Mana Regeneration For Well Being!

  • Think in terms of mana and mana regeneration. Mana is mental energy which is the essence of everything since the universe is mental. You are Mana. Mana regeneration is the first skill to have and to keep focus on since it powers all your magical actions, and every action is a magical action. With mana, you can be, do and have anything. The more energy you have, the better you may function. Energy is lost and gained on a personal level every day. There is a need to generate and regenerate your energy.

  • Mana is taken from the food and air by the inner self and is stored in the energy body. This is the force known as “the will.” The will uses mental energy or mana. By combining the Mana from food and air with additional Mana from unlimited cosmic sources, we can always have the power we need to accomplish whatever we truly and justly desire. Exercise or any form of physical exertion always starts the inner self manufacturing more Mana.
  • Instead of exercising, you can assume the mental attitude of getting set to run a race. When you hold the picture in mind of getting ready to run, you breathe more rapidly and tense up the muscles a little. The inner self will begin to create the desired vital force. That’s why when you are in a ready to fight or compete situation, your energy gets roused up. But there are calmer ways of creating mana.

  • Where you eat is just as important as what you eat. Eating is an act where you are consuming energy. You are not only partaking physical food and drink into your body, but simultaneously, your energy body is also partaking energy from the environment into itself. The physical act of eating opens up the aura. It is important to eat in environment that is substantially clean physically and energetically and conducive for eating. Eating is a sacred activity and that is why it is usually done with certain activities and not with others.
  • Who you eat with is also just as important. The food you eat, the place you eat in, and the people you eat near with all play in your eating experience. Eating under conditions that are uncomfortable diminishes the eating experience as it causes you to contract your aura or energy field. Opening up your aura in the wrong conditions and drawing in all kinds of negative energy will lead to negative consequences. Disease may result when one is in a perpetual and severe enough state of dis- ease. When you eat under the right conditions, your energy field can expand properly and regeneration is at its optimal.

  • You are like a battery. You need a surcharge of electricity or mana to perform magic. This is why there is the act of “Powering Up” for magical users before they engage in any activity that involves the use of power. Energy or chi can manifest by two ways which is generation and absorption. Some say that absorption can lead to psychic vampirism, but that is only the case if you use it unnaturally. As long as we don’t intentionally suck people’s life force in a way that drains them, we can simply draw in the life force energy that is already released by them into the surrounding atmosphere. Lots of places have high chi, we can simply go there and draw in the energy.

  • The simple act of relaxing, clearing the mind and breathing in already draws chi/mana into the body. If you try using only chi generation, you would find it tiring to do all the time. Energy absorption is the much more effortless and natural way. Absorption and generation is a yin-yang thing. Absorb, and then generate, absorb and then generate.
  • Breathe in breathe out. Draw in, and then expand the energy outwards. Feed the aura and then enlarge and intensify the aura, etc.

  • Both generation and absorption has got to be used at different times depending on our energy state. Sometimes our energy feels in an expansive or out flowing state. Therefore generation feels more natural. Sometimes our energy is in a lower or retreating state. Therefore absorption feels more natural. It can also be due to biorhythms, moon phases and astrological factors.
  • Any action with energy should be done in accordance with the Tao, or natural order of things.

  • Dark blue or deep blue magic is mana magic. It is about meditation and mana regeneration. Entering into the meditative state of mind enables you to replenish your energy. Clearing your mind draws energy to yourself. Relax, clear your mind, and draw in the energy to replenish and increase power. By collecting the essence in the surrounding air, you can convert this energy into the mystical force that powers your spells. In this way, you recover more quickly from your magical exertions.

  • Grounding is necessary to cleanse your energy field. Your energy can get polluted or “colored” by emotions, desires, stray energy, and basically any outside influence that can act as instructions, to your subconscious. This can cause bad effects. The simplest way to get rid of this is grounding, which balances your energy, removes the corrupting crap, and puts your focus back in “neutral”. It is called returning to the center and clearing everything. The way to do it is to still yourself and gain control of the extraneous thoughts and feelings flowing through your mind and bring them to a place of zero. Get back to your true state of thinking and core self. It is like a reset.

  • Fresh water is useful for taking into yourself and refreshing you. It is also a life source that can cause living conditions to improve, or making the area cooler and cleaning things it comes into contact with. Just imagine a river of the freshwater flowing through you to your hera/belly or a freshwater waterfall coming into you. This is why the Bible says out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. The Bible talks a lot about water in terms of spiritual energy, or mana or life force. Plant life is possible to be used as a source of energy to yourself. For forest, imagine a scene with evergreen trees or other trees, and deep green energy. Have the deep green energy entering into yourself. With forest, the air’s cleaner and it’s colder too and you can feel happier. You shall be like a tree planted by rivers of living water.

  • With more chi built up in your body there’s more chance of it causing whatever you desire just by stating it. Chi is in everything and everything exists because of this bioelectricity. Our thoughts are chi itself and that’s why what we desire through thoughts comes to manifestation as chi disseminates itself to the world to bring an effect. You should also know that chi works by association of thought and visualization. So if you make a chi ball, you can shape it and direct its purpose through your thoughts.

  • Body stepping is an interesting trick. It is done by slowing time down in your mind and visualizing yourself stepping into your body. It is gathering your energy body into your body and giving it strength. It is an amazing ability as you and the body moves, it triples your energy and doubling the effect. This is what it means to “gather, pull or bring yourself together”. It is becoming one with yourself. You feel more powerful when you are calm and collected. Being collected rather than scattered is key to power. All gain is the result of a gathering consciousness. All loss is the result of a scattering consciousness.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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