Perfect Having is a State of unconsciousness!

  • A state of perfect health is a state of unconsciousness. When your body is well, it is out of thought. People tend to get well or recover from certain bodily symptoms at a time when they have become unconscious of it.
  • Sometimes healing happens instantly in a miraculous way. Other times it happens when you are living your life and had taken your mind off the symptom. As it is with health, so it is with other things in your life. Perfect having is a state of unconsciousness. You attain when you’re detached.

  • Manifestation is a paradoxical thing. You must expect and you must also have no expectation. What this means is that there must be periods of focusing on your intent and also periods of letting go of it from your mind.
  • They are periods of thought and periods of forgetfulness. You get what you expect, and you also get it at a time when you aren’t expecting it. Although you do get what you want at a time while you are expecting it, the usual process is to be non- expecting. It’s a state of unconsciousness.

  • All creation happens by intention, but all possession happens by alignment. You must intend in order to create what you desire, and you must get yourself into vibrational alignment in order to receive it into your experience.
  • Nothing exists unless it is first created by thought. Something is possessed when its presence is felt. You cannot have your cake and eat it at the same thing. You cannot have something and at the same time feel that you’re not having it. You must believe you receive in order to have.

  • The correct order is to ask and then to believe you have received. One without the other is incomplete, and when done in the wrong order, it still won’t work. Expectation and non- expectation seems like a paradoxical thing, but it only appears so because people think they have to be done together at the same time.
  • They are meant to be done one after another at different times. You have an expectation of what you want, and then you let go and be in a non-expecting state. This is the natural way to create.
    You cannot have everything you desire automatically fall into place from a place of pure non- expectation just because you think they are all already meant to be there.
  • People do not stay in good physical shape if they do not take care of their health. It is true that having comes from being unconscious. But there is a certain amount of conscious choice or expectation that is experienced beforehand.
  • You have a certain conscious idea about what you want beforehand and then you let go and let it happen.
    So you know that expectation is needed as part one of the elements for manifestation.
  • You expect something, and then it happens. But then you go on and try to create something else by expecting it all the time. You find that this time it doesn’t work and you end up getting the opposite of what you expected. That is because when you put yourself in a state of expecting all the time, you are in a state of not having it. Do not be consciously expecting something all the time. You must let go and be at rest.

  • When you are unconscious about the health that you have or anything else for that matter, it might seem as though you are taking it for granted. It is not about taking for granted but it is about being at rest.
  • There is a difference here. Taking something for granted is when you begin to mistreat it in a certain way. Being at rest is not thinking about it because it is a natural part of your life. An action is fully integrated into your being when it becomes unconscious. Being unconscious or at rest is to become one.

  • Problems arise when there is no rest and no quietness.
  • You are meant to deal with problems with conscious thought by turning them over to God through prayer and pure intention. You are not meant to ignore problems when they arise and thinking this is the way to make them go away. But after prayer or using conscious intention, then you are meant to let go of them and return to a state of rest and quietness. It is in a state of rest when things return to their state of native nothingness. Rest to rebalance.
    The state of original consciousness is emptiness, stillness, quietness and nothingness. It is a state of perfect existence. It is the state of peace. It is the state of bliss.
  • It is the state that everybody wants to reach in life. All activity strives towards a state of rest. It is the peak of all endeavors. To have conquered, to have won, to have done, to have made; these are all expressions of the culmination of activity. What proceeds from the original returns to the original. The difference is in the experience of change.

  • Find the stillness point. Get into the stillness. The stillness is a place of non-resistance. The stillness is where your desire is manifested. The stillness is where rhythm or the pendulum swing is neutralized. The stillness is a place of rest. The stillness is peace. The stillness is emptiness. The stillness is nothingness or the void. The stillness is the center. The stillness is silence.
  • The stillness is the vortex. The stillness is the alpha state of mind. The stillness is a place of relaxed focus. The stillness is where you are one with your desire. When you are in the stillness, you are manifesting from your higher self, you are one with everything. The stillness is the place of instant manifestation. When you are in the stillness, you know. Be still and know that I AM (You Are) God. Be still and know that your desire is manifested. Be still and know that it is done.

  • The original mind does not change although it experiences change. It is like the reflection of the moon on the surface of the stream. The mind experiences ten thousand things and responds to them appropriately, yet it remains ever the same. Perfection already exists from the beginning and it always exists. You may be going through life creating the things that you want but you must remember the perfect state is already yours. This is the way to touch divinity. This is to be in the world but not of the world.

  • In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. Power comes from being in the silence. In the midst of the storms, be still and know that God is God. Weakness is only the absence of strength. When you let the chaos around you cloud your consciousness, you weaken your focus and your force becomes pulled apart.
  • Return to the silence and you become invisible to the conflict and opposing elements. You will find that core strength that is ever present. The source shows a way where there is none.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Love ❤️

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