Sacred Space, Time for Reflection

Making a room where you can reflect is not the easiest thing in the world. Well, its probably the most appropriate thing in the World, especially right now. With this pandemic going on, it gives us time to reflect and to pray and cherish the moments and people that truly matter to us. Now, if you
know the right steps and procedures, you will find it simple. Below are five ways on how to create a sacred space:

Convert a guest room or attic or just make a window seat in your
living area for self-nourishment. A space that you consider “sacred”
sets the tone for your ultimate purpose.

Hang a billowy curtain, screen and beads to emphasize the
significance of the environment as a place of privacy. This space can
be used to get inner guidance and knowledge.

You can also draw, write, paint or listen to music to set the ton or create the ambiance
and mood for prayer, meditation or contemplation, place
pillows on the floor. It would also be good to invest in a comfortable chair that
supports your back.

Arrange an altar with spiritual objects to carry the energy of
spirituality. Crystals on a table will bring energies into your sacred space immediately. In making an altar, all you need is a small table with a specific fabric.

Insightful books or soft music will also give you inspiration. You can
use this to make you feel at ease and increase your spiritual energy.

What Items to Place in a Sanctuary
There are several things you can place in a sacred place. Depending
on your choice, you can use scented candles. When burning, they can
help you concentration on meditation.

Self help books are my favorite part of my sacred space, so thats always a given.

Crystals of all kinds.

Scented candles also add a touch of aroma to your environment.
Another item that is best for sacred place is the plants. These plants
can be used to add a sweet fragrance and color to your sanctuary.

Adding desktop water also adds to your place of sacredness. It
provides the calming sounds of water and removes other noises in the
surrounding. Live fish and sounds of water also offer healing energy
for your sacred space.

Diffusors and Extracts are also perfect for setting the mood.

Types and Characteristics of Sacred Spaces
There are three distinct types of sacred spaces, and these include a
room, a location for a specific item and a location for an interruption free block of time. They share the same characteristics such as being
clutter-free, clean, quiet, and peaceful.

These sacred spaces are all easy to maintain. Therefore, it would be
easy for you to decide which type of space will meet your needs and

Importance of a Sacred Space
If you want to relieve your stress and achieve peace of mind, you have
to create your own sacred space. Imagine a messy room with noisy
kids. If you have this kind of room, do you think you can refresh your

To have a tranquil environment, you have to ensure that no one will
disturb you. While inside your room, you can experience rest and
relaxation, and with a sacred space, you can do anything you want
without any distractions.

To create the best sacred space, some people prefer to ask assistance
from experts such as an interior decorator. Take note that you don’t
need to spend a high amount of money just to transform your room
into a sacred one. By using your creativity, you can do it all alone
within a short period of time.

Laura Zukerman

The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By LZ