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Most of us are usually familiar with the 12 zodiac signs. By reading about it on the internet, we get to have a simple digest of things that we want to know about ourselves. For instance, we can read about today’s horoscope and frame our actions based on it. If it is quite negative, then perhaps we can be a bit prudent for the day. Inversely, if it is generous, then perhaps we can be more daring.
More often than not, horoscopes are used this way. Giving us a general prediction of the near and far future, we open our perspectives to what the universe says about us. Instead of simply relying on our own intuition and logic, the approach of integrating this form of divination will greatly improve your chances of being one with the universe in every choice we make.
As such, deepening your understanding of astrology and natal charts will help you learn more about yourself. By exploring the secret of the astrological nodes, you can unravel what the celestial bodies say about you and your direction in life. Thus, in this E-book, we will be exploring how we can utilize these nodes to our benefit!

What Are Astrological Nodes?
By definition, a node is a point where two lines meet. Like an intersection, nodes can be understood as a merging point of two things. As such, an astrological node is an intersection of two celestial bodies.
In understanding astrology, it is crucial to point out that planetary movements are a major basis of one’s fate. Given that each planet travels around the sun, their trajectories are also taken into account in discussing them. With that, these points are understood to bear a significant meaning with them.
To begin with, the lunar nodes are points where the moon’s orbit went past through your plane during birth. As such, there are two nodes under the lunar node, namely, the north node and the south node.
Simply put, the north node can be understood as your courage zone. Meaning, in this lifetime, you are meant to transcend your old ways by accepting this calling. As you step in this courage zone, you will learn a new aspect of yourself, which will help you become more as an individual.
Inversely, the south node is more like a comfort zone. Containing your natural set of skills and preferences, this node signals who you are. In general, they can be treated as our innate gifts. However, they also represent the things that we need to move forward.
By integrating the nodes in how we live your life, you will get a different sense of self. Thus, in the succeeding sections, you’ll get to unlock the meaning of both north and south nodes in your life.

Aries & Libra Lunar Nodes
As the first pair in this series, the Aries north node challenges us to step out from the supporting role. While Aries is able to provide the much-needed support within the group, this function somehow limits the manifestation of Aries towards greatness. Because this is considered as their comfort zone, they must transcend it in order to unravel a new aspect of their personality.
In this case, Aries must assess how they interact with other people. By reflecting on the nature of their group dynamics, Aries creates an opportunity for growth. One instance that they have to take note of is their passive approach in life. Whether it is in work or in their personal life, the supporting role is often perceived passively. Without the desire to shine or stand-out, Aries can easily be left out to themselves.
Inversely, this Aries north node is Libra’s south node. Meaning, as Aries needs to step-up, Libra needs to step down. By being overly comfortable with this “me-first” mentality, Libra can be good at making things happen on their own. As such, they don’t have to rely on others to realize what they want. Instead, they can simply go for their goals as they have the ability to do so on their own.
With that, Libra must conquer the challenge of humility. By stepping down from the lead role, they will be able to see what they usually don’t – the plight of the supporting role. As such, this will widen the perspective of Libra in things such that when they become leaders again, they would be one’s that will embody a lot of wisdom and not only courage.
Thus, if you are born with an Aries north node or a Libra south node, such means that you’ve mastered relationships in your previous life. By doing so, you are coming strong as you have

great interpersonal skills. The key for you here is to know where to position yourself.
If you have an Aries north node, then most likely, you’ll be dealing with anger issues. Burning with passion and a strong desire to make things happen, you have to be conscious of how you are channeling this energy. Similarly, those with Libra north nodes must learn how to commune with others. This will teach them how to adjust and be one with shared goals.

Taurus and Scorpio Lunar Nodes
Those bearing the Taurus north nodes must be able to release their Scorpio south nodes. In particular, the Scorpio south nodes include a flurry of incoherencies like sexual aggression, being manipulative or secretive, and even relying on others. Consumed by their desire to put up a positive impression, they may overshoot themselves in the process.
As such, their approach should be in line with the Taurus north node. In accepting simplicity and truth, they are able to see a different perspective in life. Instead of being trapped in their usual perception about how things should be, this enlightening approach can lead them towards a more meaningful existence.
If you are bearing a Scorpio north node with a Taurus south node, this means that you basically have to go beyond the comfort zones of Taurus. As an earth sign, Taurus is known to have a strong resonance with the world and worldly concerns. Meaning, they are keen on pursuing things that are physical, sensual, and materialistic.
As such, this Taurus south node is known to be very stubborn, stable, and loyal in their own goals. However, what they lack is the re-assessment of these goals. By identifying its meaning and purpose, re-assessing things can be a key factor in moving forward.
With that, the best direction is the Scorpio north node. In this path, one is to embrace spirituality and mysticism. By reconnecting with the divine, you are able to gain a new sense of meaning that transcends money and sex. Such definitely means that you are going out of your comfort zone and that growth is something imminent as a natural consequence.

Furthermore, the Scorpio north node also suggests a coalition with others. By entering joint ventures and letting others contribute to your financial goals, you’ll be destined towards prosperity.
Given such, the coverage of the Taurus and Scorpio north/south nodes are generally focused on the tension between the physical and the spiritual. By being mindful of this push and pull tension between them, you’ll be able to arrive at new ways to deal with this problem.
The critical approach here for Scorpio north node is to assess what they can do to fix the issue instead of yearning about what- ifs. For the Taurus north node, their task is in making sure to impart to others their blessings and good tidings.

Gemini and Sagittarius Lunar Nodes
For Gemini and Sagittarius, the lunar nodes are generally directed on communication and community-building. As such, these nodes present a polarity between the Gemini and Sagittarian approach to things.
To begin with, having a Gemini north node means that you are yearning for communal stability. As such, your comfort zone should be the Sagittarian south node, which translates to one word – wanderlust.
Yes, having a Gemini north node means that you should practically give up all sorts of instability and inconsistencies in life. Meaning, you are to focus on things that last and ones that will bring constructive outcomes.
For instance, traveling and building new relationships in each city you visit is a strong example of a Sagittarian south node. Because it is their forte to go out there and explore, they seldom create lasting relationships that are anchored on shared communal goals. Instead of pursuing this, your aim is to do away from it and focus on your courage, which primarily rests on sustainable goals and communities.
Inversely, a Sagittarian north node suggests that you should do away from the familiar and the stagnant. What is considered to be foundational and essential are things that you are strongly resonant with. However, whether you like it or not, this type of thinking can also curtail your potentials.
As such, one example of this is transferring to another town for work. Especially when you are coming from a small town, transferring to a bigger one often gives an unprecedented conclusion for you. Whereas you see your hometown as the

perfect place to build yourself in, choosing to drift away will definitely yield greater dividends for you, given that you are a bearer of the Sagittarian north node.
Furthermore, do not forget that Gemini is a communication sign. As such, if you bear the Gemini north node, your courage zone lies in your ability to deal with others. By engaging in a democratic way, you’ll learn to get their respect without forcing it.
Finally, Sagittarius can be associated with one’s spirituality. As such, it can be the key to unlocking not only your personal but also your spiritual perspective. This path leads you to higher levels of uncertainty, but also deeper insights on the way you integrate spirituality in your personal dealings.

Cancer and Capricorn Lunar Nodes
Focused on the innate tension of the anima and the animus, this strong push and pull between feminine and masculine energies are represented by these two zodiac signs. As Cancer exhibits strong qualities of emotion and intuition, they are associated with feminine energy. Inversely, Capricorn, which is an earth sign, shares strong resonance with paternalism, structure, and career.
With that, having a Cancer north node simply means that you are to pursue the values of feminine energy. When you bear a Cancer north node, it also means that you have a Capricorn south node which explains your inherent comfort in worldly goods and logical conclusions. But in order to widen your perspective, you’ll also need to see from the other side.
For instance, in deciding about moral issues, a worldly and rational standpoint can either be consequential or deontological. In the classic case of whether or not it is right to steal a drug in order to save your spouse, the Capricorn south node will favor based on one’s moral preference. However, pursuing a Cancer north node means that you will feel from their shoes and do everything in your power to save them.
Inversely, a Cancer south node means that you have strong intuition and relational skills. In order to cope with life or excel in it, you often rely on this ability to understand and feel the plight of others. As such, you are known to be that prized pacifier in a team which alleviates the tension within the group.
However, while this is your strength, such is also your limit. Because you are never truly able to transcend this, you are limited in an intuitive and emotional approach. Thus, you need to

pursue the Capricorn north node, which centers on the pursuit of personal stability and sufficiency.
Thus, you are shifting from strong motherly instincts to fatherly ones. As a reaction, you will definitely become more logical and instrumental in the way you assess things in your life.
Lastly, always remember that both of these signs are known to cross both the earth and sea. Like a crab, Cancer is at home with the water sign but can also access the earth sign. Similarly, the Capricorn, which is a sea-goat, is at home at land, yet may access the sea. This signals that despite being opposites regarding their node relations, both signs are destined to this calling.

Leo and Aquarius Lunar Nodes
As for Leo and Aquarius, the whole tension is centered upon the rhetoric of the commoners and the royals. Each having contrasting views of the world, these two are naturally different, given how things appear to them by birth. Stemming from a commoner’s perspective, life is meant to be difficult and impoverished such that one must exert all efforts to transcend it. However, from a royal’s perspective, life is meant to be lived in the most grandiose way as they rule over themselves and others.
As such, if you have a Leo north node, this means that you have lived your past life in plight and impoverishment. While you may be comfortable in these struggles, it takes a lot of courage to step out of them and transcend your situation. With that, you must look at how you can live the life of the royals in your own way.
One way to do this is to change your environment. Whereas you were used to hanging out with people of your league, shifting to those you can’t reach will force you to metamorphosis. By learning new concepts from the royals themselves, you’ll get to see the other side of the coin.
Inversely, having an Aquarius north node means that your past life was centered on royalty. Perhaps, you were living a life of prestige and honor as you were a son or daughter of a duke. But in this lifetime, the cosmic alignments point towards your task of resonating with the marginalized.
Meaning, while it may cause you to discomfort to go out there and to commune with those who are in need, it is necessary for you to do so in order to grow. Remember, you are used to with wealth and honor such that they became your comfort zones. But by

learning how to engage with those who are in need, you allow yourself to grow with a broader perspective in life.
Thus, remember that Leo is a bearer of royalty while Aquarius is meant to bring transformation. As long as you are able to envision for yourself how you can apply such perspectives in your life, you’ll be able to get to your courage zone in no time!

Virgo and Pisces Lunar Nodes
With the last set of lunar nodes, the whole discussion centers on the tension between reasonability and creativity. Whereas Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury which is known for its cleverness, Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which is heavily associated with dreaminess. Given such, you’re most likely getting the picture here – two conflicting ways of assessing reality.
In this case, a Virgo north node means that you have to transcend your daydreams. By taking a more realistic assessment of what’s going on in your life, you’ll be able to go beyond your usual dreamy approach, as this is your Pisces south node.
For instance, one problem with being too dreamy is that you can be easily stuck in your own thoughts. Instead of actualizing something, the thought of making it can already consume you. As such, the way to go is to analyze things using logic and data, something that an earth sign would do. With that, you’ll integrate a sense of practicality in your approach.
Inversely, a Pisces north node means that you have to somehow give up such a rational approach. Instead of limiting yourself in the facts and the data that’s in your hands, you go beyond it by accepting that the universe is bigger than you and that other forces might be in play.
An example of this would be on how to understand the negative things that are going on in your life right now. Interpreting them from a strictly rational standpoint means that you won’t get to see how universal energy must be restored in your system. Furthermore, such a stringent approach from a Virgo south node lacks creativity and intuition, something that you can draw out from pursuing the Pisces north node.

By taking into account how you can integrate and balance the other side of these two perspectives, you are certainly bound towards self-growth and development. You don’t necessarily have to give up either of them. Instead, you can simply add and prioritize one over the other. After all, your south node is your comfort zone, the spring, which will propel you to heights. So, it wouldn’t make sense to simply ditch them for some new goal that’s set by your north node.

Final Word
In this E-book, we have discussed the Nodes of Fate. As a life plan, these lunar nodes can serve as pointers to us and lead us towards the more progressive options in life.
By essence, what the lunar nodes are trying to teach us is to simply do away from our comfort zones and pursue our courage zones. As each of the north and south nodes discuss this, you’ll get a sense of how much can apply in your life. Simply by knowing their meaning and identifying your north node, you already have that much sought life map, which will bring meaning and success to you.
As long as you follow the path that the stars have set for you, you won’t be going against the current of the universe. Bearing the universal energy which will push you through challenges and conflicts, having such as is your ultimate ally in this journey called life.


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