The Pandemic And What is has Shown Us.

“This is the end of a diabolical journey, though it can be debated that the adventure continues and never ends; the transformation of the darkness into the light has compelled each of us to stay as strong and as confident as possible. When you realize how invincible, empowered, emboldened and fantastic this world has become during this time, it makes everything that much more interesting. I can honestly say the world has come together just tremendously. In this captivating and enthralling time, we are coming to the end of this pandemic with dignity, monumental freedom and extraordinary times. It is the exuberance of faith, that gets us through this. The ability to act on it pushed the human race forward. We were determined, with our lightning power of commitment to social distancing and staying inside, we were able to lower the death toll 75% less then what it was projected to be. Although the numbers are still changing, we can stop the spread. COVID 19- is a human virus, only allowing it to reside on human contact. Therefore, if we wait for it to slow, eventually The US, will be a remarkable place again, with the biggest economy in the world. We will rebuild, stand taller than ever before and defeat this together. Remember how America and all of the Healthcare workers worked and have been working at warp speed, to make this country unstoppable. We have been turbo-charging forward, coming together like never before. Everyones exuding love, as gifted Americans praise and phenomenally surpass all expectations of oneness. Once this is all over, I know most of us are going to be over the moon. However, next time you couldn’t be better, remember these times, never take advantage of anything ever again.

Owner and Founder

The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By LZ