Defending Your Beliefs Against Conflict

  • You must defend your beliefs actively. You cannot expect the beliefs you have to remain, unless you actively defend them against other erroneous or conflicting beliefs. It is a fallacy to think that the truth does not need defending. Although the truth stands on its own, reality does not exist apart from an observer. Therefore being an observer, you need to defend what you believe to be true. It’s your beliefs that need defending, and any truth known to you is grasped in the form of a belief which must be defended.

  • Although something is true, if you do not believe it in, it may not enter your experience. Therefore truth will not be of effect for you when you deny it. It is a divine truth that you are prosperous, well and free. When you do not believe in the truth, you would experience lack, limitation and distress.
  • What you experience is not real but an illusion. It is a lie because it is not in accordance with divine truth. You create your reality with your beliefs. Therefore if you wish to guard your reality, you must guard your beliefs.

  • The best way to defend your beliefs is to expand your beliefs by making others believe the way you do. This allows you to create a coherent reality where everyone around you backs up the way you think, and makes your belief and frame stronger. That’s why it is better to mix with people who support you rather than those who diminish you.
  • Your world is created by the collective consciousness of the people you most associate with. You establish more power if you create greater harmony and lesser conflict.

  • This is the Logos or the Logic of things according to the science of consciousness as a collective whole. You notice that you cannot show the fullest that you really are or your best self to the highest level when you are with people who do not perceive you in the best possible way.
  • But when you are with those admire, respect and esteem you highly, you can be your best and your ultimate with the least effort. Therefore it’s important to find those who can esteem you well, and relate with them above all else.

  • Create strength of mind in your beliefs. The strength of your frame will determine the success of your beliefs. The coherence of your beliefs to project a single model and version of reality and how well you stick to them will determine the success of your beliefs. You cannot afford to have conflicting beliefs as this will weaken your frame and make it susceptible to other foreign influences.

  • Coherent beliefs create clarity of mind for manifestation. When there are no conflicting messages within your mind, and everything sets a coherent model of reality, your mind becomes clear and can correctly access its deeper mental resources. Conflicting messages creates resistance in your consciousness for manifestation. Clear the conflict and you clear the resistance.
  • The battlefield is in the mind and sometimes you have to destroy that which seems good if it conflicts with a greater good within you.

  • Great minds are able to see great things that small minds are unable to see. The most important part of the work is in the beginning. There is a need to connect with supporting minds and eliminate the unsupportive ones, because things are created by thought. Others that bless you, would do so by being a helping mind. If not, it is better for them to remain silent so as not to be a destroyer of dreams.
  • Without vision, the people perish. Leaders are the first to see what no one else sees. Others should either get in sync or stay out. Faith means calling that which be not as though it were, and grace means ease and without resistance. Do the words that others speak inspire faith in you or create doubt? Do the words they say create more ease or resistance towards the dreams and visions that you have?
  • Those who wish to be people of faith and grace should act wisely in more thoughtful ways. Man of vision need to connect with those who can share the same vision. For those who differ, it is better for them not to interfere. Great minds cannot let small minds get in the way of what they are doing.

  • It is also wrong to just accept what others choose to believe and allow it to stand, especially when those wrong beliefs have an effect on an important area of your life. When you hear of others expressing erroneous beliefs that do not really work in reality, do not think “It is alright for them to believe that way, I will live and let live.”
  • On the contrary, you must think “What they are thinking about is nonsense and I will cast it out of my reality.” You must have a significant strength or shielding in retaliation to block and repel erroneous thoughts and beliefs of other people. Otherwise your subconscious mind will pick up on your passivity as openness to being influenced.

  • False “enlightened” teachers have tricked people into thinking it is alright to be allowing and accepting of other people’s wrong beliefs in order to make them susceptible to spiritual error and delusions. Usually people are in error with their thinking because they did not think deeply enough, or broadly enough, or clearly enough.
  • It is also wrong to think that you shouldn’t try to “force” your beliefs on other people or to try to change their minds. Weak intent has never worked in influencing another person’s mind. Sometimes a stronger force is necessary to shake people awake from their sleep and dreaming.

  • Once again, false “enlightened” teachers that serve deceptive spiritual agenda have worked to make people passive and ineffective in influencing others towards the way, the truth and the life. You have to become sharp as a razor to cut out all nonsense and stuff that don’t really work, and get to the core of what truly works, and to put it out there with an iron will to impact consciousness around you towards your way when it is the right way. You are the light of the world, and the light must shine to be seen.

  • You must fully understand why you believe the things you believe. From understanding comes evolution of consciousness and manifestation. This is because as your consciousness changes for the better, so does the manifestations which you can bring up. Understanding will bring strong mental manifestations in all areas relating to the belief. It is better not to understand than to misunderstand truth. Therefore if a particular perspective of truth seems to work against you, ignore it until you understand.

  • Mastery of intent requires being impeccable, which means to never use your word against yourself. Do not change what works. If the belief which you have is working towards your manifestations, then don’t change it. This is regardless of whether you think the belief is good or not. What works must be kept. However, beliefs which are clearly poor must be eliminated at all cost. If it works, it is right. That is regardless of what anyone else says. You will gain complete truth by going for what works for you.

  • If you want the words you use to have power and significance, do not use in vain or in frivolous ways any words or names that you wish to hold sacred meaning for important use at certain times. Choose wisely the kind of people you would speak to.
  • If they do not possess the right kind of consciousness regarding the words you speak to them, they may use those words incorrectly or in a diminishing way. Words are the power of consciousness and creation. You would want to maintain strong vibration and powerful meaning with the words you use.
  • Place intelligence as the number one thing above all else. Truth is higher than love. Maintain a strong hold of your beliefs, and be careful what kind of beliefs you listen or pay attention to. Take heed what you hear: with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given. For he that has not, from him shall be taken even that which he has. This will determine your success in setting a coherent mindset of reality, and the subsequent manifestation which results.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of No Conflicting ideas 💡

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