Jose Silva, the tools to make a better life for themselves. heres the method that will put your intelligence to the test.

the human mind is a magnificent organ of intelligence. Due to our limited expectations of the mind, we aren’t aware what we can do with the mind. An inner consciousness or the kingdom within. You raise your IQ , problem solving ability, intuition and creativity. Following instructions for programming. The mind is a computer, it needs to be programmed with imagery and mental abilities to be trained.

Simple Mental Exercises and Step by Step instructions – keep your eyes closed when able to sit comfortably.

Inner genius- 4 day Method Silva Training.

Silva Method, you will learn to get away from the quantitative left handed side of the brain.

The secrets of how the greatest geniuses have used there powers to create everything they set out to achieve.

Jose Silva- Mind Control, went on to become an inventor, an the knowledge of the human brain.

Psychology in Worldwar 2- parapsychology, psychology and intuition.

Research of the hidden workings of the mind, powers of the subconscious on the alpha level.

He wanted to help his children do their school work, the secret was all about relaxation, physical and mental.

an unexpected breakthrough, as part of helping his children he would read them lessons, such as a hypnotic trance. the day of the breakthrough, isabelle his daughter, was able to memorize the words before he intended to read it.

Jose was stunned, his daughter was reading his mind, this was happening in his own living room. Could his daughters mind act as a receiver of his thoughts.

The answer to these questions proved to be a resounding yes. The Silva Method is now continuing benefits for humanity.

He believed he had trained his daughter and 39 others into clairvoyants. Super minds, what had begun as a simple desire was a full fledge effort to change and alter the human mind.

Remember- this is a program about making things happen, the Silva Method is all about faith.

The faith has 3 components, desire, belief and expectancy.- feelings and they are subjective not objects in the physical world, they are most certainly real and are most potent forces. desire is the reason everything that man has created throughout human history.

As you master the method , you will slow down the alpha level from 7-14 hz per second on the alpha level while controlling your mind now both the right and left hemisphere will be able to think. Able to achieve your lives goals.

The Silva Method in action- coincidence is when higher intelligence is lending a hand to a picture but chooses not to sign it.

Alpha level- programmed due to desire, expectation and belief- you get exactly what you want.

Left brained can be deceived, right brain is uncanny.

Your first performance- to receive you need to follow the instructions as your hear them.

Silva mind control is accumulative.

Our standard way of alpha dimension brain frequency is associations of numbers with 6-concious 5- eyelid fatigue 4- eyes closed 3- physical relaxation 2- mental relaxation 1- alpha plane level for every purpose you desire. 85 percent of closing your eyes , and sitting quietly is learning to focus at alpha.

Sit comfortable in a chair close your eyes and breathe backwards from 10-1 Deeper healthier level of mind, feel how relaxed your eyelids are. allow this feeling of relaxation to flow through your body all the way down to your toes. Feeling better then before, as your training proceeds you will learn to train alpha levels , your body heals itself at the alpha level at this brain function. Approving your physical wellbeing, you will also be able to solve problems and achieve your goals.

Voluntarily 7-14 hz per second- the brain itself is compact to a computer 3 pounds of matter that make up the brain which is 30 pounds of neurons. inside your head is a computer with 30n billion circuits. Since every atom is 100 trillion trillion is your total brain power. Each atom is a bb gun pellet, with 100 trillion trillion, yes you would have enough to fill up 20 million years before you ran out of bbs. The problem is that only some people use half of there brain power.

Visual a setting where you have felt conditioning and happy – to increase affirmations and increase your emotional state. Geniuses more of their minds, in a special matter. A genius is someone who uses the right and left side of the brain and that is alpha level affirmations in a powerful way. Visualize.

Outer conciseness- positive statements to yourself and others, negative orientations- the effect on your will be correspondingly negative.

Mental house cleaning- very few people need help in negative self programming, its obviously something people do well on there own, negative words and negative pictures. prolonged pictures and images begin to function as mental programs. You can replace negative patterns with positive self programming. By quickly saying cancel, cancel. Replace with a more positive affirmation getting the same idea across. Another important point, always use the phrase, better and better. Before long, it becomes part of you like a verbal compass, keeping you further towards how you want to go.

Negative thoughts and attitudes and behaviors you want to change- I want to change my job situation, my income, I want to be calmer with my bf and my family. I want to be able to meditate on a daily basis.

Positive list- New Job, New Me, Meditating and Writing, Fashion clothing company

Adept at reaching your alpha level- beneficial to attain a state of deep relaxation – with a special kind of awareness. Individually and progressively on the muscle groups. turn full awareness to that area, sensation by blood circulation, relaxing yourself corresponding yourself on your brain frequency. Some people might reach this at only a few sessions. Benefits that you want. You will begin to hear a special designed pulsation sound. Make it part of the experience. Do not ignore any distractions, if you feel uncomfortable do so, and when ready to resume do so.

Anytime you function at these levels of the mind, you will benefit physically and mentally, you may use these levels of the mind to help any human being who needs help physically and mentally. Constructive, creative, manner that is clean and positive, and that is so. No ill effects in your ears, vision, hearing improve every time you function at these levels of the mind. Wide awake and in perfect health, feeling better then before.

Side three of the Silva Method- on this side, techniques can acquire a full proof memory, and genius mentality. The meaning of intelligence changes with the context of what some consider to have a mental activity, common sense or good judgement. Its a fixed characteristic , you either have it or you don’t. Well, with a little lee way, you can change it. The whole belief system is opposed by IQ scores, your brain has an intellectual capacity, a small fraction of it, you can begin to use much more of your brain power. According to Jose Silva a genius is someone who uses more of his or her mind. Infinitely intelligent, memory – needs to be used with imagination.

Keeping things in your head.


Arrow Ants
Bulbs Buffalo
Cross Cats
Drain Dogs
Engineer Eins
Fixed screw Fox
Gorge Groundhog
Hammer Hog
Jerk hammer

T- Tea Clock with a glass of tea, sitting on a chair looking at a clock
N- Noah, noahs arc, object is a hammer vividly associating him with his heard
M-May, calendar, carton of milk drinking it while looking at the calendar
R- ray of sunshine- object a bicycle riding into the sunlight
L-Law a police man- a object is a police man eating a loaf of bread
Jaw- Jaw a shark, the object is a pair of shoes , the shark eating the shoes
K-key a large gold key, object is a frying pan with the keys inside of it accidentally
P-Price tag of 8 million dollars, a hair brush, next to the price tag
B-Bay, land and water- object a table lamp, outside next to the water
Ten Toes- object is a banana being eaten while looking at the ten toes

Beneficial effects of these levels of the mind, physically and mentally. To help any human being who needs help physically and mentally. You will always use these levels of the mind in a constructive creative mindset , that is positive and that is so. Revitalizing, relaxing, ready sleep. in perfect health, feeling better than ever before.

loaf of bread
frying pan
hair brush
table lamp

You now know that you at a relaxed level of the mind is what you create, you come home from a busy work day , take a deep breathe and mentally appreciate how good it is to be home, what do you picture while being relaxed. What are you creating when you worry? Your reinforcing your troubles. Prolonging your difficulties. You will now start thinking about solutions and not about problems any longer. You are programmed to think the way you think. Psychologists say that breaking habits are difficult. Solution oriented thinking is easy, opportunities transformed into a solution. Silver Method Tool- the mirror of the mind, the alpha level.

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