Start by emptying your Mind Frame 🖼

Meditative states are the best way to empty ones mind frame. When you get to a quiet place that allows you to feel deeply about all of your emotions. Then, compartmentalism becomes intact in your mindset. Therefore, you will feel the essence of attraction coming towards you. Sit in a cross legged position , free your mind of worry and doubt. Do this for about an hours time span.

Breathe, the next thing you need to do is breathe and really feel all of your emotions coming together. Stir your mind free of worry and doubtful obstacles that are not on your path of consciousness. Remember to observe each and every breath you are taking. Be mindful of all of your breaths and observant of each and everything you are thinking about while in this frame of mind. What comes to mind? Write it down if it is really triggering you or making you feel down or obscene.

Create your own reality, this is by visualizing what you want. Believe you can have it and you will therefore be able to achieve it. Envision your reality. As if you are already there. If you want that car that you have been dreaming about, envision you are steadily driving that car down the street. Really put your power into your frame of mind and it will work wonders on what you can achieve. The power of the mind really determines the flow of energy that increases in your internal and external results.

Unlock your true potential, it is paramount to unlock your willingness to create a change in your reality. If you really want something and you are so determined to get it , not only is the universe going to help you, you are going to go after that damn thing like it’s your last day on earth. Why? Because you want to succeed so badly that you will not stand down to receiving what you want in this life! Go after it, become what you wish! Each day pray and recover, the next day, thank god and keep going! Determination it what creates a real drive in becoming what we want. Then asking for something and going after that specific thing. This is what brings us one step closer to creating that reality we wish to have. Willful or wishful thinking 🤔, it could be both.

It is consequently apparent that we do not want opportunities to slip away as they come towards us. We must go after them and take each opportunity as a lesson learned. If it was something you received and enjoyed , great. If it was something you couldn’t obtain, think of it as something that will eventually happen with time and learning. The mind is extremely powerful , we have unlimited potential to unlock, so keep pushing through and playing with ideas, you will uncover many fascinating things within your own mind. Maybe even some inventions, you never know.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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