Purchasing the best things in Life for Yourself

  • When you seek to manifest wealth and power, you must act in alignment with being abundant. Do you go about presenting the outward appearance of poverty and lesser quality? In all the things that you have to use now, or buy now, be sure to get the best. To seek that which is cheap is to express fear that you will become poor if you buy that which is good, and that which is sold at a fair price. You cannot afford to have the attitude of fear, of being afraid to get the best. You must have the abundant mindset.

  • Do you not spend money just for show, but get that which is best for you to use and which looks best to you. If you do not have enough money to buy a whole set of best things, buy one of those things in the set and believe that you will be able to buy the rest later on. Wear the best and think of yourself as a person who wears the best. Do not form a mental picture of yourself as poorly or cheaply dressed. The best does not have to be the most expensive. But get that which is of great quality and not inferior.

  • You do not have to save or economize by taking second class food. Allow yourself to eat higher class food if that is what you wish. Do not limit yourself by thinking that it isn’t necessary to spend so much money on food. Don’t think that you are saving for some possible emergency. If you’re to enter abundance, you must get yourself out of the attitude of fear and caution. Trying to save for a rainy day is unnecessary caution. Those who save with the intent for rainy days often manifest those days to lose it all.

  • It is better to be a beggar and spend your money like a king, than to be a king and spend your money like a beggar. Wealth isn’t a measure of how much money you have but it is the lifestyle you live. As long as you spend your money like a beggar, you will never command your environment like a king. Kingship does not go with the beggarly attitude of mind, nor with beggarly practices.
  • Have the kingly or queenly attitude. Wear the best and eat the best. Money is power and your use of money is use of power.

  • Do not buy cheap things for your home. It is better to have a few good pieces of furniture or gadgets than to have many cheap and low quality ones. Be selective. Try to get the best of the things that are more necessary and useful first. Get the best and have faith that you will be able to get all you need. If you wear the best, eat the best and have the best things at home, it puts you in the best mental attitude. You’ll see yourself as being the best and having the best, and the best in you will be manifested.

  • If you wear cheap clothes, eat cheap foods and surround yourself with cheap things thinking that you are saving money, you will put yourself in the mental attitude of being cheap and inferior. The cheap and inferior within you will be manifested, and you will never do your best. You will be incapable of exerting your whole power, and by the law of attraction, cheap and inferior things will move towards you. Get the best of everything and get rid of the feeling that you’re being extravagant. The best is never too good.

  • You must get rid of the idea that you must make do with certain things when you would like to have better things. You must get rid of the idea that it is a necessary thing to practice self denial, in the sense of going without what you need for the living of a complete life. If you think you have to give up spending money on one good thing in order to use it on something else, you will forever be creating the scenario of having to sacrifice. Keep spending money on what is good now and have faith to spend more.

  • Your thoughts have a great deal to do with your prosperity, and sometimes the way to break a pattern is to spend money. There have been times when everything was going badly for someone and that person goes out and buys something expensive, right in the midst of the worst downfall. They got such a lift from possessing that thing that their whole mind went up. And the first thing you know, the money was flowing again. Spend money when you think you can’t spend anymore. Challenge your reality.
    You have to release something from yourself because you’re suffering from mental stagnation. That’s the whole secret of prosperity. That’s why a woman can go out and buy a new dress. She can get herself an expensive jewel sometimes.
  • The lift from that and the release of the money will start the supply coming again. The way to keep money flowing into your life is to keep yourself in flow. You can cut down from spending on what is truly unnecessary. But never cut down on spend on that which is good.
    The reason prosperity doesn’t flow into people’s worlds is because they have stopped giving. It doesn’t matter how much water is in a pipe. You can have just a trickle of water, but if there is nothing to stop it, you can get that water to flow. Never stop giving to that which brings you joy and spiritual nourishment. Give and it shall be given to you. Give and receive with joy. Spend your money cheerfully and receive with joy the best clothes, the best food and the best things that contribute to enriching your reality.

  • You have to understand how to work with the laws of abundance. You not only work with them through prayer and right thinking but also by making sure that the law of stagnation does not function in your world to dam up your supply. This is why some of the great multimillionaires have taken tremendous risks and they have sometimes come out right on top. It’s not a matter of luck. It’s a matter of using the law. The way to create ever increasing abundance in life is through abundant mindset and lifestyle.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥

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