Optimal Action- Balancing tension and relaxation 🧘‍♀️

  • Optimal action is about using tension and relaxation to control the force and flow of energy. Releasing your intention is tension in release. It is the process of holding your intention firmly and then releasing it to carry itself out in motion. It is a balance of how much tension and relaxation to have at different moments.
    Work from your internal state because it is the main thing that contributes to reaching your goals. The primary focus in on keeping an optimum internal state, and every external situation is a challenge to improve your internal abilities.
  • By altering your internal state in a way that produces the right amount of tension and relaxation, you improve your external performance. The only thing that ultimately matters is commitment to your internal experience.
    Less haste, more speed. Less tension, more readiness. The key to optimal action is to have the right amount of tension needed and as little extraneous thought as possible. It is to be focused and in the focused yet relaxed, alpha-beta-theta state. True concentration happens when we stop thinking. Thinking creates physical tension and in the moment of concentration we cease to think for awhile and just act.

  • Optimal action requires optimal concentration, both mental and physical. Concentration is the focusing of energy into a particular area of application. You shouldn’t over concentrate or under concentrate. Proper concentration requires the correct amount of tension and relaxation necessary for effective action. Optimal action is action that gets you the results you want.

  • Relaxation doesn’t mean no tension. It means no excessive tension. You must not fear. Fear and all sorts of unwanted emotions are unnecessary tension. You deal with your fear by releasing the tension and becoming free to act. Pay attention to your internal states while in action. When your internal states are right, your outer conditions will take care of themselves. You can control your external conditions by controlling your inner consciousness.

  • We normally use far more effort than necessary to accomplish a thing. It is natural for us to do things with the least amount of effort and not in a way that expends excess energy. We notice this when we observe infants learning to crawl, sit, stand and roll over. They find out exactly what level of strength they require for the movement.

  • You need to expend a certain amount of effort towards achieving the target of your desires. Not just any amount of effort though. Not too much, not too little, but just right. Optimal results require optimal action.

  • To have maximum control, you need to have the right amount of tension and relaxation necessary. Not too much, not too little. Just right. If you find yourself faltering in your actions, you could try increasing the tension or reducing it. Concentrated and effective action requires the right amount of tension. Excessive and insufficient tension cause failure.
  • Since everything is changing all the time, you should flow with the situation by adjusting your tension and relaxation from moment to moment.

  • Optimal action also requires you to have a certain amount of stiffness and a certain amount of softness. As well as a certain amount of firmness and a certain amount of flexibility. It is all about finding the balancing point.

  • The way to release tension is to feel pleasure. Pleasure is the psychic result of releasing of tension. Building up and releasing tension is the key to enjoying what you are doing. Anytime you allow yourself to feel pleasure, you are in a state of relaxation and releasing tension. It is all about enjoying what we are doing in order to do it best.

  • Allow yourself to feel pleasure as it radiates through your skin. Allow yourself to be as comfortable as possible and to feel the pleasure and enjoyment of what you are doing. Optimal action is about focusing on enjoying the process instead of just getting the result you want to achieve. Feel the tension in the parts of your body being released and experiencing pleasure. Act with the feeling of pleasure and you will find yourself far more effective.

  • Our breathing is our main life function. We can control our entire energy system by our breathing. We should always focus on breathing in a manner that allows us to focus energy and release it properly. You can always tell how you are performing by how you’re breathing in everything that you do. You can control your tension and relaxation by controlling your breathing.

  • Bodily awareness is the key to bodily control. By becoming present to the feeling of your body, you can do whatever you are doing with a lot more control. The way to becoming more effective is to increase your sensitivity. It is about becoming more perceptive so as to flow with the forces around you.
    Feelings give us energy, passion and vitality. Our feelings are not in our head but in our body and physiology.
  • We experience our feelings in our physical body and energy body together. We become aware of our feelings when we become aware of the sensation of our body and our physiology. Since our body is made of energy as well, we know our energetic state of vibration when we know how our body is feeling. We can control our feelings by controlling our breathing and physiology.

  • All emotion is energy in motion. The more we let our emotions move through us by experiencing and expressing them, the less blockage we have that impedes our flow of actions. The more freely we experience and express our emotions, the more freedom we have in our actions. We have to release our emotions in order to be free. Flow with you feelings. The more you resist your feelings, the more inhibited your actions will be. Move with the emotion and you will find yourself moving more freely and powerfully.

  • Our feelings are what drives us. They give us energy to do what we do. We should use our feelings to empower our actions. We should use our feelings by using the tension it creates and releasing it. Act with feeling and speak with feeling. When we use our feelings, our actions become more powerful. When we use our feelings to act, we are acting the natural way. For optimal action, you need to be in the right mental and emotional states.

  • Tension and release are the workings of energy and feeling. Different kinds of feeling produce different kinds of tension that are meant to be released differently, and the way you release the tension also results further in different kinds of feeling. Sometimes the tension is meant to be released softly and warmly, other times you’re supposed to squeeze. Using tension and release for optimal action and expression is all about determining the energy and feeling you exude.

  • Tension and release are also the workings of power. Building up and releasing tension is building up and releasing power. The greater the tension and release, the greater the force of power generated. Powerful and effective action requires a certain amount of tension but too much, and to release it in a proper way.

  • Always remember to focus on what you are feeling, you physical state and your breathing in whatever you are doing and not just on what is happening on the outside. Awareness of your internal state is what you should have in everything you do. Internal state is everything, and external result is always dependant on internal state.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Relaxation 🙏🧘‍♀️

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