Being Lovable to Yourself

The person that is going to rescue you, is always going to be you. This gift can’t be given to you by anyone else. I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ONE PROBLEM WITH THE SECRET. it began as my dissertation for my phd. Then, i turned it into my writings because i enjoyed it so much! However, if you think your going to ruin other peoples lives and think negatively about them, this is not how this works.

You have to wake up and show them who is the boss. Im talking about YOU!!

It’s crucial to listen to the silence on a regular basis. The outside
world is filled with too much discombobulation. You have to learn to
pay attention to the Divine Voice inside and learn to trust it. It’s
likewise useful to practice being in the here and now. The practice of
mindfulness may bring a lot of advantages to your emotional and
physical health, as well as to the relationships in your life.
Mindfulness is an astounding tool for stress management and overall
wellness as it may be used at virtually any time and may quickly bring
lasting results. The following mindfulness exercises are easy and
convenient, and may lead you to a deeper experience of mindfulness
in your daily life.

Meditation brings a lot of advantages in its own right, and has been
one of the most popular and traditional ways to accomplish
mindfulness for centuries, so it tops the list of mindfulness exercises.
Meditation gets to be easier with practice, but it need not be hard for
beginners. Simply discover a comfortable place, free of distractions,
and calm your mind.

Deep Breathing
That’s correct: mindfulness may be as easy as breathing! Seriously,
though, among the most uncomplicated ways to experience
mindfulness, which may be done as you go about your day-to-day
activities (convenient for those who feel they don’t have time to
meditate), is to center on your breathing.

Breathe from your belly instead of from your chest, and try to inhale
through your nose and out through your mouth. Centering on the
sound and rhythm of your breath, particularly when you are upset,
may have a calming effect and help you stay grounded in the here and

Listening to Music
Listening to music has a lot of advantages — so many, as a matter of
fact, that music is being utilized therapeutically in a fresh branch of
complimentary medicine known as music therapy. That’s part of why
listening to music makes an excellent mindfulness exercise.

You are able to play soothing new-age music, classical music, or a
different type of slow-tempo music to feel calming effects, and make
it an exercise in mindfulness by truly centering on the sound and
vibration of every note, the feelings that the music brings up inside
you, and additional sensations that are happening “right now” as you

listen. If additional thoughts creep into your brain, congratulate
yourself for noticing, and gently bring your attention back to the
present moment and the music you’re hearing.

The term “housecleaning” has a literal meaning (cleaning up your
actual house) as well as a non-literal one (doing away with “emotional
baggage”, letting go of things that non longer serve you), and both
may be great stress relievers! Because clutter has several hidden costs
and may be a subtle but significant stressor, housecleaning and decluttering
as a mindfulness exercise may bring lasting benefits.
To bring mindfulness to cleaning, you first have to view it as a
positive event, a drill in self-understanding and stress relief, instead
of merely as a chore. Then, as you clean, center on what you’re doing
as you’re doing it — and nothing else.

Feel the warm, soapy water on your hands as you rinse dishes;
experience the vibrations of the vacuum as you cover the area of the
floor; enjoy the warmth of the laundry as you fold it; feel the freedom
of relinquishing unneeded objects as you put them in the donations
bag. It might sound a bit silly as you read it here, but if you approach
cleaning as a drill in mindfulness, it may become one.

Honoring Your Thoughts
A lot of stressed and busy individuals find it hard to stop centering on
the rapid stream of thoughts consuming their mind, and the idea of
sitting in meditation and holding off the onslaught of thought may
really cause more stress! If this sounds like you, the mindfulness drill
of observing your thoughts may be for you. Instead of working against
the voice in your head, you sit back and “honor” your thoughts,

instead of becoming involved in them. As you notice them, you may
find your mind calming, and the thoughts becoming less stressful.
Make Your Own!
You’re likely now getting the idea that virtually any activity may be a
mindfulness exercise, and in a way, you’re correct. It helps to practice
meditation or a different exercise that truly centers on mindfulness,
but you are able to bring mindfulness to anything you do, and find
yourself less stressed and more grounded in the procedure.

Words of Spiritual Encouragement
Studying and listening to spiritual sayings from enlightened people
may help you keep your focus steady and your belief strong. They’re
wonderful companions that you are able to take with you wherever
you go. You are able to utilize them on a daily basis.
Spiritual development may often be a hard and rocky road. At those
times, words of spiritual encouragement may be the perfect thing to
help you feel better.

Wherever you’re on your journey, uplifting quotes may make it easier
for you to continue on your path. I’ve been on a spiritual path for over
20 years. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve turned to
spiritual sayings to help me restore my faith. They’re powerful tools
that I turn to over and over again.

I’m honored to share some of the wisdom quotes from some of my
favorite spiritual teachers. Read these inspirational expressions, savor
them, and let them fill your heart with hope.

Spiritual Encouragement About Wellness

Spiritually, you have always been healthy, only there have been lapses
in your knowledge of this.

We must forever rid ourselves of the idea that it’s the personal man
who does the healing. We have to know that it is not I but the Father
that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.
Man is not a body bearing a mind; he’s a mind operating through a

Spiritual Encouragement About Personal Might
No individual, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for “we”
are the only thinkers in our brain. We produce our experiences, our
reality and everybody in it.

The Law of Pure Potentiality … is centered on the fact that we’re, in
our essential state, pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure
capability; it’s the field of all possibilities and infinite creative

You are Life – and life is bigger than the way it conveys itself. This
means what you are exceeds the way you’re living as a human being,
what you’ve achieved and what you intend to achieve.

God has given you everything. All is yours, and you know that all you
have to do is to reach out your mental hand and take it.

Spiritual Encouragement About Abundance
You determine your financial flow. Your cash represents your
thinking – conscious and subconscious mind. You’re your own
paymaster, the only paymaster.

There’s a Divine Mind counterpart for each human need. There’s an
answer for each issue, substance for each financial requirement, a job
for every willing worker.

Spiritual Encouragement About Faith
God forever works with you when you ask Him to and when you’ve
faith that He is doing so. Then your prayer can’t fail. It is God who’s
changing things and not you.
Regardless what the condition, how hard or how impossible you feel
it might be, God will see you through.

Spiritual Encouragement About Love
I’m sustained by the Love of God.

Love isn’t a payoff we get when we become good. Love is the essence
of our being, regardless how we’re acting. It’s the power of goodness
that’s always in us, ready to let us make something more out of it.
Love is the equalizing, harmonizing, balancing, adjusting force that’s
ever at work throughout the universe.

Working in these ways, love
may do for you what you can’t humanly do for yourself.
I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed these spiritual sayings and I invite you
to read them frequently.

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A MEMOIR By Laura Zukerman

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