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If you are into modern forms of spirituality, perhaps you’ve heard of the law of attraction, right? As one of the most effective ways of manifesting your thoughts to reality, the law of attraction relies on the powers of the universe.
For instance, if you are trying to attract true love with romance that exceeds no other, continually forwarding these thoughts to the universe is key to achieving it. After all, everything that there is are merely specks in the vastness of existence itself.
But while doing this is already an effective way of moving from potency to actuality, paying attention to one’s sun sign is also key to achieving our goals. Instead of blindly forwarding our thoughts to the universe, aligning it with our sun sign can actually improve the whole process.
Thus, we have prepared for you a brief guide of how you can use your sun signs in conjunction with the law of attraction! Using this E-book, you will be able to unlock a new dimension in understanding and executing your goals in life. By gaining a higher insight on your sense of self, you’ll achieve things that you have never before imagined that you can!

As we have mentioned in the introduction, perceiving sun signs as disconnected from the law of attraction is the main hindrance. If you think about it, such perception does not reflect the nature of the new age spirituality. As an eclectic form of spirituality, the new age promotes openness and interconnectivity. These fundamental principles validate the fact that you can use both of them together.
But before doing so, it would be nice to have a quick detour to sun signs and the law of attraction itself.
For starters, the sun sign is your essential astrology/horoscope sign that’s based on your birth date. As we are born on a particular day, astrology assigns to us a specific sign with unique qualities. Determined by the positions of the stars and planetary entities, our sun sign represents who the universe has destined us to be.
To add, our sun signs belong to a particular element, which represents a comprehensive set of qualities. Here they are as follows: fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Fundamentally, fire element represents a burning passion, water as strong emotional resonance, earth as stability and worldly desires, while air as wisdom and knowledge.
Moving on, the law of attraction is a spirituality technique/philosophy that believes in the power of positivity. In principle, it seeks to give out positive energy to the universe, hoping that such will also return the same energy to us in ways that can manifest what we want.
For instance, by forwarding our real wish to the universe, it can create opportunities where we can act on and turn dreams into reality.

With that, we will discuss each sun sign and how the law of attraction applies particularly to each of them.

As a fire sign, Aries represents courage and passion above all else. As such, they can be very enthusiastic about things, especially when they are emotionally attached to that which they are pursuing.
For instance, if Aries discovers a hobby, they are the type to never give up on it. Regardless of how many hours are needed to practice such, they will dedicate sleepless nights just to perfect their craft. After all, their burning passion is too much for them to put off.
Despite such, Aries is known to be impatient. Because they can easily be irked even by the most minor of details, they do have the tendency to mess things up. In response to such, they will employ uncoordinated methods that are driven by their sense of discontent.
With that, it pays for you to make a methodical approach with the law of attraction. Instead of simply visualizing what you want and giving it out to the universe, it will work wonders for you to include the process of achieving it.
For instance, if you are yearning for that promotion, merely forwarding the thought of you being promoted is not enough. This approach will get you impatient and discontented about things.
Instead, it is better for you to think of the process of how you can be promoted. Is it completing a new project? Or perhaps its something about improving your team’s efficiency? By being specific and methodical, the law of attraction will be a positive reinforcement for you and for the universe.

As a fixed sign, it is highly unlikely for Taurus to deviate from its nature. Like an immovable mountain, Taurus will stubbornly stick to what they know best. Thus, it pays to carefully examine their qualities.
Being an earth sign, Taurus represents stability and worldliness. With that, they can be very patient and dependable as persons, like a friend that you can always count on when you’re in need.
On top of that, Taurus also is efficient and realistic. As a matter of fact, they can be such, to the point that they are annoyingly stubborn and hardheaded, to say the least. When they decide to make up their minds, there’s practically no stopping them from changing it.
In this case, it works like a double-edged sword. When a Taurus commits to something, expect that they will deliver. But because of this stubbornness, they can be static, boring, and non-flexible at times.
With that, they are potentially good at utilizing the law of attraction. Because this law requires much patience and consistency to execute, Taurus becomes a perfect candidate to stick with it and believe fully until the end.
But while this is true, Taurus should also assess the things that they wish for. Like a bull, the perspective of Taurus can be very limited to worldly things instead of aspiring what’s up there in the sky. As such, they certainly have the tendency to be quite shallow in the things that they’re attracting for.

The Gemini is symbolized by the twins. Like both ends of the coin, Gemini excels at representing conflicting values and perspectives. As such, this makes them intelligent and quick-witted, allowing them to quickly become the lifeblood of a party.
Furthermore, as an air sign, Geminis are also naturally smart. Since they have a natural affinity to knowledge itself, they can be very persuasive and funny, as their points can easily reach the minds and hearts of their listeners.
But as a two-faced air sign, they are also the most fickle-minded. Part of their quality is to be confused in their own choices, which is perhaps a natural consequence of having too many perspectives. Moreover, they can also be carried away with impulsive decisions, derailing them from their higher ends.
With that, the real challenge of Gemini in using the law of attraction is assessing what they really want. As they can be a perfect lover today and a total stranger tomorrow, such a concept also applies to themselves.
Being Gemini, their tendency to become wishy-washy can hurt their overall approach using the law of attraction. For instance, they can wish to become a musician today, in which they will utilize the power of positivity. But since that choice can change in a snap, the universe won’t have enough energy and time to manifest it to them.
Don’t get me wrong. As a sign, Gemini can be very resourceful and energetic. They just need to identify what they really want.

Of all the water signs, Cancer is perhaps the most likable and lovable. With their keen powers of intuition and emotional connection, one can quickly feel at ease when talking to a Cancer. As such, they can easily draw the attention of another person in an effortless way.
For instance, they can be very intuitive to the point that you don’t need to say a word for them to know that you have a big problem. Instead, they will simply say what you need to hear and hug you, making you feel their warmth. With their ability to resonate with almost anyone, they can create a condition of comfort and reassurance.
But while this is their strongest point, such will also be their weakest. In general, Cancer can be overly emotional with their decisions. Instead of logically assessing the situation, they can go with their intuition in a heartbeat. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where our intuition will pay-off big time. But to use it on a regular basis means to hit or miss, leading to a kind of habit that relies solely on such.
With that, the way they use the law of attraction can also be very emotional, to say the least. As such, they will wish for things based on what they feel, the sentiments that they have, and the emotions that they convey. While this can be good, such a train of thought can also be easily as fragile. Thus, the critical factor lies in paying attention to their subconscious thoughts and feelings.

Represented by the king of the jungle, Leo effortlessly exudes elegance with passion. Born as leaders, Leo will naturally be dominant and assertive in a positive way. Determined to achieve their goals and dreams in life, they will stop at nothing and will pounce on almost anything to get what they want. After all, they are part of the fire signs.
As such, Leo is often gifted with powers of initiative and resourcefulness. Consistently capable of rethinking the scenarios, Leo will excel at making the best out of what they have. Their skills of creativity exceed them, as such always requires avenues of manifestation and execution.
Thus, you will often find a Leo as one of the leaders in a team or organization. Coupled with their ability to lead and their prowess in creating and pursuing what they think is best, their efforts will be recognized and will propel them to higher heights.
With that, they will often use the law of attraction to positively induce success. And while this can be good for themselves, their passion for leading others can sometimes be out of bounds.
For instance, they may insensitively try to attract things that their team members do not necessarily want for their own. As a creative and cunning leader, they perceive that they are rightfully in a position of power. While such can be real, they won’t always know what others want for themselves. Thus, before using the law of attraction, it pays for them to reassess their choices as well.

As an earth sign, Virgo is perhaps the smartest of the bunch. With their analytical skills, they are able to re-imagine every scenario and pick the best choice. Coupled with their strong resonance with the world, Virgos will almost always think rationally in a consequentialist manner.
For instance, if you’ll give them a task, it is highly likely that they will even produce an output that’s better than your expectations. When they are ruthlessly committed to their current project, they will be able to give it their all as they are laser-sharped focused on what they want to achieve. Being such, they are great at paying attention to detail and, thus, make them as an excellent problem solver.
But with this strength also comes a significant weakness – Virgos can be quite shy and timid in general. As such, they do have the tendency to space out from others and solve problems on their own. While they may appear to be approachable, such can easily be their façade to hide their true feelings or intentions on things. Given their logical way of thinking, they don’t easily open up to others for perhaps because they are used to solving things on their own.
With that, they should use the law of attraction to bring in a better sense of confidence in themselves. By attracting that positive idea of internal assurance, they can worry less about things and be more decisive about what they want. While they may be able to analyze what’s best for them, it is likely that such can be a significant hindrance to moving forward as they also have the tendency to overthink things.

As an air sign, Libra is known to be very charismatic because of their wits. As they are able to cleverly maneuver all conversations, they can be really fun to be with. Putting out jokes from one end to the other, Libra can almost surely become the darling of the crowd. Given such, they will often jump-off from one conversation to the other. As they are great at engaging with others, people will naturally flock for their time and attention.
On top of this, Libra is also level-headed. Able to think critically and logically, their approach to things often brings them to achieve their goals methodically. With an intricate understanding of how processes work, their step-by-step approach is indeed exemplary.
Despite such, Libra can easily be swayed by others. Perhaps, it is because they give too much value to their social status and persona. In doing so, they take the opinions of others to heart, making it count more than it should.
With that, the problem usually lies in their inability to keep things at bay. As they use the law of attraction, they might allow the opinions of others to shape their perspective. When they wish for something, such thought can be largely influenced by what others have to say. This makes them inauthentic in their approach, making the whole positivity attraction as a futile exercise. Thus, the way to go is to make sure the things they seek to attract in their lives are purely their own as well.

While water signs are often recognized for their intuitive and emotional abilities, Scorpios enjoy the same qualities and more. Equipped with a rational mind, the Scorpio can use both their feelings and thoughts to assess things properly.
Add to that, Scorpio also is graced with social connectedness. Able to breeze their way through, they can connect to people in a heartbeat. Perhaps this is because they already have a strong sense of emotions coupled with an idea of adequately thinking through things.
With that, they are naturally competitive. Whether it is their personal goal or an insignificant contest of some sort, Scorpios will always seek to put out their best in things that they do. Their determined nature will allow them to achieve the things that they want in life, as they represent both skill and determination in the process.
But because of these qualities, Scorpio can easily become jealous of others. By being overly competitive and ambitious, their desire to get what others have can almost surely hinder their progress as individuals.
Thus, the proper way for them to use the law of attraction is to see that there is enough room for everyone to succeed. By attracting this kind of positive energy, Scorpio will grow into something that exceeds their nature, in a right way. Instead of viewing others as competitors, people above them can be seen as inspirations to move further. Such will propel them to find more significant goals as they possess this positive mindset.

Like a flaming arrow that’s bound to hit its target, Sagittarians will stop at nothing to reach their goals. Burning with passion and desire, their method embodies the pinnacle of preciseness. As such, they are naturally gifted with optimism and positivity, both of which are essential in manifesting the law of attraction.
For instance, no matter how bleak a situation might be, they will always have that undying hope that things will turn out fine. Whether it is an unprecedented problem at work or a recurring conflict at home, the sheer amount of willpower that’s contained within Sagittarians is enough to move mountains.
Thus, you seldom see them give up on things. But unlike Taurus, they can be more flexible. Though they share the same amount of stubbornness, Sagittarians are better in a different way.
However, this optimism isn’t without setbacks. At one point, the fault of Sagittarians is that they can be a bit careless at times. Because they rely on sheer will, there’s a good chance that they’ll forget the intricacies of the process. Thus, they need to constantly reassess if their will and desire are at par with their methods.
With that, they just need to remember that the law of attraction is their best ally. By employing the ways of giving out positive energy to the universe, they are able to manifest their will. Sometimes though, they forget this, and they limit themselves on what’s right in front of them. Thus, recognizing the existence of a greater entity will amplify their approach.

As the last earth sign in this series, Capricorn is perhaps the most ambitious. In a worldly way, they will be setting goals that surpass no other, for they desire what’s higher than them. But unlike Sagittarians, they are more careful and intricate in the way they do things.
For instance, they will constantly have that inner reflective consciousness that criticizes their life choices. Like a paradox on their own, Capricorns will internally analyze their approaches without compromising the height of their goals. Because they are determined to get what they want, the obstacles in their way are seen as the path itself.
But with this critical attitude, Capricorns tend to be pessimistic. As a sun sign, they can be too critical of themselves to the point that they become cynical on the outcome of things. Instead of pursuing ideas, their internal roadblocks may be too much for them to handle.
With that, paying attention to the law of attraction can greatly aid them in their journey. By understanding that nothing is ever done alone, they’ll realize that they need the help of the universe to achieve their goals in life. This notion is crucial for it, at some point, will open their eyes to the fact that they need to have some faith in things. After all, the law of attraction works in a way that we cannot fully grasp at the moment, yet will fall like pieces of the puzzle in the end.

As a sun sign, Aquarius is the epitome of transformation. Blessed with higher degrees of spirituality and mysticism, they are naturally gifted with powers that transcend human understanding. Able to understand what the layman cannot, Aquarians can go beyond the scope of reason and knowledge itself.
For instance, it is far easier for them to manifest a spiritual awakening. From an everyday person’s experience, it takes a lot of instances before they are able to achieve this higher sense of self. But for Aquarians, they are born and destined for such, since their zodiac sign represents a strong resonance to the higher world. Because of this, it is easier for them to even experience paranormal entities and the like.
If not spiritually, they are still gifted with the knowledge to go beyond what’s there. As their main task is to impart their transformative powers to the world, you’ll often see them looking for new ways to interpret and understand reality. Like innovators and visionaries, Aquarians will produce new inventions and philosophies to help us change our lives.
In this case, they are already aware of how the law of attraction works. With that, the key for them is to realize that this is an amplifier for their goals. After all, their weakness lies in being disconnected from the world itself. As they pursue spiritual heights, they can easily forget the mundane concerns of the ordinary man. With that, they can address this by appealing to the law of attraction itself since this level of positivity connects all that there is.

As the last sun sign, Pisces is represented by the two fish symbols. With strong resonance with water elements, they are gifted in ways that are beyond one’s imagination. Why so? The primary reason behind such is the fact that they represent the balance of yin and yang. In essence, this means that they can have resonance from both ends of the spectrum, from masculinity to femininity.
Given such, they are able to have that balanced approach in things. They can be sensitive yet at the same time rational, intuitive yet methodic. Thus, they are able to re-imagine things beyond any other sun sign since they themselves are a strong representation of the paradox itself.
However, this also means that an unbalanced Pisces spells a strong recipe for disaster. As they seek to embody both ends of the spectrum, they can easily be led to a state of indecisiveness. This essentially paralyzes them from achieving anything, since the conflicting perspectives can almost certainly ramp-up their current state of confusion.
As such, they will have to assess what they really want. By using reflection and meditation, they can evaluate for themselves the real essence of that which they are pursuing in life. After doing so, that’s the time for them to use the law of attraction. In this way, they won’t be attracting conflicting ideas of the good life, which allows them to focus on one thing at a time.

Final WORD
With the 12 sun signs and their respective manifestations of the law of attraction, we hope to have imparted to you a good grasp about how you can apply such in your life. Simply by identifying your own sun sign, you’ll have an idea of how to properly employ this sense of direction in a way that fits you.
Unlike others who simply ramble about the hype surrounding this majestic method, yours will be polished. Like a sword that is properly made, the way you cut through the negativity and confusion using this law will be swift and precise. After all, the general ideas given above will allow you to apply the law of attraction as you see fit.


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