Taking Action with Internal and External Action!

The best kind of action to take is one where there is internal and external alignment with yourself and the universe. Many people find it such a struggle when they try to do certain things or they feel so empty after doing it. That is because when we do things that is not in alignment with our true selves, it is not empowered by life or spirit. Everything that we do is meant to be an expression of the universe doing it through us. It is all about alignment and when you have it, you will act in harmony with yourself.

There are two aspects of alignment which are internal and external. They may not always exist together at the same time but may come one after the other. The moment there is internal and external alignment, you will have the desire as well as the opportunity to take action. Things will be in a flow because the universe is both guiding you from within as well as making the way open for you from without so that everything you do will be a joy and the results will come to you naturally in divine timing and order.

Internal alignment is when you have the desire to move in a certain direction. You are inspired to take a certain action and the idea of it makes you passionate about it. We are all here to do what brings us joy because joy is the expression of our being. We came into this world for a purpose and when we find what brings us joy, we find our purpose. The joy or desire in us is the direction of the universe that tells us what we’re here to do. When you have internal alignment you can go ahead and act upon it.
External alignment is when we observe open doors and synchronicities that show up in our lives. They seem to be messages from the universe telling us where it wants us to go. What you desire is never too far away from you to get. It is usually right before you if you can recognize it and step right into it. We tend to think that the way has not shown up yet, but it could very well be that if we take the way that is before us, it will lead us to the main path that will bring us to the highway of all our dreams fulfilled.
Opportunities multiply when taken. Everything that is available for us in the moment is enough. When we think that something is lacking, we create the reality of lack as we fail to make use of what God has already provided in the present. When we perceive the all sufficiency of the universe as the nature of things, we create the reality of no limitation as we appreciate and enjoy what we already have access to. Walk one path and you will see many more paths open up before you giving you greater freedom.

Internal alignment is always more important than external alignment. There are times when you find yourself before a closed door and so it seems that the universe is stopping you from getting what you want. But if your desire is so strong that you really want to get through that door, then you can go ahead and break it down. It is the universe inspiring you to make a way by driving you to persevere through and keep trying until you overcome the resistance and win the acceptance by your unfailing love.

There are also times when a seemingly great opportunity arises and tries to make you think that you need to take it. No matter how much external forces try to convince you that you will miss out a lot if you do not go for it, do not listen unless your heart is clear about it. You are just wasting your time if you go for something just because you think you might get something out of it, when you are not really inspired to do so. When there is no internal alignment, you do not have to walk through the open door.
There could also be situations where you are internally driven to achieve something but the door before you is closed. You may not really need to get through that door but you could shift doors and find those that are open. In this case, the universe wants you to move in a certain direction but through certain doors that it has open for you. The universe is never limited and if you see yourself as unlimited, you will find that to be true as you allow yourself to move to the open doors where your desires are found.

Internal and external alignment can happen one after another. So when you face a closed door but your desire to pass through it is not strong enough to break it down, then you don’t have to. The universe is directing you to wait until the right time comes where the door will open for you. In that case, don’t walk away from that door but stay ready to enter when it finally opens. Too often we walk away from places that we are drawn to just because the door isn’t open yet. Stay with your heart at all times.
Sometimes there is an open door but you have no desire to enter yet. When the time comes and we are ready for it, we will recognize it is what we’re looking for and that’s when we have the desire to enter it. Such is the case when there is a life purpose or a life partner waiting for us but we don’t recognize it until the perfect time comes. The universe is always directing us through our heart’s desire in every moment. When we’re ready, the desire will come to move us to where we’re meant to be at the right time.

There are also times when you face a closed door where you so strongly desire to get through, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to break it down. In that case, it is not meant to be broken down yet. Trust that the universe works with internal and external alignment and therefore if something is meant for you to have, the door will open for you in divine timing. These are the most challenging situations for you to keep taking inspired action and strengthening your sense of self in the process.

It is really about the balance of internal and external alignment for things to flow, and the dynamics of the two are always changing from moment to moment. The external alignment you get will be feedback to your internal alignment, therefore all alignment is really internal alignment. When God has chosen you to do something, he gives you the desire for it and also make a way for you to do it. He will also inspire you with the belief that it is possible. All you have to do is to align with his creation through you.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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