The Divine Tree of Life Archetype

The divine tree of life is the reoccurring theme across the majority. If not all religions and philosophical studies depict this concept. It has been kept consistent regardless of time and space, beliefs and values.

The tree of life is present in Christianity, Buddhism, The Kabala, Norse, China, Ancient Egypt and many others. It has made it’s presence across nation’s, and eras. Even in present day realism.

The tree of life has a mythical concept Archetype, that means unlike other archetypes, it has an element , and concept that has remained consistent through centuries , ages and era. The oldest and most ancient scriptures make reference to it, as the center of the world. It’s fruits which are guarded by an evil serpent, confer immortality.

The area immediately surrouding this mythical tree; has been said to be the birthplace of the first human ancestors. This legend is arguably the oldest most mysterious and religious idea; known to mankind. Yet, the concept and ideas remain consistent; despite differing opinions, beliefs and values.

It is the one single archetype that unites humanity in its entirity. Its presence is known on ancient artifacts. These were found at the ancient city of Troy. Also in the most Ancient Greek art, it is found.

This discovery that led to the Bronze Age, is what ultimately led to the discovery of the age old theme; which can finally be applied to help you make an actual break through in life itself. This archetype enables you to decode and eliminate all of your spiritual enigma, mental blockades and physical limitations.

The tree of life is connected to all living things tangible and intangible. The tree of life reaches deep into the soil, acknowledging its connectedness to the earth, while drawing nutrients from it. It is an element. Also a symbol of growth. It’s leave branches draw out energy to the sun, drawing energy from a bright warm light; transforming it into nourishment. It is a symbol of potential.

The tree of life signifies that you are connected to all that is around you. Also that you are dependent on it for your ability to grow and thrive.

The tree of life is also a representation and a dispersion of family ancestry. Through its branches being dispersed resembling the continuity of life and reproduction. A symbol of continuity, almost as if we were spreading our wings for our offspring.

It is the symbol of growth and strength. Through the growth of the seedling , finally being grown into a beautiful plant. Then finally into a full grown tree. Just like this tree, you too will grow stronger over time. You will strive for greater knowledge and new experiences. More importantly the tree of life is the symbol of rebirth.

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Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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The Power of Positive Thinking vs Power of Positive Psychology

Positive thinking is referent to the positive mental attitudes that are being used. Conducive, to images , words and thoughts and help achieve personal growth stature. A positive mind that helps induce a positive outlook on life, will help you to achieve all of your goals and desires. These anticipations include joy, happiness, better health, as well as successful outcomes for yourself and furthermore others as well. There is one saying that goes with whatever the mind seeks, it shall find.

Do not be fearful of negative thought patterns and diminishing continuity. Always stand on your guard and think positively, the outcome will be the former. Motivation and positivity really help you to adapt to a better life. Have ample time for the things you love doing. Impresses the people around you; when you are shining bright with a huge aura of charisma, believe me everyone will love you.

While Positive thinking and positive psychology are interchangeable, they are completely different words and or terms. Positive thinking is all about thinking about looking on the bright side of things. Positive psychology has the optimism aspect ; it reminds people of the many positive outcomes that can be put on the brain at one specific time. Realistic expectations diverts more to positive psychology.

Optimists seek to find that every opportunity they undergo will be a complete success for them, whether or not they believe it to be one hundred percent true. Optimism is a learning skill, rather than an innate quality. Optimists have a strong fighting spirit, allowing them to fight with less stress and anxiety along their plate. Scientific research also states that optimism will help fight chronic disease in humans. It will also have a great affect on your immune system.

Your thoughts greatly affect every aspect of your life. They will affect the quality of the interpersonal relationships. Your health, and your chances of succeeding financially. Becoming stable, not dependent on drugs or alcohol. Being an adult in a life that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Every person through all walks of life has experienced adversity to some extent. The things that matter the most to every one, is the way you face your own battles. Be Strong , Be Bold, Be Worth it!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

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