Experiencing Total Bliss and Serenity of Being

  • The ultimate aim of all human beings is to experience the state of total bliss and serenity of Being. Some call it Nirvana which is an aspect of enlightenment. Nirvana is the highest happiness. It is not the kind of happiness that is temporal and fleeting based on earthly issues. It is eternal happiness that comes from enlightened consciousness. In that moment of realization about the truth of all reality and the recognition of self and universal power, one attains the feeling of ultimate bliss, freedom, power and peace.

  • The purpose of acquiring power is so that you can do what you want, and protect yourself from harm. Power gives you freedom of expression which results in serenity of Being. When you have power you are free, but in order to be powerful, you also need to be free. Freedom comes from knowing the truth, and that’s why knowledge is also power. Power, freedom and knowledge are synonymous. The path to everything is really the path of knowledge. When you know the truth, you will have power and freedom.

  • Every evil and suffering in this world is the result of ignorance. People can end suffering by seeking knowledge but those that refuse to learn and know more are those that continue to be unhappy, powerless and trapped. The truly intelligent seek knowledge and understanding to break free from the illusions of this world and rise above them. All suffering is for the purpose of pushing you to become enlightened. When you’re enlightened, you transcend the need for all suffering because you are free from them all.

  • The most direct path to enlightenment is the path of insight. Since enlightenment is seeing through illusions into reality, knowledge gives you instant realization of what is illusion and what is reality. It is to become conscious and aware about what is and how things work. The way to knowledge is through learning and thinking. You cannot learn without thinking and you cannot expand your thinking without learning. Knowing fully the ultimate goodness of the universe gives you complete certainty of goodness.
    In that space, you feel safe, protected and nurtured. It is like being in the womb of the universe where there is complete safety, provision and love. You are one with the Source and are taken care of by it. You know that everything happens for your highest good and all that you desire comes to you in divine order and divine timing. You are aware of higher direction in every moment therefore you live life knowing what the right thing to do is. You are never left hanging and so you walk each step with peace.

  • When you know who you really are and how the universe is like, you experience a state of completeness and wholeness. It is a place where you cannot lose, because you have everything you want in life, and there is nothing that can be taken away from you. Nothing can be withheld from you that you don’t already have. It is a state of invincibility where you are feeling victorious and triumphant. You know that nothing matters because ultimately you are All That Is, and that you can trust the move of Spirit.
    There are two aspects of power. One is your own power and the other is the power of the universe. You know both power by knowing the universal flow and the power of intention. You know the universal flow by knowing that everything is happening for your highest good. You know the power of intention which is your own power to create whatever you wish to create and to form reality at will. This gives you absolute and complete power as well as freedom. Nothing beats embracing God’s power as your own.

  • When you have complete knowledge of complete power, you are capable of creating and flowing. You know that you can create whatever you want with your intention and you are able to detach from whatever happens, knowing that things are going exactly the way you want according to your higher self. Having power makes you feel secure because nothing can hurt you and you will always win one way or another. Security that comes from enlightened consciousness is security that is eternal and the highest.

  • When you have knowledge about the higher level and the lower level of reality, you are free to move within and beyond the system. You know that you are different from the masses that keep creating all kinds of problems for themselves and trap themselves in all sorts of illusions. You know that you can play in whatever area you wish to play and win beyond the usual standards of winning. There is a gleeful kind of feeling you experience when you are enlightened about the world and how you can totally own it.

  • Experiencing Nirvana makes you feel like the luckiest and the happiest person on earth. You realize that the whole universe belongs to you and that you are a master of life. There is no one else like you and who has what you have. It is the feeling of having arrived and being there to stay forever. You feel that your life is in the best possible state there is and will continue to be the best onwards. You no longer have to go through ups and downs like the rest but you live on a plane that is continually ascending.

  • You polarize yourself above the pendulum swing of human drama with perception and intention. The experience of feeling safety, security and nurturing by the combined power of the universe and of yourself is also the experience of self love. When you feel such absolute feeling of security, power and happiness about yourself, you can also cause others around you to feel that way with you. You have total peace and bliss. You feel like you are a god in this world. Like a Buddha. You transcend all areas of life.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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