Continue Standing In Faith Through Difficulties

  • Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Are your knuckles raw from knocking? Are your eyes tired from seeking? Are your vocal chords parched from asking? You set out to manifest health. You observe all the laws. You pray and you affirm. But nothing happens. Perhaps you knock at the door for your supply. Your need is desperate. The bill is due and the creditors are breathing down your neck. But no one opens the door. What are you going to do? Say “What’s the use?” or more bitterly “It doesn’t work”?

  • The thing to do is to recognize that close doors come to all alike. It doesn’t make any difference how good you are or how much you know. Sooner or later you will come to doors that do not open.
  • You will resist them or you will use them, according to your attitude toward them. If you see them as dead ends, you will go down under the belief. But if you see them as tests of your faith, you will continue to knock. The thing to do when things do not seem to be happening yet, is to continue standing in faith.
    Did Peter become panicky, fearful, or hysterical when the door did not open? Did he fly into a rage? What do the Scriptures say? Peter continued knocking.
  • What a lesson in that for us! Our Faith is tested by our ability, having done all to stand. It is tested by our ability to keep knocking. Closed doors are often simply a series of questions concerning our fortitude and our stability. They’re the measure of our Faith. Sooner or later the door will open or other doors that are better will open to us instead.

  • Can you be patient in the face of delay? Can you be positive in the face of negation? Can you be dauntless in the face of defeat? Can you be confident in the face of ruin? Can you maintain your Faith in the midst of doubt and uncertainty? There is always the possibility that what you most desire is not the thing that you should have. Can you look back in your life and see occasions when the thing that happened was far better than the thing you projected? What you most desire can change to a better one.

  • A locked door may be side by side with one that is opened wide. If you have a close relationship to God, it should be easy for you to trust everything in your life to Him. It should be as easy to give Him your problems, difficulties, and needs as it is to trust Him to develop the seeds which you plant in the ground or to regulate your heartbeat and other involuntary processes of your body. Of yourself you can do nothing, but with God all things are possible. You cannot have faith alone but you can trust God for it.

  • Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of your faith. That is why you cannot have faith by your own ability alone. It is your close relationship with God that allows you to continue standing in the face of anything. The keyword here is close. It means keeping God close in your consciousness. It is to think upon Him and His Goodness every hour of the day and to keep him in the midst of your heart or psyche. When your faith is upon Christ, you are able to continue having faith for whatever it is that you desire.

  • All you need to do is to follow the rules. Ask. If there is no answer, seek. If you still get no answer, knock. You call upon your creative imagination to help you see in your Mind the thing you want. You feel God’s power entering the area you are praying for and accomplished what you ask. You claim fulfillment of your desire by saying Amen which means so be it. Finally you rest the case with Him in perfect trust. The word Amen is the recognition that God has already finished the work and you have received.
    Perhaps several possibilities run through your mind about how the answer may come.
  • The Law says God can’t take hold until you let go. Put all these possibilities out of your Mind and think only of God’s power and His willingness to use it on your behalf. He has ways of fulfilling your desires which you have not even thought of. Cling to that trust. Increase your understanding of it. Be true to it. Dare to leave everything quietly to God. Dare to claim His overflowing abundance in the midst of poverty, or lack.

  • When you think of the reasons why the thing you want may not happen, you are simply misdirecting your faith. You are directing it into negative channels instead of positive channels. You are looking to God and looking away from Him at the same time. You are giving more power to your circumstances than you are to God. When you focus on Christ, you will walk upon the waters. Even if it was a calm weather, it would still be impossible to walk on water. This shows that looking to God is supernatural.

  • If you want divine results, focus on God only and your life would be supernatural. It is hard to notice that the life you live becoming supernatural when you focus on God, because you are not focusing on the natural, therefore the supernatural becomes natural to you. That is why sometimes we begin to take God for granted and think that things are happening the way they are naturally anyway. It is only happening the way they are naturally because God is involved. When we turn away, things begin failing.

  • Faith begins in the mind but is established in the heart. You begin faith by turning your consciousness to God and asking from Him what you desire. Then after you have communed with God, you get to the feeling place of your desire being given, and then you rest your faith upon God to do the work. Faith moves from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind. It is the state where your feelings are at rest. There is a calm and stabilized trust. Your consciousness is on the supernatural and you overcome.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess Standing Up In Difficult Times

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