Your Mind has the power to control Life and Death

  • The power of life and death is in the tongue. But the tongue is both physical and mental. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The heart is the mind.
  • Your thoughts literally control life and death. When you know this, you need not fear that death may get you without you at anytime purely by chance or destiny. The power of death is in your hands and destiny in this case here is actually fate. Your life purpose is your destiny, but your end is your fate which is what you can decide to make of it.

  • No one passes from this world unless it is they have chosen it at some level to do so. Christ said “No man takes my life. I have the power to lay it down and the power to take it up again.” This explains why some people are able to return back to life even after being clinically dead for a certain period of time. All things are possible and there may be immortals that roam this world under different identities for different eras in order to fit within the framework of collective consciousness that immortality is not real.

  • When Christ resurrected from the dead, he had a new super physical body. Still, he did not show himself to the whole world but only to a certain number of people.

  • Everything is created by choice and choice is based on purpose. The individual death serves a purpose in collective humanity and it also serves the purposes of the individual, for no death comes unbidden. The causes of death are not biological as biology is simply the carrier of “lively or deadly intent.” No person becomes ill unless it serves a psychic or psychological reason. Those individuals who have psychologically decided upon death will die in any case, of any disease or side effect of inoculation.

  • A mother does not become pregnant with life by accident. The soul that enters the fetus actually chose to individuate from the God Consciousness into physicality by will of the divine.
  • Each person that is born desires to be born. He dies when that desire no longer operates. No epidemic or illness or natural disaster or stray bullet from a gun will kill a person who does not want to die. This is the true secret of invincibility.
  • Those who do not deliberately seek death will not find it. Choose life so that you may live.

  • It is true to say that all deaths are suicides, and all births are deliberate on the part of child and parent.
  • Epidemics are the result of a mass suicide phenomenon on part of those involved. For a variety of reasons, whole groups of individuals want to die at any given time, but in such a way that their individual deaths amount to a mass statement. Such deaths are meant to make others question the conditions, and serve as a protest and a call for change, which failed as a message while they were living.

  • The power of epidemics only touches those who are in the same state. That is why those who do not choose to be involved are not affected even though they may be in the midst of it. “A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you.” You can choose not to be a victim of despair and hopelessness, and choose to create your own reality instead. There’s unconscious agreement for death among groups of people who die in epidemics or natural disasters.
  • In the case of inoculation against any given disease, it is the belief and not the procedure that works. The immunization while specifically effective, may only reinforce the belief that the body is ineffective on its own. The specific victory might result in the ultimate defeat as far as your beliefs are concerned.
  • Through history, no man or woman has died who did not want to die, regardless of the state of medical technology.
  • Understanding Consciousness keeps you from fear of medical lack or unstoppable viruses.

  • The natural state of life itself is one of joy and harmony with itself. It is a state in which action is effective, and the power to act is a natural right. No one really competes with each other, but cooperates to form an environment in which all can creatively exist. The quality of life is important above all.
  • Suffering is not necessarily good for the soul at all, and left alone natural creatures do not seek it. All suffering is for the purpose of ending suffering with return to harmony. The abundant life is power and freedom.

  • The dignity of a spirited life DEMANDS that a certain quality of experience be maintained. Not only is that quality preferable, but it is DEMANDED or REQUIRED, a MUST by divine right and righteousness.
  • Those who think that life is God honoring when lived from a poor state of suffering and powerlessness are extremely unenlightened. The only suffering we are meant to live is the forbearance of love with the faults of others. Christ took our poverty and sickness so that we may receive abundance of God’s life.

  • The Bible says that in the pathways of the Righteous, there is no death. That is because Jesus died our deaths. As believers, we do not have to die before our time. Believers do not experience death. When they pass from this dimension, they simply switch location into a realm of eternal life.
  • There are different degrees of light in the Spiritual World, and a believer in Christ experiences the Light and Life of Christ in the Afterlife dimension in far greater degree than unbelievers. Those who are believers can confess that Christ died our deaths so we do not have to experience death while we are alive on Earth.
  • This does not mean that we would never pass from physical existence into non-physical, but we would not have to experience premature death and its effects such as devastation, torment, suffering, bad situations that are of a degree that is beyond what life on earth is meant to be.
  • It does not have to be hell on earth for those who believe that Christ died our death. We can experience the glory and goodness of God in our Earthly life. We can receive the gifts of Heaven through the Mind of Christ. The Gift of Righteousness is the Gift of Eternal Life. We can experience the Abundance of Life that Christ came to give us.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥

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