Desire and INTENTION Statement

Visualize using all five senses on your desires. Notice the colors, smells, textures. Picture yourself doing all of the things you want to manifest. For visualization to happen you must be able to achieve your goals. Positive thoughts connected to your visualization is the way to get to where you want to go. Acceptance is the truth.

Without being in alignment with every manifesting condition , you will not be able to have what you desire. In order to manifest your desire; you must believe. Draw pictures of your beliefs. Beliefs only at the conscious level of the mind , is not enough to have your beliefs available to you. Until your beliefs have firmly planted themselves into your subconscious mind , you will not be able to have your beliefs fully conquered. A limiting belief is a story you have told yourself of your past, being ingrained there; that is not the truth.

Although it serves you, it protects you. It blocks out everything not in harmony with your current beliefs. You need to learn how to acquire what you want; you will get some help attracting your desires. Limiting beliefs have a profound affects on our lives. You may believe that if someone told you something that you have heard, it may still be buried somewhere in your subconscious mind.

Even though you might not believe that belief that anymore, you can not force yourself to do something that is ingrained in your mind. You need to change your beliefs you have at a subconscious level.

Many of our limiting beliefs come from suggestibility from our family members, mom, dad, sisters, friends. If you grew up economically challenged, you will never believe you can grow rich! This is not true. Remember, teachers also teach students certain things that might not resonate with you. It’s not what your parents said to you, it’s how you resonate it within yourself. All of these sources can create false beliefs and doubts within us.

To change anything, you must first identify it. Begin by choosing an area of your life that might have a positive aspect or area of your life you liked to change. Then meditate, relax your mind. Ask yourself? What is limiting myself from achieving my desire. Spend a few minutes in silence that came to you during your mediation. Then , make a list of all of your limiting beliefs. For example, I’ll never have enough money to have a nice house. My friends will treat me differently if I have a lot of money.

Challenge your limiting beliefs . Now that you have a list of these limiting beliefs; consider the source that these are valid. If this wasn’t a reliable source of information around the topic of limiting beliefs. This would be because it would be in relation to be in alignment with your desires. Ask yourself, is this belief accurate. Have I always believed this? Was there a time when I didn’t believe this? Is there evidence that proves that there is a limiting belief? Is this belief helping me get what I want?

Create a new and empowering belief. Write a new belief that serves you. This will be the opposite of the other limiting beliefs. If your limiting belief is , it’s hard to make a hundred thousand dollars a year. Suggest that making a hundred thousand dollars a year could be possible.

Create affirmations. Using affirmations, create a list that supports your new and empowering beliefs. I love who I am. I can achieve what I want. I am a goddess. I am empowering myself everyday to challenge who I am. Everyone deserves love, including me.

Self hypnosis is next, hypnotize yourself if you need to ; planting your new beliefs into your subconscious.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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