Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the ability to recognize events that are happening
at a distance from you. Even if remote viewing is often associated
with psychics, it is an inborn ability that most human beings possess.
However, most people have not developed this ability.

Remote viewing has complex concepts. It is often based on
spawning applications and scientific protocols. At present, most
intelligence specialists learn remote viewing methods through
workshops and websites.

Some, on the other hand, prefer to learn this ability through
gaining information from specific people or objects known as
structures. Everyone can practice remote viewing. You just need to
maintain an open mind and keep on practicing.

This ability is unique, as it covers the intuiting or inter-dimensional experience of a certain place, person, energy, idea, emotion, abstraction, dimension, vortex, event, emotion and
activity selected by the viewer or other person involved

Steps on How to Target Remote Viewing Structures
Learning how to perform remote viewing is not too difficult.
However, it requires an accurate process and strategy for effective
results. The following are the step-by-step procedures on how to
perform remote viewing:

Step 1: Look for Quiet Place – Similar with other psychic abilities,
remote viewing requires a quiet place. With a peaceful
environment, you are more open to subtle perceptions of your
intuitive mind. To look for quiet place, make sure that you are
completely alone. Remote viewing requires deep focus. Therefore,
it is essential to pick a position that makes you feel relaxed and
comfortable. Depending on your choice, you can lie down or sit on
the floor.

Step 2: Relax Your Body – While performing remote viewing, take
a deep breath. Continue this process in a slow rhythmic process.
Always feel the air coming into your body. Visualize that the air you breathe is refreshing your body. You also need to imagine that the air is cleansing your whole body and
anxiety is leaving you with deep relaxation. Follow this step for at
least ten minutes.

Step 3: Empty Your Mind – Since your body is relaxing, you have
to push all your doubts and problems away. Also, you need to
concentrate on what you are doing. Once the thoughts still come
in, don’t be annoyed. Just focus and continue to clear your
conscious mind.

Step 4: Pick a Structure that You Prefer to View – Simply think
about the structure you wish to see. The structure can be a person,
thing or a place.

While thinking about the structure, never allow your conscious
mind to fill in any information. Let your subconscious mind
perform all the tasks. While focusing on the structure, certain
feelings and thoughts will increase in your subconscious mind. You
also need to pay attention to details such as taste, smell, shape, size
and color.

Step 5: Jot Down Your Observations – After collecting details
about the structure, open your eyes and get your notebook. You
have to record everything you feel, see and thinks.
If you can, it is best to sketch the structural parts. The main
concept is to use the information that you receive to search real
details about the structure. Once you are done, check your
accuracy. Just visit the structure to see if you are correct.
Upon following these procedures for remote viewing, it would be
easy for you to master this ability. Take note that the more you
practice, the more precise your remote viewing will be.

Laura Zukerman

The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By LZ