Suggestion and It’s Influence over all Business

  • Suggestion is very prevalent in business. We are told “Uneeda Biscuit” or that “Coke is The Real Thing” or that “Puffer Cigars are Fragrant” or that “Have a Break, have a Kit Kat”. Everywhere we go, we are hit with messages containing some cleverly worded phrase, telling us either to do something or that a certain thing is true, in both instances the statement being connected with a certain product or idea. All these suggestions impress upon the public about the reality of the world whether true or not.

  • These advertisements seek first to arouse desire within us, and then to drive it home and transform thought into action by repetition of suggestion. There are some whose “want to” will be so vigorously aroused that they “must have it” in a day or so. Do not suppose for a moment that this clever advertising just “just happens” to catch your eye. These skilled advertisers, who are paid very large salaries, have been trained in the laws of suggestion, and they put their knowledge to practice every single day.
    Did you think that you bought a certain product because you were convinced from careful examination that it was just what you needed? Perhaps, but the truth is you bought it because the scientific advertiser had exerted his suggestions upon you, first by attracting your attention, and then by the insistent and repetitive statements regarding the fact that you needed that particular product. Of course the product may be good and well worth the money but the principle of suggestion was still in effect.

  • The psychological elements of a sale are implemented in a certain order. First the attention must be secured or else the salesman can proceed no further. Then follows the stage of interest or curiosity, which must be aroused before desire may be awakened. To arouse interest, the offer must be presented in an interesting manner with well chosen and properly delivered words. Then the desire is aroused for it is the motive power which leads to sales.
  • The customer must be made to want before buying. Masters of salesmanship and advertising understand the law of suggestion through repetition. They will artfully get in repeated suggestions by presenting the same statements in different terms, or by a flat repetition of an authoritative statement until the idea grows to be an old story with you, and one you never seem to question. Knowing that this is the way marketing works, you will never run out of ideas to market the same products to the same people over and over again.

  • Before the salesman uses suggestion on people, he uses it on himself first. Through auto suggestion, he impress himself with the idea of the value of the goods he is to offer to his customer, the fact that these goods are just what his customer needs and should have in his business, the fact that instead of asking a favor of his customer, the salesman is really doing him a good turn by bringing these goods to his attention. The salesman has to be sold on the product first before he attempts to sell to others.
    The salesman is also trained in the various psychological triggers that makes a person buy. He appeals to their desire for self improvement, recognition, convenience, social appeal, comfort, philanthropic aspirations and self gratification. It takes more brains to sell the goods than it takes to make them. Conviction may be imparted at will by those few writers who have closely studied the thought process by which conviction is induced. The mission of every ad is to convert readers into buyers.

  • Most people are just like everyone else. It is the natural inclination for people to blend in and be like one another. Original thought and individual style is more rare than generally imagined. Let a man show individuality of taste and action, and he will be looked upon as “weird”, “eccentric” and is avoided as “out of the ordinary” by the majority of people, unless he is sufficiently strong to force his ideas upon the crowd and thus set the fashion. Corporations create market demand by setting the trends.
    There is a tendency for the race to “get in line” or to “follow the leader.” To act like human sheep or geese makes it easy for them to fall into the habit of accepting suggestions. It is said that if the leader of a flock of sheep jumps over a rail of fence, the rest of the flock will follow. But when the rail is removed, the rest of the flock will continue jumping over the place where the rail had been.
  • That is why people still do certain unnecessary things in business to overcome obstacles that no longer exist.
    The value of a thing is usually formed by the suggestion of it. All products usually obtain their value by the suggestion of what they would do for their owners. That is why marketing is the key to all business transactions and commerce. Suggestion also influences what governments will do and the way people interact with each other. Suggestion is the force that rules the world more than anything else. Suggestion is the workings of consciousness, and everything is consciousness.


Laura Zukerman

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