Ambition and Type

¶ Now what is it that causes some to have ambition and others to lack it?

Your ambitions take the form determined by your predominating physiological system. For instance, in every great singer the Thoracic has been present either as the first or second element.

The effect of the physical upon our talents is no more marked anywhere than here. For it is his unusual lung power, his high chest, the sounding boards in his nose section and his superior vocal cords that make the real foundation of every singer’s fame. These physiological conditions are found in extreme degree only in persons of thoracic tendencies.

It was the great lung-power of Caruso that made him a great singer. It was his remarkable heart-power that brought him through an illness in February, 1921, when every newspaper in the world carried on its front page the positive statement that he could not live another day. That he lived for six months afterward was due chiefly to his remarkable heart.

The nature resulting from a large heart and large lungs is one distinctly different from all others—in short, the Thoracic nature.

“The Best Dressed
¶ The best dressed man and the best dressed woman in your town belong predominantly to this type. This is no accident. The Thoracics, being possessed of acute eye senses, are more sensitive to color and line than any other type. These are the foundations of “style” and artistic grooming.

Clothes Can Unmake the Man
¶ Being desirous of the approval of others and realizing that though clothes do not make the man they can unmake him, this type looks to his laurels on this point.

Because clothes determine the first impressions we make upon strangers and because that impression is difficult to change, clothes are of vast importance in this maze of human relationships.

The Thoracic is more sensitive to the attitude of others because their attitude is more vital to his self-expression. He senses from childhood the bearing that clothes have for or against him in the opinion of others and how they can aid him to express his personality.”

“The Glass of Fashion
¶ The Thoracic therefore often becomes “the glass of fashion and the mold of form.” His consciousness of himself is so keen that, even when alone, he prefers those things in dress which are at once fine, fancy and fashionable.

Some types are indifferent to clothes, some ignorant of clothes and some defiant in their clothes but the Thoracic always has a keen sense of fitness in the matter of apparel.

Distinction in Dress
¶ The distinctive dresser is one who essays the extremely fashionable, the “last moment” touch. He is always a step or two ahead of the times. His ties, handbags, handkerchiefs and stick pins are “up to the minute.” Such a man or woman invariably has a large thoracic development and is well repaid by the public for his pains.

Dress the Universal Language
¶ The public looks more eagerly than we suppose to changes in styles and fads. It gives, in spite of itself, instantaneous admiration of a sort to those who follow the dictates of fashion. This being one of the quickest roads to adulation, it is often utilized by this type.”

“The Newest in Hairdressing
¶ The latest thing in coiffures is always known by the Thoracic woman. And because she is, more often than any other type, a beautiful woman she can wear her hair in almost any style and find it becoming.

So when puffs were the thing this type of woman not only wore puffs but the most extreme and numerous puffs. When the “sticking-to-the-face” style was in vogue she bought much bandoline and essayed the sleekest and shiniest head of all. When the ear-bun raged she changed those same paper-like curls over night into veritable young sofa cushions.”

“Always on “Dress Parade”
¶ With intent to keep the spotlight on himself the Thoracic is always on dress parade. He is vividly aware of himself; he knows what kind of picture he is making. He is seldom “self-conscious,” in the sense of being timid. When he does happen to be timid he suffers, by reason of his greater desire for approval, more acutely than any other type.”

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A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Conscious Resonance Causes Harmony or Conflict

  • It is the level of resonance or dissonance between our consciousness and that of others that determines the kind of interaction what we have with them. The level of significance that others play in our lives is not how frequently we interact with them, but how meaningfully we do so. We may cross paths with a background character everyday but they leave only a fading impression on our souls. There are some we meet only once but the experience is so meaningful that it marks us for life.
    Our consciousness has many frequencies of thoughts and emotions. The more frequencies we share with another, the more we have in common and the more connections we have. When one party is not consciously aware of the common frequencies that is shared with another, the person will still be unconsciously attracted into inexperience and interaction on a continual basis. But when we consciously discover and reveal the frequencies with each other, the channels of interaction open up.

  • It is the lack of awareness about common frequencies by either party that causes the misperception of differences. Thinking of others as not like us is what creates separation. When we find that they are so much like us, it brings a sense of oneness and connectedness. If you want to connect and unite with another, focus on the similarities and what you both have in common instead of the differences. Do this especially with someone you have love for and desire to experience that love with.

  • Love seeks to unite while fear causes separation. When you are loving, you seek unity of consciousness through understanding and harmony of perception. When you are fearing, you create separation of consciousness through ignorance and conflict of perception. Stop fearing and be loving. Love and understanding reconciles all separation and integrates all perception into one. When you are of one mind, you fully understand each other and have awareness of what’s going on in the relationship as a whole.

  • You may not really be perceiving fully when you feel that you are able to perceive everything that another is speaking but that person is unable to perceive everything that you are speaking. Your misperception may be creating the experience of misunderstanding. Of course there are times when you really are able to perceive everything about where the person is coming from but they are not able to perceive where you are coming from. But if it is someone you love, you are probably misperceiving as well.
    The very fact that you have love for someone means you have many frequencies in common on an unconscious level. That emotion of love is the energy of resonance. Sometimes you may not even be aware of that love, but if you are aware then you can use it as a sign to explore deeper about the person. The appearance of differences is usually an illusion when actually in the areas where you think you are different from each other, you are both actually very much the same or even exactly alike.

  • Fear is what causes misunderstanding. You are afraid to be authentic and dare not express the deeper connection you have with another because you are afraid to be hurt by not being accepted. Fear is an illusion that makes you think that you must hide your real thoughts and feelings in order to prevent the other person from rejecting them and breaking of the connection with you. Your fear causes you to perceive the other person’s words and actions as signs of rejection and resistance.

  • Fear is caused by ignorance. The way to stop fear is to see it for what it is, an illusion. Awareness overcomes ignorance and fear. With awareness, you are free to love. There is no fear in perfect love. You can only be perfect in love by gaining awareness. Love with awareness and you can do the things that unite instead of doing the things that separate. To love perfectly is to love with understanding. That is how we all want to be loved. It is the kind of love that brings us closer and experience intimacy.

  • Dissonance may be weak or strong between two people or an individual with a group. When dissonance is weak, repulsion manifest as apathy or emotional uneasiness. That is why sometimes others say that they feel uncomfortable, uneasy or awkward in your presence. When dissonance is strong, repulsion manifest as conflict and emotional fire that can escalate to the point of severing the interaction physically and mentally between the dissonant parties.

  • They may cross paths but only in a superficial manner. If they are forced to interact or communicate, there is bound to be mutual misunderstanding and lack of interest at best and aversion or confrontation at worst. We should not force ourselves to interact with people we do not have true emotional resonance with for the sake of being nice or friendly. We are doing ourselves and them a disservice for not doing things because we are guided by our hearts to do but because we think we should.
    Any person that enters into your sphere of experience is because you attracted that person in, and that person has attracted you into theirs. You never have to feel as if you don’t deserve to be in anybody’s presence because if they are there with you, it means you have every right to be there. It is co-intention that results in both of you entering into each other’s sphere of experience in the first place. Knowing this, you can have freedom to do whatever you want, wherever you want with whoever you want.

  • There are people we are meant to interact with because they are part of our life path. We would feel the desire to connect with them and therefore it is up to us to establish and build the connection by uncovering the common frequencies and clearing the dissonance. Awareness is what helps us to know how we are causing dissonance which results in emotional uneasiness and conflict. We are then able to create more conscious and unconscious resonance in order to experience real love with each other.


Laura Zukerman

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