Perfect Vision is Your Natural State of Seeing

  • Your body has the natural ability to heal itself. You simply need to give it the right help and support. Your body has a blueprint, a schematic of what perfect health is and it is constantly trying to achieve this perfect health for you. All that goes wrong is that you get in the way of this natural process. Getting well is just a matter of stopping what you did to make yourself sick and doing things that will encourage health. If your body has the natural ability to heal itself, the same thing applies to perfecting sight.

  • There are many airline companies and military air forces that train their pilots to develop super eyesight. Olympic athletes including those in volleyball and field hockey teams frequently work to improve their sight to beyond normal. Certain police forces also have regular vision improvement training. If it wasn’t possible to improve your vision, all these people including the government would not bother with it. Sight improvement techniques work, and you will get your sight back if you use the secret ways.

  • The muscles of your eyes change the shape of your eye, and the shape of your eye lens, so that whatever you are looking at, gets focused in the right place on the retina. If the muscles are not working properly, the image is focused in the wrong place and appears blurry. This is the basic idea.
  • Now, if it is your eye muscles that allow you to see clearly, then it follows that out of shape eye muscles are going to cause poor vision. So the way to improve your vision is by getting your eye muscles back in shape.

  • Because of the lack of movement and usage, the blood doesn’t circulate as it needs to, and the muscles are deprived of nutrition. Nothing that is alive remains the same, it is either growing or it is dying. The eyes tiny muscles are no exception. If they are not exercised and used to their full capabilities, they will begin to atrophy. In other words, if you are not working on improving your vision, it is going to get worse.
  • That’s why you cannot be lazy in using your eyes but must consciously seek to see better.

  • When your eye muscles get weaker, they aren’t able to pull the eye, and the lens of the eye, into the right shapes to focus your vision correctly. When your eye muscles are too weak to be able to focus the eyeball on a close object, you end up with Presbyopia or farsightedness. When it’s a distant object you can’t focus on, you get Myopia or nearsightednes. When you begin to do eye exercises you’ll start to bring your eye muscles back into shape. You consciously focus your eyes to see better.

  • Just like a body builder, who can build a stronger and leaner body than the average person, by spending enough time, regularly doing the right exercises, you can also develop your eye muscles way beyond the average person. You can create super-vision. Eye muscles can be strengthened to see telescopically. What others can see with binoculars, a person with telescopic vision can see with the naked eye.
  • You can also develop microscopic vision where you can see very small things, near and clear.

  • You can know your perfect vision in moments of clear sight. There are moments when you can see very clearly. This is usually accompanied by a deep sense of peace, comfort, relief and relaxation in your eyes. Involuntary clear flashes can last from a few seconds to minutes or even hours. This is your natural vision, and as you progress, it will happen more and more frequently and last for longer and longer, until eventually, it just becomes your natural state. During a clear flash, see that black is very black.

  • Memorize it. Also, detail is phenomenal as central fixation is taking place. There is also a strong sense of three-dimensionality as your eyes are now working perfectly as a team. Some people learn that by relaxing in a particular way, and playing with some of the muscles in their eyes, they can bring on a clear flash at will. This is the whole secret of bringing on your perfect vision. Don’t worry about the common notion of straining your eyes. You are playing with your eye muscles to recover your perfect vision.

  • Cultivate the power to remember and visualize perfect black. It enables you to see the letters much blacker on a page thus making them sharper and easier to read. Your subconscious memory of perfect blackness carried in your mind when your eyes are open, will give you a high degree of mental and visual clarity and strength. Thus your vision can be improved immediately, if your memory and mental image of perfect blackness is visualized and retained. The darker you see the black the more you improve.

  • The eyes use one third as much oxygen as the heart. Breathe calmly through the nose and imagine the eyes are inhaling and exhaling the air. Imagine health, vitality and healing and relaxation flow into your eyes with every breath. Use your mind to bring on a clear flash. Close your eyes tight and open them quickly as you think to yourself “I can see clearly now!” You will find that you see more clearly than you did a moment a go. You have the power to control the clarity of your vision. Believe and use it well.

  • Changes over weeks and months are difficult to notice until they reach certain thresholds. Don’t get discouraged because you think something isn’t changing on a daily basis. The body doesn’t work like that. Some days are better than others, and some days, you may feel to be going backwards. Don’t rely on your memory. It’s very easy to forget how bad your sight was and not notice the improvement. You would be surprised at how quickly you adjust to better eyesight and forget what poor vision was like.


Laura Zukerman

The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥

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