The Base Chakra The Muladarah

The word chakra can be literally translated to mean the word wheel. Some references depict them as lotus like flowers. A chakra is an energy center, this is where the finer imperceptible energies of life itself are joined with an energetic type matrix. These then are mirrored by physical attributes. Such as, the body, the organs; while playing an integral part in the entire processing of living organisms.

Many cultures recognize these energies such as the ancient Hindus, Buddhists and Jainism as well. They documented and practiced these fine things for many years. This base chakra is also called the muladahara. It is the most frequent word used for the base chakra, in many languages. It was from the ancient Sanskrit word meaning root support.

The chakras as energy centers begin by being placed on a color wheel, a vortex. They are considered to be somewhat of a three dimensional shape. They project outward from the center position of the human body, correlating to a narrow point that projects towards. They are also behind the body, moving out of distance in the physical body. They are also conjoined through the “finer” energy bodies, surrounding our physics forms. Energy that vibrates at such a rapid pace will hold itself in that physical form; being actively attracted to the earths surface through the gravity pull it has on the force of nature’s holdings.

The base chakra being extremely special, although they are all linked, instead of the base chakra projecting outward, it inverts inwardly, transversely. it radiates downwards towards the focal point, into the earths core. The other six chakras radiate upward, while the base chakra; is the most important and vital chakra.

The Muldahara, (base chakra), when activated to a basic life sustaining level; effects consciousness, the internal organs, and it directs earth energy up, straight to vortex. This then feeds on the energy of the other six chakras. It is the primary physical chakra , where the earth energy is transferred and modulated into the body and then to the other centers.

Basically, the base chakra, is a psychological, emotional, and developmental chakra that has a whole affect on the human anatomy. On a spiritual level, the base chakra is a starting point. If one is seeking enlightenment, a better understanding of the self, this is the creative energetic platform to begin with, the start of your journey.


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