Energy Vibration

Your Energetic vibration is what causes you to attract what you want in your life. Raising your vibration is knowing that you attract things to you. You have become self aware of your vibrations . Whether your feeling good or bad is how your figuring out your vibrations.

Love based emotions send a positive vibration. fear based emotions send a negative vibration. The more strongly you feel the emotion the more predominant a vibration is being emitted. Right now I am feeling a positive love vibration, excited, committed, inspired. Moving full steam ahead. If your feeling fear based vibrations you will feel sad, depressed , lazy. To raise your energy vibration it begins with letting go of resistance.

Do you ever try to put down your emotions? Don’t tell yourself a lie. Carl Jung said what you resists will persist. You can ignore your emotions but they are still emitting a vibration, welcome what is. The more you accept and acknowledge the emotion, just be. It doesn’t need to have words, or stories to how you feel. Place your awareness on it and allow it to feel expressed.

By witnessing that, you may be able to love yourself into a better emotions by feeling, accepting and allowing. spend a minute of meditation a day figuring out how long you will mediate for a day. Once in the morning for twenty minutes. Once at night for 15-20 minutes.

If you are attached to the results of the emotions, you will never think it’s going to happen. If you have concrete deadlines you might start to feel impatient. How to detach these emotions is by staying present , in the here and now. Staying through this resistance. Most of your life will be filled with being unhappy if you don’t feel happy or fulfilled, you would need to detach. It’s al in the journey of what you are doing. Just let go and be. Feel relaxed and happy, turning up the feeling good state and raising the vibration , is exactly how you will speed up the Manifestation. Your actions should feel fulfilling. Sense your passions about al that you love doing.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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