GURUDEV SRI SRI and his philosophical views

Spiritual  transcends all apparent identities. Gurudev Sri Sri- energy that we would like to create in this room. the energy that we experience in the next hour or so. reverence- a combination of respect and love for being in this room. magic- do not discuss things that we have already been discussing in the conference. the unknown factor- questions about the unknown. difficult questions. 

wonder- expand the minds of people to think beyond we have been trained to think about life and the world. What is in the great beyond. Set an intention- with reverence, magic and wonder. 

What is enlightenment?- When a blind person asks what is light or a deaf person asks what is song, how could you describe that. Gift of reaching enlightenment – was it a journey you sought to go on. I didn’t seek for anything. 

What were you like as a baby? I still feel like i am a baby. the nature of mind , observing 10 compliments and 1 insult, what does it hang on to. more often on the negative side then the positive side. as a child, you lived in the present moment, tears on your cheek and your smile. It takes some time as an adult to smile again. 

The mind is in the present moment, depth is unfathomable. Or consciousness is so lost and so deep it is the home of all knowledge. You are a bubbling foundation of compassion. A source of love, when we forget this we think we are not enlightened. It is being overshadowed by desires and obsessions, likes and dislikes. If you can open that curtain and look beyond it, you will see that there is one universe of energy, force of energy that is love. In the beginning it is love. 

Why do you have to feel love? Why should you feel good all of the time. Our things is we are obsessed with all of the time being happy, sexist, drop all of this act and solidify yourself to find yourself so free. 

A decade with Sri Sri- Display a sense of love and compassion- how can all of us remember to do that. That is something that you can not force on anyone. If you do that, you need to walk on yourself clarity in mind, purity in heart. when you have very little needs you have clarity. When you don’t need anything for yourself, your feelings are positive and they are already there. The fact that the light is lit, opens up a interesting idea- dispatching – the idea of surrender- not striving but surrendering into the unknown. 

Everyday when you hit the pillow in the night, you let go, let the sleep take over. You are breathing and how long can you hold that. passion is breathing in, dispassion is breathing out. We have to let go. Dispassion will turn into depression. Or aggression, are societies is aggressive and you see it everywhere mindless violence, on the other side its depression. Students 40 percent of them are depressed. Not knowing how to let go. Its in inherent quality in human life to let go. If you heard something, see something and if you don’t let go. You cause drama on yourself. In some sense it is traumatized , you will never feel compassion, love, passion, dispassion, putting a cinder block to your emotions. seeing life from a bigger context. At the end of the day the curtain will fall and the show will be finished. 

Midlife crisis- is the intermission- All of the thrill is only later on. Look you are going to see what type of movie your life is determined upon with how you act when you break down. Service and work you do in the world- what is the passion when wanting to fix the world, how do we create that intricate balance. at the same time your life , your energy, is limited. Friendliness and compassion towards everyone. Inside every perpetuator is a victim waiting to be loved. Especially when others can be wrong to us. You see someone as a culprit, don’t go by their words and actions but by there state and there minds. Why would someone commit a crime if there is no anger or hatred in side of that person. Psychologists go deep into the psyche- they don’t know exactly what they are talking about.. the point is the root cause is being hurt, suffering and they need some treatment. 

Romance- don’t expect rose days, my ways and highways can never happen in a marriage. if you take your time to be upset, don’t be upset at the same time. Two people who want to make a relationship work and be in a beautiful state- an analogy of to lines that are moving parallel they will go straight, however if they don’t work they will cross each other. Having a common goal, focus on just that one day it will be great, the next day, it could be miserable and bitter. Accomplishment will be better and sustained. in the earlier century, the children were the goal, so both parents worked to make the family work and stay intact. They loved each other very much, the focus is misplaced. its too self centered on each of them and one of them thinks what is it that i can get out of this. 

The Unknown- the deeper into the unknown- observing some young children who had mystical abilities, read things and duplicate it using intuition, what is going on there – its easy, kids can do it easier then adults. Why are they able to , the mind is clogged with cravings and emotions- open ended mindedness can not see things freshly and intuitively like children. Its the spirt of the energy in us that could show us many other dimensions. Conscious and institutions are going on, its a scene- powerful brain capacities – dreams, intuition , all the senses, even while sleeping. In dream – you are doing everything, because the consciousness is what experiences everything in waking dreaming and sleeping. It is the 4th dimension which is unknown. Meditation is the rate to access to that. 

A young girl had Telekinis-  when a women is able to move objects with our mind, wonder- certain things we need to wonder about and they do not have answers. The world has many wonders and we fail to recognize and enjoy them. we get stuck trying to learn through our intellect. Sometimes these incidents shock us, and take us beyond the rational mind. Your logic is limited, because your knowledge is limited. Nobody can clam to have all of the knowledge in the universe. Logic is connected to what you already know. What you know you try to move into the unknown, it is not always possible with logic, logic is in the circle of knowing. 

Your thoughts create your reality- surrender- what is the balance there, how much should we be focused on the outcome we want. how do we unify the two. Transcends nationality, gender, spirituality all identifies. Spirituality 40 years back was a taboo so was meditation. They used to be considered not normal if doing yoga or meditation. Different parts of the world, vegetarian was mocked at. The world is changing, 2 billion people around the globe practice yoga, meditate and our paradigm are changes. Our understanding of ourselves are changing, the coming generation- will take this meditation like fish to water. Under the tongue came out mindfulness. Mindfulness is just the driving force, to meditation. There is so much more beyond mindfulness. Practicing it too much, you lose the ability to relax and be with the unknown. That is also not good. Spirituality is attentive in the sense that when it is authenticated by thousands of year old documents or scriptures about it. Is it a real experience? Authentic meditation technique- base routed in scripture. 

How do you define meditation- Your thoughts focused on what you want to surrender- surrender is used and misused too many times. It gives the wrong connotation. Who are you surrendering too? Why bother to surrender when it is an act. Just wake up and see that there is nothing to be fearful of surrounding to. The path of knowledge is that you need to realize nothing is yours, nothing materialistic, not even this body. Emotional people negativity causes anger, anxiety, emotional intrigue. The simple people who can not see that you are nothing, when you are aware you are nothing you are surrendered. Letting go, it is to feel mother is at home. Relaxing and confidence as per plan, the word is surrender but in reality to let go and let life take its course is the ability to qualify you as who you are. Only the negative things you can not manage yourself will be asked to be surrendered. anger, anxiety, sadness. If you can not let go, then it is a problem. Nothing negative can come from something positive. These weaknesses- something and someone to take care of me I’m going to let go of this. 

Meditation is the experience where the conditions are 3 important conditions- golden principles. 

10 minutes , nothing.  Not even a glass of water. Then, 10 more minutes, doing noting, if the mind drifts, let it drift. I am nothing is the third. You have to let go for all the labels you put on yourself- letting go of the ego. 

These three basic principles let your mind free from engaging. Source then becomes no mind, whatever you feel it is okay. I am nothing, I want nothing, I do nothing. 

Ultimate Game Plan- Humanity as a Species? Ideal vision- bigger intelligence which is managing the whole world. It knows when to bring, how to do, and when to do. Role to play now, everyone has a role to play, god is taking care of everything. Same intelligence is telling us to continue to do these things. Listening to our own inner voice. Clouds- God, is inside of us. Intelligence, we are floating in an ocean of intelligence, when we become quiet we have more access to it. Spontaneous, when the values are ingrained in you, when someone is hurt, you want to help because this is ingrained in you. The goodness is ingrained in you. You don’t need to cultivate it. Negativity is because of lack of financial defects. Stressed or tensed- even wanting to be mindful it can make us or give us an illusion from the ocean of inertia. You can never be separate or disconnected from the infinite. 

Meditation does initially first of all improves our energy feats, we radiate energy, positive energy, negative energy. Its a harness of energy. It makes our mind and intellect very sharp. Our emotions strong or very dialect. It has the balance between sensibility and sensitivity. Intelligence is beyond your expectation. Spirituality – is it more complex to do it during the morning or in the night. Fujja- Its a lightning of a lamb, a practice, a prayer. Buddha comes from the word that which is born from the lesson. Thank god for giving you food, fragments, love, light, five senses. You see flowers and mother nature. Nice things be said while saying let the light of my light suckle around you. Ritual is a ceremony that helps you complete what creates a celebration, a positive suggestion. A little bit of a ritual is always good everyday. Creating that positive ambiance. Rituals are preparation to go deeper into the light and love.

There are some people who can connect to people with any nationality or any race, what will be becoming of the education system is a pretty straight mind of intellectual system. Socrates once complained that the greeks would lose their intellectuality if they did not have enough to say.


Laura Zukerman

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