We all have Stories of Why We make up Excuses

We all have stories about things that might be wrong with us, our lives, and then the world of course and how we are perceived by the world. However, you story could be about many things. Your relationships with others, your career, you health, your lack of money, your gain of income although its not making your superficially happy, your family, your children, whatever the case might be, it might be any place you feel stuck, frustrated or defeated.

Your stories begin by telling yourself why you cant , have, achieve or do anything. Even experience certain things. It is this stuff that you have convinced yourself to be self evident. This is without really challenging that idea. This is the subconscious or unconscious bias that you have had towards an area of your life for awhile, your ruminating on it. However, you begin to accept it or have accepted it without anyones concern.

Stories often come up from your past, your memories, your tribes. Perhaps, you experienced some upsetting events as a child. You might have seen some side of your parents that left you feeling vulnerable, uncanny, or undervalued. Disturbing experiences become chemically supercharged in your brain, such as the fight or flight response.

The key is to wake up and really that you are in charge of your mind, your body and not the other way around. You get to decide what your mind feeds you on a daily basis. It wants to keep persisting with the same stories from when you were a child, because that is how it was for you many years ago. This was due to too much overwhelm, or feeling invaluable, or from being afraid. This then took your brain into a thing we call “protective overdrive.”

However, now you can protect yourself, your brain does not know this, because you have let it run your show. The campaign to take back your mind is the most vital campaign you will ever need to engage in. The you who is willing, awake and aware to take back your mind, knows better than anyone. There is no why you cant do it, only how you can. Treat yourself with self respect, compassion, kindness and tenderness.

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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