Law of Attraction , Law of Cause and Effect and The Law of Relativity

First, there is the law of attraction, it is based on the idea of positive thinking and the idea that like attracts like. According to the law of attraction, all matter including our words, thoughts , actions and feelings are equal to energy forces. Positive attracts positive , while negative attracts negative. That is the pun, like attracts like. The law of attraction is a universal law that began to gain popularity more recently. However, has been around for centuries. The idea that expressing thoughts , feelings and actions through your positive ideas is what the law of attraction is all about. Increase your self esteem daily, thinking positivity, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin. You will boost your confidence as well. Don’t focus on what you fear, begin to focus on what you do not fear, then you will realize that fear will not face you any longer. The universe will bring you what you want , when you want it; if you just ask!

The law of cause and effect, this is another effective law. This is for when we think about manifesting and achieving enough success in our lives. This states that for every cause there is a definite effect; for every effect there is a definite cause. The whole idea is that if you want something so badly , you can’t keep attaining the same results with change right? So change it up and make something great happen! If you change and transform your actions, you will definitely feel these lasting results. The law of cause and effect is built upon the idea that you can’t leave anything up to chance, luck nor accidents. When we are saying that there is a specific cause that created a former effect; it will trigger a great intensity inside of you, realizing that you have gone beyond your measurable length of fear. If you are good and predicative results, you will love the cause and effect method. This is because if you make the right decisions, you take the right actions; you attain what you want out of life. Living a life full of everything you desire. When a person is made aware of what they want, they will be ready to use the cause and effect method.

The Law of Relativity states that there is nothing good or bad, or too big or too small, until you actually begin relating into something else. Nothing will attain measurement until you relate it to something else. Every situation we become stuck in is not a mere comparison until you find out what it is your comparing it to. How bad or how good the situation was, doesn’t stand a chance without comparison. It increases an immense amount of motivation. This is because if you like something, think someone is better then you; you are likely wanting to motivate yourself to be better then that person. You should always use this to heighten your self esteem, this is because the law of relativity is always in your favor. You should use this advantage as a challenger to make yourself look better, feel better do better and be more of a success. Keep your mind at ease and you will make great progress with the law of relativity.