Success Factors include Desire, Will and Intelligence

  • There are three core things that a person must possess to become a significant success in life. If he has not these three qualifications he will make but little progress. But fortunately any lacking quality can be evolved and if one does not possess any particular quality, his first work is to create it. These three things are an ardent desire, an iron will and an alert intelligence. These three qualifications essential to success and when you focus your mind on these three main things, you’ll become a big success.

  • Desire is the propelling force of nature that pushes everything forward in its evolution. It is desire that stimulates action. Without desire, one would do nothing and perish. The evolution of strength, skill and intelligence of a being is in proportion to the intensity of its desires. Desire not only induces activity that accomplishes a goal but also has its finer effects. Driven forward by desire to achieve a certain intent, a person develops, among other qualities, strength, courage, patience, endurance and intelligence.

  • Always as man’s activity satisfies his original desire, a new one will replace the old and lures him on to renewed exertion. The average young man sets out as a youth to earn a livelihood and welcomes a small salary. But the desire for money pushes him into business for himself and he works tirelessly for a competence. He feels that a small fortune should satisfy anybody but when he gets it he wants to be a millionaire. Then if he succeeds in being a millionaire, he’ll desire to become a multi-millionaire.

  • Whether the desire is for wealth, or for fame, or for power, the same result follows. When the desire is satisfied a greater one takes its place and spurs the ambitious one to still further exertion. Once you succeed in attaining a goal, you will discover that while pursuing it, your desire had grown beyond it. The purpose for all our efforts to achieve the things we want, is not just those things but the new powers we gain in getting them, and we are constantly propelled to gain new things and powers by desire.

  • Desire, then, plays a most important role in human evolution. It awakens, stimulates, propels. What wind is to the ship, what steam is to the locomotive, desire is to the human being. That is why we must not kill out desire, but on the contrary we must generate it. The first step to riches is to have a burning desire for riches. If you want to focus your powers towards creating anything, you must build up a strong desire force towards that thing. Only fools kill out desire, but the wise strengthen and use desire.

  • The second requirement is a firm will. It should not be forgotten that when an unusual and difficult thing is being attempted, a person of weak will cannot possibly hope to succeed. In the life of business, achievement and work, considerable will power is essential to success. Only those with the indomitable will that know neither surrender nor compromise may hope to attain large measure of success. Once the will is thoroughly aroused and brought into action every hindrance in the way will be swept aside.

  • To find out whether he really has much strength of will a person may begin to observe to what extent he permits his daily plans to be modified, or entirely changed, by the things that run counter to his will. Does he hold steadfastly to his purpose or does he weakly surrender to small obstacles? Whatever may have been previously determined upon the keeping of that determination is of the greatest importance and the failure to put the resolution into effect is evidence of the possession of a weak will.

  • All the business activities of the world are developing the will. Desire arouses will power. A man desires wealth and the desire plunges him into business activities and stimulates the will by which he overcomes all the difficulties that lie in his way. Ardent desire for an education arouses the will of the student and the awakened will triumphs over poverty and all other barriers between him and the coveted diploma. Will power will be evolved only in proportion to the strength of the desire that compels it.

  • The third necessity is keen intelligence. The force of desire, directed by the will, must be supplemented by an alert mind. It is a common misconception that good motives are sufficient in themselves and that when one has the desire to attain spiritual mastery, plus the will to achieve, nothing more is needed but purity of purpose. But if the intellect is not at first made a chief factor, then one may not be able to progress in the most efficient and proper way. Intelligence is therefore an indisputable key directive.

  • Good motives play a most important part as they safeguard a person on his upward way.

  • However, good motives cannot take the place of good sense and relieve him of the necessity of thinking. He must develop judgment and discrimination. There are things he must know, and he must use his knowledge, or difficulties will follow no matter how noble may be his intentions. Intelligence is the key that manifests power, and a good person without intelligence is powerless. To do good, one must have knowledge.

  • When a person has motives that are very bad but he has perfect knowledge of the thing he is going to do, he will succeed at it with the least difficulty. When a person has the best of motives but he has no knowledge of the various things he has to handle to accomplish that which he wants, he may end up doing a lot more harm than good.
  • That’s why ignorant people do more harm than evil people in the world. Good motives are not enough. We must know! Progress in a thing is impossible without knowledge.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

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