Dealing with Psychic Vampires and Big Auras

  • The two main opposite kinds of psychic presence are psychic vampires and big auras. Psychic vampires suck energy from others while big auras push their energies upon others and sort of take up too much space energetically. You have to be aware about these two kinds of people and learn how to deal with them effectively for your own psychic survival. Some people do not know how to respect the space or energy of others. They either take what does not belong to them, or they behave rather invasively.

  • Whereas some people behave in an energetically respectful way whether they are being aware of it or not. Their psychic presence is neither too draining nor too invasive. They instinctively keep their auras at a respectable distance around themselves and keep their energy to themselves.
  • They are usually comfortable for others to be around. People are subtly affecting us all the time at an energetic level as we are affecting them as well. Being conscious of social dynamics at the energetic level empowers you.

  • To find out if you are a big aura type of person, ask yourself how strong is your psychic presence? Are you a “big” person? When you walk into a room, do you make sure other people notice you? Do you regularly create situations where you’re the center of attention or in control? You might notice that people often take a step back from you in conversation.
  • They find themselves overwhelmed by being too close to you. Do you annoy others easily and a lot? Do you find it’s almost too easy to get your own way?
    One can have a big aura for a night or a lifetime. You might have just won the lottery or gotten married and your joy is exuberantly blaring outwards around you. You could also have been frustrated by some negative event or some idiotic person and you’re seething rage everywhere you go.
  • These events cause a temporal expansion of your aura around you as your psychic presence is stronger than usual. It may return to normal after awhile. But there are those whose psychic auras are in perpetual full blast.

  • People with a large presence can wreak havoc for others. Ask yourself: Am I keeping my strong emotions to myself? If you’re fired up, or angry, or jealous, or anything, that’s yours. Do stay with your emotions as it is very important to sort through them for your own healing and growth.
  • But it is an emotional process you are having with yourself and only those who are there to help. Are you bleeding your drama over to those around you without their permission? Watch out for those who do this thing also.

  • It is hard to take direct action against this kind of psychic attack. Since the person flooding your energetic space hasn’t said anything and is probably some distance away from you. Imagine walking up to someone as say “You are invading my space energetically.” Well you could do that if it is someone you know or someone who would understand such things. But for others, it would be too weird.
  • Therefore there are other ways that have to be taken in order to deal with these kinds of psychic event.

  • Everyone has an aura space. This is why sometimes people like to seat not directly next to each other but one seat away from each other. Some people like to seat in places where there is a lot more space around them from the others. When someone seats directly next to you, they are cutting into your aura space, and that is why sometimes you feel uncomfortable.
  • It all depends on what you are you doing and whether you like that person’s energy field. If you are doing a certain activity that is meditation or somewhat akin to meditation, you might rather be in your own space to do it. But if you are in a public transport or watching a show, you might enjoy mingling with the aura of someone you find attractive and desirable to you.

  • The psychic vampire is almost the opposite of the “big aura” type. Ask yourself: Do people seem to become fatigued around you? Do you find that you keep discussing the same things, forcing others to listen or process with you until they seem groggy and confused and you’ve suddenly got a bunch of energy?
  • Does it ever seem that people spend time with you from a sense of duty, rather than a sense of shared fun? Do you feel that the world owes you something? If so then you are a psychic vampire.
    This can also be true for a night or a lifetime.
  • A personal loss may have left you temporarily feeling needy and looking to get a lift from the people around you. Or you might be like that every day. A psychic vampire can zap people’s energy and drain them. The vampire’s attention is drawn to a person full of the kind of bright energy the vampire is currently lacking. Basically just looking to survive, his or her energy goes out to take what it needs.
  • The vampire gets a lift, a rush of energy, from that person or people.

  • It is incredibly easy to learn to tuck your aura in closer to your body or to expand it outwards further from you. In doing energy work, you can pull or push your energy to a specific distance from your body.
  • You know the feeling when you’re walking down a lonely street at night and you don’t want to be noticed? You pull your aura in close to you. Same thing when you’re trying to avoid catching the eye of your ex-girlfriend in a crowd. You also expand your aura when you want your presence to be felt by others.

  • Fighting a psychic attack refers to anything you do to remove the invasive energy from your energy field or aura. You have lots of weapons in this arsenal. The simplest one is to move away. If a psychic vampire is sucking all the joy out of your day, or a big aura is invading your energy space, leaving that person’s presence could solve the problem easily. You could demagnetize the attack.
  • If you sense someone is radiating anger in a bid for attention, paying attention to him or her might stop the blast effect.
    Confrontation has its place.
  • Simply walking up to someone and letting them know their energy is being perceived as invasive could end the issue. Shielding is an energetic means of protection.
  • Simply visualize a shield of white light surround you that prevents all unwanted energetic influences from reaching you. You can also create a filter in your shield to let in positive energy and even convert negative energy to energy that is useful for you. You can also recharge and recalibrate your own energy field at times.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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