Feng Shui Rules

designing your own home, considering Feng Shui rules  is a crucial step in ensuring the good flow of energy. By taking into account these fundamental steps, you are essentially allowing positive energy to flow freely in your house. 

While there can be a lot of rules for Feng Shui itself, paying attention to the most crucial ones will get you off the good start. As you make sure that you don’t miss these important ones, your home itself will become a good nestling ground for positivity.

  1. Make use of the Bagua Map

Making use of the Bagua map is a step that you should never ignore or skip. Given that the elements and their necessary assignments are already pre-determined in Feng Shui, this map serves as your general blueprint in allowing positive energy in and keeping negative energy out. 

Simply put, the Bagua map assigns certain areas of your home as follows:

N – Fame, and Reputation

E – Children, Joy, and the Future

W – New Beginnings and Family

S – Career and Life Journey

NE – Marriage and Relationships

SE – Travel and Helpful Friends

SW – Knowledge, and Self-Cultivation

NW – Wealth and Prosperity

By placing certain items according to their particular areas, they can bring positive energy to your home. Inversely, wrong placement of things can lead to the blockage of positive energy. 

  2. Take time to Understand the Feng Shui Elements

Included in the Bagua, understanding Feng Shui rules  is also a key part of interpreting them correctly. By knowing the value and function of each element, you’ll gain a better idea of how to utilize them in attracting the kind of energy that you want. 

In this case, there are 5 basic Feng Shui Elements, namely: 

Fire – creates the earth, and is tasked to govern our emotions. 

Earth – eventually becomes metal; is responsible for our nourishment and stability. 

Metal – produces water; governs our intellect and productivity.

Water – nourishes wood; is responsible for our spirit.

Wood – feeds fire; is responsible for our growth.

feng sui rules

By taking into account these 5 Feng Shui elements, we can think of whether or not the things that we’ll be placing in our home necessarily matches the kind of energy that we want to bring in. Instead of simply guessing, these first two tips lay-out properly what we need to do and consider when making a decision for our home. 

3. Pay attention to Colors

While they are often perceived from their aesthetic value, colors in themselves also share the same meaning with their respective elements. As each element presents a different vibe or energy to your house, it necessitates that you pair a particular color with it. 

For instance, decorating in pairs will bring you good luck with your marriage and relationships. But paying attention to where you place it affects its effectiveness. Following the previous points, you should place this on the northeast portion of your room as this one is the center of such. 

But on top of that, the color scheme that you’re picking will also affect the result. For instance, picking a pair of black mandarin ducks doesn’t seem as lively or good bearing compared to picking a pair of pillows with shades of pink and red. 

As colors affect our psychology and the overall flow of energy, paying attention to colors is an indispensable tip in moving forward. 

4. Be particular on Furniture Placement

As a culmination of the previously stated fundamentals, being particular on furniture placement is the ultimate key to allow positive energy in. If you look at the basic principles of Feng Shui, it seeks to not only utilize geomancy but also positive reinforcement. 

By creating conditions that inspire us in certain areas of our life, we prevent ourselves from subconsciously absorbing negative energies. In this case, one example that we can point to is the placement of one’s bed. 

Following Feng Shui, placing your bed beside a wall creates bad luck for relationships. As it traps negative energy, it also prevents your partner from getting off the other side. Thus, this creates unnecessary annoyances and quarrels during the night. 

With this principle, we have to take note that each furniture with a particular color must be placed accordingly. 

5. Cleanliness and Tidiness is key

Last but not least, this simple tip is similar to the 4th one. In Feng Shui, a clean home allows positive energy in, while keeping negative energy out. As such, when you leave your home in a dirty state, negative energy is stored within the corners of your home. 

Physically, the manifestations of such energy can be in forms of accumulated dust. Affecting not only your luck but also your psyche, doesn’t it make sense to clean such? Nevertheless, paying attention to this tip ensures that your home welcomes new and positive things in life. 

Final Word

By taking into consideration these Feng Shui tips, it becomes a lot easier for you to attract and manifest positive energy in your home. Instead of accidentally mis-arranging it, paying attention to Feng Shui reinforces positivity and good health as it ensures that everything is in order. 

With that, one point here is how Feng Shui ensures that everything is harmonious. By creating harmony in one’s home, it follows suit that the result will also be good for us. Balancing internal and external energies, Feng Shui is definitely one of the best practices that you can implement with the help of these 5 simple rules!

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Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire


1 – Introduction To Personal Numerology
How can you use numerology to find out more about you? What are core numbers?
What are master numbers?
How to reduce numbers in Numerology.
2 – The Meaning Behind The Master Numbers
How master numbers influence your life Master number 11
Master number 22
Master number 33
3 – Your Life Path Number
How to find your life path number
How your life path number influences your life
4 – Your Expression Number
How to find your expression number.
How your expression number influences your life.
5 – Your Heart’s Desire Number
How to find your heart’s desire number
How your heart’s desire number influences your life.
6 – Your Birth Date Number
How to find your birth date number
How your birth date number influences your life.
7 – Your Personality Number
How to find your personality number. How your personality influences your life.
8 – The General Meanings For Each Number

Number 1 Qualities Number 2 Qualities Number 3 Qualities Number 4 Qualities Number 5 Qualities Number 6 Qualities Number 7 Qualities Number 8 Qualities Number 9 Qualities Number 11 Qualities Number 22 Qualities Number 33 Qualities

Introduction To Personal Numerology
Numerology is a study of numbers, but it’s much more fun to study than mathematics! At least in our opinion. It’s based on the idea that numbers are the foundation of the entire universe and everything in existence!
It’s a perfect way to apply logic and purpose to what seems to those who are not aware to be random.
You see, those who think that there is no logic to everything that exists are blind to the precise order of the universe, and you only need to look toward science to see evidence of how order defines nature.
Numbers hold an energetic meaning, a vibration which is how we can understand the world through numerology. When we understand what numbers mean, we can then apply them to help us find out more about the hidden world that surrounds us.
Which means that we can also use numerology as a process of individuation. To help us uncover more about ourselves that we may not have realized before, or that will help us to accept aspects of our ‘self’ that we may have been trying to change, deny or reject when we just needed to learn how to work with it.
How Can You Use Numerology To Find Out More About Yourself?
We are born with numbers that are represented in our birthdate, and we are assigned a name which also holds a numerological value. It’s common for Numerologists to believe that we all that the perfect name that carries us through life with its energetic value. This is because there is a formula to break our name down into numbers which we can then assign meaning to, which will give us incredible information about who we are and how we will experience life.
Numerology, like Astrology, can help us discover more about our inner selves and life experiences.

Each letter in your name is associated with a numerical value and then when you reduce the numbers in your name to a single digit number or master number and in a similar way you can analyze your birth date.
Personal numerology focus on three crucial factors about you:
● The moment of your birth.
● Your formal name
● Any nicknames you go by or name changes you have had.
By looking at these aspects about you and applying them to a number (no pun intended) of different core numerological assessments you can find out your ‘core numbers.’ It’s these core numbers that can tell us so much about the essential aspects of our life so that we can learn what makes us unique, and they are also the fun parts of Numerology!
What Are Core Numbers?
Core numbers essentially make up your numerology, in some ways, it’s similar to your astrological chart, which also holds the secrets of you. Both will help you uncover your ‘self’ in different ways.
There are five core numbers that make up your numerology which are;
● Your Life Path Number
● Your Expression Number
● Your Personality Number
● Your Heart’s Desire Number
● Your Birth Day Number
And in this article, we are going to learn more about all of these core numbers so that at the end you will be able to understand more about who you are and what challenges you might face.

What Are Master Numbers?
In numerology, all numbers are considered significant, but three numbers are considered to be extremely important because their energy is incredibly powerful. These are called ‘the master numbers.’
While most numbers in numerology are reduced down to their single figure unless it is a master number (we cover reducing numbers next). In which case the master number is considered in its own right, and particular attention is applied to these numbers. If you have master numbers anywhere in your core numbers, you’ll know about it!
We discuss this in more detail further on in this article. But for now, the three master numbers are;
● 11 ● 22 ● 33
How To Reduce Numbers In Numerology
In numerology, for most numbers, a double, or even quadruple number is always added together to reduce it down to a single digit number (between 1-9).
This occurs with all numbers except for the three master numbers (11, 22, 33) if the circumstance in which they appear holds enough power to create a master number.

The difficulty is in knowing when to reduce down a master number and when not to. There is plenty of study material on this to be found, but for this e-book, we will focus on the topics we are covering here.
The most important thing to remember is that a month or a day does not hold the power of a master number, for if it did, there’d be chaos on the 11th and 22nd of each month and in every November! The cycles repeat too frequently to be a master number but a year will hold enough power.
There is an exception to this rule is in the calculation of the LIfe Path and Birth Day numbers because they are core numbers and more static – they don’t change with the cycles of life they stay with you for life which gives them the power of a master number.
Some letters hold master numbers – the K (as the 11th number) and V (as the 22nd number).
You’ll learn more about how to put this together further on in the article and each section will show you how to break down your numbers to find your core number for each section as we move through this e-book.

The Meaning Behind The Master Numbers
How Master Numbers Influence Your Life
The three Master numbers have profound energy and meaning, and when they appear in your chart, they can highlight the opportunity for growth but also propensity toward difficulty so that growth can be attained.
This is ironic because most people believe that if you have master numbers in your core numbers that it’s something great – but greatness doesn’t come without challenge and experience.
When you study the master numbers that might pop up in your core numbers, they’ll help you to understand what obstacles and challenges you might experience and what qualities you might need to develop to overcome them. It will take some grit to master these qualities, but you wouldn’t have the numbers in your chart if you were not capable of finding the resources you need to master these challenges (hence why they are called master numbers).
Here are the meanings of each master number.
Master number 11
The number 11 is instinctive, it represents instinct, and it’s highly intuitive – it’s the most intuitive of all numbers. The number 11 reflects your connection to your unconscious, insight, gut feelings and inner knowing.
People with the master number 11 can be shy and also show nervous or stressed energy but that is often balanced out by their inspiration and charisma, but this conflict between two opposing energies can create both conflict and dynamism!

If you have the number 11 in your core numbers, you’ll need to be focused on concrete goals because if you don’t, you are likely to start experiencing fear and anxiety.
The number 11 is incredibly powerful but highly destructive, particularly concerning self-sabotage if it’s not used properly.
So if you find that you have the master number 11 in your core numbers, it’s important to do your best to tap into it and use it to your advantage, so that you can create spiritual evolution or personal power. It’s also important to listen to and follow your instincts, let your inner voice guide you, for it will push you toward spiritual and personal growth and create much-needed stability (even if your instincts push against the ‘norm’).
The number 11 also represents psychics, clairvoyants, faith, and prophecy.
Master Number 22
The Master number 22 is more powerful than any other number (which is why it’s often referred to as the ‘master builder’). I
If you have the master number 22 in your core numbers, you’ll find that you are capable of building the world. You literally can take an idea and turn it into reality. You will be a doer and will get things done. Which means that you have incredible potential for success.
The master number 22 is ambitious and disciplined number which is a potent combination.
People with the number 22 in their core numbers often have great confidence and important leadership qualities.

Not all people who have the number 22 in their chart notice their own potential the complexity of the number means that it’s possible to be that brilliant person who is not living up to their potential.
If you have 22 in your core numbers, you are capable of greatness, but you need to avoid shying away from opportunities and take it step by step without applying too much pressure. As long as you have a concrete goal and you make consistent small steps toward attaining it, then you can move the world. This is your greatest challenge – the challenge of moving forward without pressure or fear in a steady progressive way.
You have the potential to change the world for the better if only you’d either get moving or slow down!
Master number 33
Those with the master number 33 in their charts certainly know how to shake things up, it’s the master teacher and is all master numbers combined!
If you have the master number 33 in your core numbers, you won’t have a personal agenda your focus will be on humanitarian issues and beyond.
You move beyond practicality; you’ll have incredible knowledge and the ability to share such knowledge in a way that inspires others.
A person who has the master number 33 in their charts is a profound and rare sight and is only relevant if it shows up in your core numbers, otherwise it will be weakened.

Your Life Path Number
Your life path number is the most critical number in your numerological chart. It helps you to understand the opportunities, lessons, challenges and the general theme that you will experience during your lifetime, and it will offer you plenty of insight into your character and how you respond to your experiences and challenges. It’s the blueprint for your life.
How to find your Life Path number
You can find your life path number from your date of birth. Simply because it never changes and incorporates everything about you (this notion is also endorsed through astrology too).
Here’s how you find it.

  1. Divideyourbirthdateintoit’snaturalsections;month,dayandyear for example if your birthdate is December 17th 1989:
  • Month: 12
  • Day: 17
  • Year: 1989
  1. Reduceeachsectionintoasingledigitnumber: – Month = 1+2=3
  • Day = 1+7 = 8
  • Year = 1+9+8+9 = 27 then 2+7=9
  1. Addallofthesingledigitnumbersfromyourbirthdatetogetherto find your life path number:
    3+8+9=20 then 2+0=2 Your life path number is 2. How Does Your Life Path Number Influence Your Life
    All you need to do now is look up the meaning of your life path number and start to become more familiar with who you are, keep on reading to find a brief outline of the meaning of each number to get you started. Your Expression number
    Your Expression number is based on the letters in your name. It uses the numbers that correspond to the letters and reveals your talents and abilities. The expression number is found by using the full name.
    If you change your name, you can use this to reveal what qualities you may now bring into your life, and what you will have left behind.
    How To Find Your Expression Number
    Your expression number is based on your full name, here’s how you can find your expression number:
  2. Writeoutyourfullnamegiventoyouatbirth,First,Middleand surname
    E.g if your name was John David Brown at birth that’s what you’d write
  3. Assignthenumericalvalueforeachlettertoyournamebasedon A=1 Z=26.
    For example;
    J=10, O=15, H=8, N=14
    D=4, A=1, V=22, I=9, D=4
    B=2, R=18, O=15, W=24, N=14
  4. Reduceeachletterdowntoitssinglevalue. For example;
    J=1, O=6, H=8, N=6
    D=4, A=1, V=4, I=9, D=4 B=2, R=9, O=6, W=6, N=5
  5. Reducethesinglevaluenumbersforeachnamedowntoit’ssingle value (if you meet a master number; 11,22,33 don’t reduce further).
    For example;
    John = 1+6+8+6 = 21, then 2+1 = 3
    David = 4+1+4+9+4 = 22, then 2+2 = 4
    Brown = 2+9+6+6+5 = 28, then 2+8 =10, then 1+0 = 1
  6. Addthefinalthreenumbers(ormoreifyouhavemorethanthree names)
    For example;
    3+4+1+ = 8
    John David Brown’s expression number is 8!
    How Your Expression Number Influences Your Life
    Your Expression number differs from your Life Path number because it highlights your strengths, talents and abilities and weaknesses as opposed to your life’s journey and lessons.
    It’s often referred to as the Destiny number because the way that you ‘express yourself’ forms the foundation for how you will move through your life path and what assets or challenges you will bring along naturally on your journey.
    Find out what your expression number means by looking up the meanings of each number below. Your Heart’s Desire Number
    You find your Heart’s Desire number buried inside your name; it’s hidden in the vowels of your name the subtle sounds almost reflect your hearts whispers, which alert us to our inner desires, even perhaps those we don’t even realize or acknowledge.
    How To Find Your Heart’s Desire Number
    Finding your heart’s desire number is a similar process to finding the expression number except that you only use the vowels of the name.
    Here are the steps, using the name John David Brown again;
  7. Write down the vowels (A,E,I,O,U) in your name and assign the numerical values
    For example:
    John = O=6 David = A=1, I=9 Brown = O= 6
  8. Addallofthenumberstogetherandreducethemdowntosingle digits (stopping if you find a master number) if you have a lot of vowels to work through break them up per name first to make it easier.
    For example: 6+1+9+6=22, then 2+2=4 John’s heart desire number is 4.
    How Your Heart’s Desire Number Influences Your Life
    When you find your heart’s desire number, you start to realize why you act the way you do and also more about what you want from life in all areas love, relationships, health, wealth, spiritual growth and so on.
    This is because your heart’s desire number reveals why you do what you do, why you might act in conflict to what you know you ‘should’ do and if it aligns with your instinct then you’ll do well to follow it.
    To find out the meaning and characteristics of your heart desire number check out the descriptions at the end of this e-book. Your Birth Date Number
    Your birth date number reflects some of your characters and traits that you carry through life that will combine and amplify with the other core numbers that are also part of your numerological birth chart.
    How To Find Your Birth Date Number
    This is a simple process, you simply add the numbers of your birth date together to reveal your birthdate number
    For example; The date of birth is 11 which is 1+1=2, your birth date number is 2
    How Your Birth Date Number Influences Your Life
    For example if you have a 7 as your life path number and a 7 in your birth date number you’ll be a full on seven! But if you have a 7 in your life path number and a 2 in your birth date number the energy of the 7 will be complimented or toned down by the energy of the two. Your Personality number
    You may have revealed what you are experiencing in your inner world,
    but knowing how others see you can help you greatly and we don’t mean in a superficial way. Here’s what you need to know about your personality number.
    How To Find Your Personality Number
    You find your personality number by assessing the consonants in your name, and the process of finding it is the same as the process for the expression number and heart’s desire number.
    Here’s how you find it (using our example John David Brown)
    Note down the numerical values for the consonants in your names, for example;
    John= J=1, H=8, N=6
    David = D=4, V=4, D=4 Brown = B=2, R=9, W=6, N=5
    Add the consonant values together for each name, for example;
    John = 1+8+6 = 15, then 1+5 = 6 David = 4+4+4 = 12, then 1+2 = 3 Brown = 2+9+6+5 = 22, then 2+2 = 4
    Finally add the resulting numbers from each name to find the personality number (don’t forget to stop if you find a master number), for example; 6+3+4 = 13, then 1+3 = 4
    John’s personality number is 4.
    How Your Personality Influences Your Life
    Your Personality number is the first impression you give to others. Understanding how others see you helps you to understand more about the parts of you that you are either willing to reveal or are unconsciously revealing.
    Sometimes we reveal parts of ourselves to screen people from us, or to avoid dealing with things that we don’t want to deal with, it’s essentially a censoring device. But it can also censor you out of situations that you wouldn’t want to be censored from.
    Understanding the details or energy that surrounds your personality will help you make the adjustments you might want to make to stop censoring yourself out, or to start censoring other experiences out that you don’t desire.
    Find out more about your personality number by looking up the meaning of your personality number. The General Meanings For Each Number
    Number 1 Qualities
    If you have a number one anywhere in your numerological birth chart means that you are a natural leader, you are independent, brave and ambitious and you are likely to be a very individual soul.
    Wherever the number one falls in your numerological chart, you can expect it to bring dynamic energy that puts you right at the front of most things that you do.
    You are also very good at influencing those around you, which is a handy quality to have!
    Number one represents the pioneer, warrior, risk taker, you can find them in the businessmen, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, pioneers, inventors, and activists.
    The Downside
    The number one can be a little bit self-centered, not intentionally, but mostly because you identify with and focus on your goals so intensely. You are also so ambitious and focused on achieving your goals that you may ignore critical flaws in your plan, so it’s important to pay attention to these! It’s also possible that you can be slightly critical which can push people away. If you can learn to balance and control these issues you’ll be able to enjoy the power of the energy of the one without any setbacks! Number 2 Qualities
    The qualities of the number two is friendly, intuitive and open-minded. Number two loves to work with others as a partnership, which is the opposite to a one who would do so in a leadership role.
    Those who have a two in their charts find it easier to express themselves when they are working with other people rather than independently or as a leader.
    But the things is you don’t often get the glory for your efforts because your work remains hidden, you will probably find this frustrating at times. If you were able to start to find a way to demonstrate your efforts you might enjoy some of the recognition, even if it’s not all of it – that will be enough for you.
    Two’s are sensitive souls which can make them gentle and vulnerable, especially if they are at the receiving end of something they don’t like, or that is unkind, or insensitive. Other’s might not understand this sensitivity because if they don’t have the number two in their numerological chart, they won’t experience such intense sensitivity so they won’t understand this. If a two can be mindful of this and acknowledge their heightened sensitivity, they may be able to turn the volume down on it a little bit or develop strategies to be able to manage it better.
    Twos make fantastic partners, because they are thoughtful, harmonious, giving, and nurturing to those around you. Number 3 Qualities
    Those who have a number three in their numerological birth will have a certain way about them that seems to influence and inspire people without even trying to. Three’s are optimizing, expressive, outgoing and social.
    Three’s also represent self-expression and creativity too. You have great potential in areas that require creative problem-solving.
    The Downside
    Three’s have trouble accepting others into your life and projects, they can also lack discipline and order which means that achieving and reaching your full potential, while possible is challenging.
    To achieve success, you’ll need pay attention to enhancing your ability to focus so that you have a chance at seeing and enjoying precisely what you are capable of!
    Number 4 Qualities
    As a number four, you’ll find yourself to be the foundation of any enterprise or large project.
    The way you handle life and rise to problems and challenges is often methodical, disciplined and structured.
    You’ll find plenty of bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, managers and government officials who have a number four in their numerological chart – in particular in their expression number. Interestingly, and somewhat paradoxically, as a four you can also be interested in and drawn to the arts and music – but the way you approach any such creative endeavors will be in a structured and ordered manner.
    Integrity and morals are strong in a number four, which makes you very trustworthy, honest and reliable and you do not like anything or anyone who are unstable, insecure, or unpredictable, and you will try to avoid these types of situations and experiences. But this could also lead you to avoid or missing out on interesting projects and creative and dynamic solutions brought about by an unpredictable person!
    The Downside
    You can be rigid and stubborn which can lead you to miss out on many opportunities in life and also to miss out on inspiration that can really put fire under something fabulous. If you rise to your challenge of being more imaginative and to attract more creative types into your life, you’ll find that they can advise and inspire you, and you’ll be able to run with those ideas and use your systematic approaches to bring them into reality.
    Number 5 Qualities
    You are a free spirit, loving change, adventure and excitement. Freedom is the nucleus around which your life revolves, and is needed for you to bring forth your many talents. You want to try everything at least once in life, which could lead to trouble in the form of unhealthy and dangerous indulges.
    Your thought process, like the rest of your life, can be unorganized and scattered, yet you are gifted in communication and could be a successful salesman, politician, lawyer, public relations person or minister. Your youthful enthusiasm is something others find infectious and attractive. You fall in and out of love frequently, and must guard against shallow feelings and relationships. In fact, self-discipline and healthy limits are the keys to your success in virtually every area of your life.
    Number 6 Qualities
    If you have a number 6 in your numerological chart, you are loving and caring, with a tendency to put the needs of others before your own.
    You have high regard for honesty and justice, which makes you trustworthy and responsible.
    Creativity in all areas are natural for you, yet your talents often remain suppressed, or undeveloped because you tend to sacrifice your spare time and pleasure for the service of others.
    You are really good at balancing out things that oppose each other which, makes you a natural healer or therapist. Your qualities also make you particularly good in careers such as a social worker, psychologist, or teacher, but also you could be an excellent artist, designer, florist or farmer.
    You have a lot of skills that are useful in many careers, and skills that help you to aid others, however, you may not be prone to too much personal growth because you may live your life through others.
    Number 7 Qualities
    You are incredibly driven by a desire for knowledge and truth, and you are, gifted with an analytical mind and a considerable appetite for answers. Your interests will often lie in philosophy, mysticism, psychology, exploring scientific matters. Careers you may be drawn to are a researcher, writer, thought leader, analyst, investigator, philosopher, priest, inventor, technician, banker, priest or banker.
    You need time alone with your thoughts, to recuperate from being in the world and to indulge in your favorite thing – research and developing knowledge!
    The Downside
    A number seven has vast potential to cut themselves off from others because you like to have time alone and also because you often find it surprising that others lack the depth of knowledge or understanding that you do. This can cause you to feel disappointed, despondent, distant, critical and cynical about life.
    If you can spend time meditating and trying to connect with the softer elements of life, and in applying compassion to others you’ll find yourself in a beautiful place of wisdom that really can give you peace and balance and help others to attain that too!
    Number 8 Qualities
    Eights have the power and potential to achieve fantastic things. But they are also extremely competitive. Whatever you focus on in life you want to be the best and will do everything you can to be the most successful in your field.
    Money and authority will flow in your life if you can rise to the challenges that the obstacles you will undoubtedly face in life. Discipline is something that you’ll need to practice in buckets, but you have what it takes. These challenges and obstacles are merely highlighting the potential for growth and for you to learn how to handle your power and exactly how much power lies within you.
    You are a great leader and an excellent judge of character. When you are focused exclusively on your desire for results and success, you can be single-minded, intolerant and a little stubborn.
    Your journey in life requires you to find balance. A balance between reward and punishment, rest and discipline, give and take, action and reaction, the material and the spiritual. A number 8’s path is long and arduous but can also be incredibly rewarding in every way you can imagine.
    Number 9 Qualities
    If you have the number nine in your numerological chart then you will have humanitarian, compassion and idealism as qualities which will show up in the area of your life that the associated core number represents.
    Depending on which of your core numbers that the number nine shows up in you may have sincere intentions to transform the world into a better place.
    Involvement in any activity that directly influences the masses for the goodwill please you, and you’d succeed in areas such as healing, psychology, politics, law, environment or animal protection, health especially if they are working for the good of others (the good that is aligned with your beliefs and values).
    Even though your personality appears to be distant and aloof, you attract others to you; perhaps they can sense the loving and sincere heart that you hold inside but do not express too often.
    The Downside
    You don’t judge characters very well because you believe in the goodness of all.
    Number 11 Qualities
    11 is a profoundly intuitive number, and those who hold a number 11 in their charts will have a strong connection to their unconscious mind, their instinct will be strong, and they’ll have an innate knowledge that they know is true but can’t rationalize.
    This intuition can present problems when trying to justify your ideas and decisions to others without having anything other than instinct to back it up – and as somebody who holds this number in their birth chart, I can confirm it is immensely frustrating!
    Those with the number 11 are profoundly intuitive, charismatic and can be an influential catalyst for change.
    The Downside
    Anxiety, shyness, and stress are the classic cons of a number 11 but also the conflict between two opposing energies. 11 is a number that represents extreme conflict, but is also a profound catalyst for change. This is a challenge that a number 11 will have to learn to manage, and it’s an intense one.
    If you are living with a master number 11, use it to your advantage, and listen to your instincts, allow your inner voice to guide you toward the right path, and use the energy to develop your own personal power and push through with your spiritual progression.
    This number is associated with psychics, the occult and things that are unseen so if you feel conflicted about this, push through it and follow what feels right for you. Mysticism and conflict are both in your nature and are presented for you to overcome or embrace.
    You’ve got this!
    Master Number 22
    Master Number 22 is nicknamed ‘the master builder’ because it holds the most power to build.
    You have the potential to get things done, let me repeat this; you can get things done! You can make a dream turn into reality, and if you have managed to harness this energy, you are likely to be very successful because of your propensity toward productivity and creation.
    Those with master number 22 in their charts are usually great leaders.
    The Downside
    You are capable of great potential, but you may shy away from your greatness because you doubt yourself or apply too much pressure on yourself. If you have a number 22 in your birth chart, you need to realize your boundless opportunities and your ability to attain your goals and exercise your brilliance. Take the pressure off yourself and make small steps toward your goals, just make sure they are practical and compelling goals.
    Master Number 33
    The master number 33 is nicknamed the ‘master teacher.’ This number combines all elements of the master numbers 11 and 22 in its energy which is how it’s earned its nickname.
    You are the movers and shakers, you have strong dreams and intuition, and you can take things, profound things to a whole other level. You generally won’t have a personal agenda instead choose to focus on making the world a better place. Whatever you focus on you can bring into reality. You can understand deep subjects fully and are likely to be extremely knowledgeable which you back up with facts.
    It’s rare to have the master number 33 in your charts. It’s only relevant in a chart if it shows up in one of your core numbers which can be found by calculating your numbers in the following:
    ● Lifepath
    ● Personal Expression
    ● Hearts Desire
    ● Maturity/Personality Numbers
    Once you have established all of your core numbers, you now can see how you interact in the world and why you do the things you do. If you keep the numbers to hand and a brief outline of the meaning of each core number then you’ll always have access to it so that it can serve you for the rest of your life. Further studies into the energy of each number, or the meaning of the core numbers will improve your understanding of your fundamental persona.


Laura Zukerman