana Regeneration For Well Being!

  • Think in terms of mana and mana regeneration. Mana is mental energy which is the essence of everything since the universe is mental. You are Mana. Mana regeneration is the first skill to have and to keep focus on since it powers all your magical actions, and every action is a magical action. With mana, you can be, do and have anything. The more energy you have, the better you may function. Energy is lost and gained on a personal level every day. There is a need to generate and regenerate your energy.

  • Mana is taken from the food and air by the inner self and is stored in the energy body. This is the force known as “the will.” The will uses mental energy or mana. By combining the Mana from food and air with additional Mana from unlimited cosmic sources, we can always have the power we need to accomplish whatever we truly and justly desire. Exercise or any form of physical exertion always starts the inner self manufacturing more Mana.
  • Instead of exercising, you can assume the mental attitude of getting set to run a race. When you hold the picture in mind of getting ready to run, you breathe more rapidly and tense up the muscles a little. The inner self will begin to create the desired vital force. That’s why when you are in a ready to fight or compete situation, your energy gets roused up. But there are calmer ways of creating mana.

  • Where you eat is just as important as what you eat. Eating is an act where you are consuming energy. You are not only partaking physical food and drink into your body, but simultaneously, your energy body is also partaking energy from the environment into itself. The physical act of eating opens up the aura. It is important to eat in environment that is substantially clean physically and energetically and conducive for eating. Eating is a sacred activity and that is why it is usually done with certain activities and not with others.
  • Who you eat with is also just as important. The food you eat, the place you eat in, and the people you eat near with all play in your eating experience. Eating under conditions that are uncomfortable diminishes the eating experience as it causes you to contract your aura or energy field. Opening up your aura in the wrong conditions and drawing in all kinds of negative energy will lead to negative consequences. Disease may result when one is in a perpetual and severe enough state of dis- ease. When you eat under the right conditions, your energy field can expand properly and regeneration is at its optimal.

  • You are like a battery. You need a surcharge of electricity or mana to perform magic. This is why there is the act of “Powering Up” for magical users before they engage in any activity that involves the use of power. Energy or chi can manifest by two ways which is generation and absorption. Some say that absorption can lead to psychic vampirism, but that is only the case if you use it unnaturally. As long as we don’t intentionally suck people’s life force in a way that drains them, we can simply draw in the life force energy that is already released by them into the surrounding atmosphere. Lots of places have high chi, we can simply go there and draw in the energy.

  • The simple act of relaxing, clearing the mind and breathing in already draws chi/mana into the body. If you try using only chi generation, you would find it tiring to do all the time. Energy absorption is the much more effortless and natural way. Absorption and generation is a yin-yang thing. Absorb, and then generate, absorb and then generate.
  • Breathe in breathe out. Draw in, and then expand the energy outwards. Feed the aura and then enlarge and intensify the aura, etc.

  • Both generation and absorption has got to be used at different times depending on our energy state. Sometimes our energy feels in an expansive or out flowing state. Therefore generation feels more natural. Sometimes our energy is in a lower or retreating state. Therefore absorption feels more natural. It can also be due to biorhythms, moon phases and astrological factors.
  • Any action with energy should be done in accordance with the Tao, or natural order of things.

  • Dark blue or deep blue magic is mana magic. It is about meditation and mana regeneration. Entering into the meditative state of mind enables you to replenish your energy. Clearing your mind draws energy to yourself. Relax, clear your mind, and draw in the energy to replenish and increase power. By collecting the essence in the surrounding air, you can convert this energy into the mystical force that powers your spells. In this way, you recover more quickly from your magical exertions.

  • Grounding is necessary to cleanse your energy field. Your energy can get polluted or “colored” by emotions, desires, stray energy, and basically any outside influence that can act as instructions, to your subconscious. This can cause bad effects. The simplest way to get rid of this is grounding, which balances your energy, removes the corrupting crap, and puts your focus back in “neutral”. It is called returning to the center and clearing everything. The way to do it is to still yourself and gain control of the extraneous thoughts and feelings flowing through your mind and bring them to a place of zero. Get back to your true state of thinking and core self. It is like a reset.

  • Fresh water is useful for taking into yourself and refreshing you. It is also a life source that can cause living conditions to improve, or making the area cooler and cleaning things it comes into contact with. Just imagine a river of the freshwater flowing through you to your hera/belly or a freshwater waterfall coming into you. This is why the Bible says out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. The Bible talks a lot about water in terms of spiritual energy, or mana or life force. Plant life is possible to be used as a source of energy to yourself. For forest, imagine a scene with evergreen trees or other trees, and deep green energy. Have the deep green energy entering into yourself. With forest, the air’s cleaner and it’s colder too and you can feel happier. You shall be like a tree planted by rivers of living water.

  • With more chi built up in your body there’s more chance of it causing whatever you desire just by stating it. Chi is in everything and everything exists because of this bioelectricity. Our thoughts are chi itself and that’s why what we desire through thoughts comes to manifestation as chi disseminates itself to the world to bring an effect. You should also know that chi works by association of thought and visualization. So if you make a chi ball, you can shape it and direct its purpose through your thoughts.

  • Body stepping is an interesting trick. It is done by slowing time down in your mind and visualizing yourself stepping into your body. It is gathering your energy body into your body and giving it strength. It is an amazing ability as you and the body moves, it triples your energy and doubling the effect. This is what it means to “gather, pull or bring yourself together”. It is becoming one with yourself. You feel more powerful when you are calm and collected. Being collected rather than scattered is key to power. All gain is the result of a gathering consciousness. All loss is the result of a scattering consciousness.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥

Silence and The Brain

Studies show that silence helps trigger the development of new brain cells, which develop into functional neurons. The hippocampus which is responsible for learning and processing emotions and memory; shows newly developed cells after exposure to silence.

Some people believe that silence relaxes the brain too much, whereby it may become unproductive. However, if you are in a totally silent environment the brain is still busy processing thoughts. It is also busy evaluating information.

You would have experienced this, by silently pondering and reflecting on past events. This is when your brain is not distracted by noise. This is when it can process information smoothly.

Noises stresses the brain and the body. Noise can have a negative impact on the brain. This is a result of the body releasing the stress hormone cortisol. Experts believe that the amygdala , which is situated within the brains temporal lobes; is constantly activated through the chronic production of the stress hormones.

The amygdala is the part of the brain that processes memories and emotions. Therefore, an individual living in a noisy environment is more likely to produced high levels of cortisol. It can cause distress both physically and mentally as a result of constantly induced brain activity.

Silence releases stress from the body. If noise is a problem then silence is a solution. The findings of a study that was published in the heart journal showed that two minutes of silence produced more relaxation benefits than a person listening to two minutes of music.

Noise harms cognitive functioning in the brain. Noise is harmful to a persons productivity and performance. It decreases motivation. It increases the tendency to make mistakes. Noise can have an adverse impact on the brains cognitive functioning and affects the brains ability to process memory, focus and to solve essential problems.

Noise increases risk of illness. Experts have figured out high levels of blood pressure linked to noise. Chronic exposure to noise from airports or highways. It is also linked to higher rates of heart disease, sleep loss and tinnitus.

Cortisol increasing in the body do to high levels of blood pressure and putting more stress on the body, significantly strains your body’s entire system. This results in in a high heart rate and constricting blood vessels. This is a precursor for developing heart disease.

This can also increase the risk of developing anxiety and depression. Also, unwanted behaviors of anger and or aggression.

To better understand the noise on our heart health, a study showed that being exposed to persistent noise greater than 65 decibels , affected the cardiovascular system.

65 decibels is the background noise in a restaurant. 86 decibels is approximately the noise a blender would create.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

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Your Energy Level Determines Luck Vibration

  • Many people think that luck is something that is purely random, unpredictable and difficult to control. That is because they do not know what luck really is. When you are able to know the true definition of luck, you can learn the whole science behind this phenomena and gain control over it. Luck is another aspect of your reality and perhaps the most powerful and important one. The more conscious and aware you become of the elements of your reality, the more of a conscious and powerful creator you will be.

  • Your luck is your psychokinetic resonance with the environment you are in. Like everything else, luck is an energy. It is something that is quantifiable not in physical but in nonphysical ways. You can quantify it physically only in terms of its physical manifestations in your life. Luck is dependent on time, place and consciousness. When you are lucky, you are in mental and emotional resonance with your surroundings. When you are unlucky, it is the opposite.
  • The level of resonance is the level of your luck.

  • Luck is also a feeling or emotion because emotion is energy in motion. When you are lucky, you are also feeling lucky. Your feeling is your vibration and therefore you are vibrating luck and feeing it. You feel and experience that everything is working for you when you are lucky. You feel that everything is working against you when you aren’t lucky. A state of vibrational harmony or disharmony with your environment is the whole explanation for this. You either feel that things are in a flow or things are disrupted.

  • Your energy level determines your luck vibration. At times when you are feeling low of energy, that is also when your luck vibration is at a low point. You are more likely to make careless mistakes, become more accident prone and flop up in some way. When you are feeling high of energy, that is also when your luck vibration is in a high state. You are sharper, clearer and more in the zone. You seem to be able to do amazing things in ways that baffle others to the point that makes you seem very skillful or lucky.

  • Actually luck and skill are one. The more in energetic resonance you are with your environment, the more your skill will work and the luckier you’ll seem. You can always observe that when the best are in action, they always seem to have both their skill and the situation working for them. You can never separate luck from skill because after all, they are both part of the same thing called psychokinetic resonance with the environment. Your skill is your capability of handling the situation which depends on luck.

  • Once you know that luck is an energy, you can depend on it in that manner. You cannot depend on luck that is considered to be random chance occurrence. You can’t depend on such things because they do not exist. A non existent thing cannot be depended upon. Everything that exists is a part of consciousness and can be controlled by consciousness. Therefore luck exist and is fully under your control. Knowing this, you never have to fear of bad luck because you can make all things work in your favor.

  • Since luck is dependent on energy, you have to pay attention to your level of energy in every moment and take charge of it. When you notice that your energy level is low, be more careful with the things you do especially if they are important. You may make mistakes that usually never happen, and wonder how could you be so unlucky or stupid. You may realize that every time you have made careless or stupid mistakes that seem to be like bad luck, it was when your energy level was indeed at a low point.

  • Lack of focus and lack of being adequately present minded also creates bad luck. Do you notice that when you make stupid mistakes in situations, you felt that you were not ready? What do you mean by not being ready? You mean that you weren’t focusing properly or fully enough, and you weren’t being adequately present minded. The first step to controlling luck is to be present minded. If you want to be lucky, you must put your focus in the activity you are doing. Or else you’d create bad luck and mistakes.

  • Your level of focus and placing your mind in the present determines your psychokinetic resonance with the environment. Focusing is how you channel energy towards a particular time and place. When your focus is here, your energy is channeled here and you experience luck here. Where you focus is where you generate luck in. That is why the secret of success is focus. Successful people are lucky people because they have more focus than the unsuccessful and unlucky ones. Focus to be a lucky one.

  • Seek to maintain a high level of energy or vibration at all times. People who experience their luck going up and down throughout the day allow their energy to go up and down. People who experience their luck being consistently high all the time maintain their energy and vibration at a high level.
  • At times when your energy is low, seek to increase it to a higher level again. Do not continue doing any work at a low level of energy because you will tend to make mistakes. Recharge your energy first, then work.

  • Be aware of negative thoughts and feelings that will bring your level of energy or vibration lower. Positive thoughts and feelings bring your energy level and vibrations higher. Therefore choose to think positive thoughts and feel positive emotions, and you will experience more luck and success in your life. You can also increase your luck when you are more intent of succeeding in a certain situation. Your energy of intent will energize you with the luck you need, and that is why willful intent bends the world to you.

  • Action alone does not always produce the desired results. Sometimes a lot of action is taken but little results are produced. At other times, little to no action is taken and yet much results are produced. It is said that knowledge is required for successful action. But what is it that attracts the right knowledge to you to act upon at the right time? Also, you never seem to have full knowledge of all the factors affecting the decision that you are taking. There are variables and factors hidden from you. What is it that causes you to make the right decisions, and what causes your decisions to turn out well for you? What is the missing determinant required for success in life? What is this mysterious force or seemingly most elusive variable that affects outcomes? It is Luck.
  • The questions is, can we control luck? Is Luck a Natural Force that we can harness like electricity, magnetism, etc? Why are some people more lucky than others? Why do people’s luck change in certain directions and at certain times? When we begin to understand more about Luck and how it works, we begin to be able to utilize it. Luck is the most powerful force in the universe, because it influences all other forces. Luck is an energy that you can control, harness and direct.
  • Luck is controlled by your alignment of energy.

  • Christianity focuses on the favor of God as the main thing that attracts everything good. The universal way would be to focus on luck to attract all good things and events. Luck is an important factor for winning games. This reality is a game. It is good to have luck on your side. You can control probability with your actions and foreknowledge. But sometimes there are certain probabilities that you may not have knowledge of, or your actions can’t control. Therefore you still need luck to fill in the gaps.
  • An attitude of being lucky requires you to be in a playful, lighthearted and happy state. It’s got to feel easy and light. A lucky state has lightness and ease to it. You can make a game difficult or you can make it easy. Making it difficult causes you to feel stuck constantly. Making it easy enables you to move through the storyline as quickly as you can. Luck and the execution of skill is the full vibrational alignment. Luck and skill seem to be opposite. Skill requires concentration and seriousness.
  • Luck requires relaxation and playfulness. A balance or blend between the two is the perfect state for maximum performance in winning a game. This is one of the secrets of intention and detachment. You have to desire and allow. You have to desire and be clear about your desire, and align your energy and actions with your desire in every way possible.
  • A state of being lucky also enables you to tap into inspiration and information. The luck vibration attracts ideas, knowledge, people, events and everything else that is beneficial to your well-being. The tides of luck are always changing therefore you can influence it to change in your favor. If you can maintain your emotional state towards the positive through the flux of events, you can keep turning luck in your favor or maintain a lucky streak. It doesn’t mean you do not allow your emotional state to sink or dampen with the flow, but you allow it to bounce back up again and be unsinkable. The tide of luck and emotion are one. Whatever you are tuned into more is what you will manifest or attract.
  • Frequency is everything, frequency is what you are. Whatever you feel lighter, more fun, enjoyable and more value fulfilling and more interested about comes to you quicker and more easily. That is why things that are your passion tend to come more quickly, easily and effortless to you. You can’t create what your natural passions are, but you can create the state of luck that attracts everything else that is good for you. Spiritual information is the first thing that comes more easily and naturally, because the higher worlds are spiritual and spiritual information leads to everything in life.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

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Energy Vibration

Your Energetic vibration is what causes you to attract what you want in your life. Raising your vibration is knowing that you attract things to you. You have become self aware of your vibrations . Whether your feeling good or bad is how your figuring out your vibrations.

Love based emotions send a positive vibration. fear based emotions send a negative vibration. The more strongly you feel the emotion the more predominant a vibration is being emitted. Right now I am feeling a positive love vibration, excited, committed, inspired. Moving full steam ahead. If your feeling fear based vibrations you will feel sad, depressed , lazy. To raise your energy vibration it begins with letting go of resistance.

Do you ever try to put down your emotions? Don’t tell yourself a lie. Carl Jung said what you resists will persist. You can ignore your emotions but they are still emitting a vibration, welcome what is. The more you accept and acknowledge the emotion, just be. It doesn’t need to have words, or stories to how you feel. Place your awareness on it and allow it to feel expressed.

By witnessing that, you may be able to love yourself into a better emotions by feeling, accepting and allowing. spend a minute of meditation a day figuring out how long you will mediate for a day. Once in the morning for twenty minutes. Once at night for 15-20 minutes.

If you are attached to the results of the emotions, you will never think it’s going to happen. If you have concrete deadlines you might start to feel impatient. How to detach these emotions is by staying present , in the here and now. Staying through this resistance. Most of your life will be filled with being unhappy if you don’t feel happy or fulfilled, you would need to detach. It’s al in the journey of what you are doing. Just let go and be. Feel relaxed and happy, turning up the feeling good state and raising the vibration , is exactly how you will speed up the Manifestation. Your actions should feel fulfilling. Sense your passions about al that you love doing.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥