We Are Existing in this Realm for A Purpose!

  • We exist in this realm of three dimensional reality for a purpose. By entering, we have agreed to “forget” our “true nature” and to operate in the reality we are given for the purpose of “learning.” It does no real good to speak in terms of “cosmic oneness” and “we are, in our true natures, all-powerful beings,” because we don’t have access to those realities BY CHOICE. Those realities exist in dimensions above ours and we chose to enter into this dimension from our choice made at a higher plane but not here.

  • And the chain of circumstance, the chain of choices, it seems, must be followed in logical steps of access. We may be able to “accelerate” our progress, but apparently, it is “frowned on” to try to “skip” over the lessons. Very few there are who can meditate on “Cosmic Oneness” and POOF! Just hop back to 7th density and be done with the whole mess. And, in real terms, it may be that this is not what is wanted at a deep level. We are here for a purpose, and therefore it is not our higher will to end game.

  • There are seven densities of reality and we are in the third density or third dimension. The point isn’t to just look for a “short-cut to 7th density.” The point is to “follow the Yellow Brick Road,” to engage in the adventure. The soul has certain purposes here to accomplish, and it would be a waste if we just gave up and returned to the upper realms to re-access our higher knowledge and true state of being immediately.
  • If we hadn’t decided that there was a point in being here, we wouldn’t be here in first place.

  • This realm of the third dimension or third density that we are in is like a prison where there are laws that limit what we can do here. The laws of the physical universe can’t be broken, but it can be transcended by the laws of the higher dimensions. The limit of the physical universe is the speed of light. The speed of light cannot be surpassed unless the object becomes something beyond light or it moves into the dimension beyond the physical. We do create our reality from all levels of reality including this one.

  • But, it is impractical, for the sake of the lesson, to think of the prison as being “non-existent” unless we have created it. It has obviously been “constructed” from a level of reality that we are not yet capable of accessing, (again, because at a much higher level, we have chosen this drama); so it is useless to say “if you don’t think about or focus on it, the prison won’t exist.” That becomes nonsensical when we consider the larger scope of the problem. Our consciousness is multidimensional in all of creation.

  • We are IN THE PRISON. But, we are NOT in it because we think about it or focus on it at THIS level. In fact, if we DON’T think about it or focus on it, learn all we can about it and the ways and means of escape, we will be choosing, by default, to continue to live within its walls! Many of our problems are created by lack of awareness. If we ignore our problems they will not go away but we will continue to create them unconsciously. Conscious learning is required to resolve our problems with the right way.

  • For example, we may be unconsciously focusing on poverty by thinking poverty thoughts and doing poverty actions. If we do not consciously focus on the problem to learn all things we are doing that creates poverty, we will continue to create poverty in an unconscious manner. We must focus on the problem enough to learn what we’re doing to cause it, so that we can then shift our focus to the solution. The solution is never found apart from the problem. We must learn from the problem to transition to solution.

  • There are good and bad influences that affect us in creating good or bad realities. We may wonder how we can extricate ourselves from bad influences and connect with good ones. Before we can even think about ‘doing’ we must try to understand what these influences are. This is a constant mistake that everybody makes always to think they can ‘do.’ We cannot ‘do,’ but if we know, we may change something. And we can begin to know when we open ourselves to higher forces. Knowing is a higher sense.

  • Higher forces or higher influences are normal, cosmic; but we can open ourselves to receive them, or shut ourselves off from them. If we are asleep, we are more closed to them, and the more we are asleep the more we are closed. If we awake, we open ourselves to higher influences. We must see and perceive, and to perceive is to open ourselves to higher knowledge that does not exist at this realm alone. We must open to perceiving the invisible from the visible. This perception comes from inner knowing.

  • You can be shown the Way, but you must work yourself. Most of the laws we have to obey are the result of our sleep and our unconsciousness. Every step we make in becoming more conscious sets us more free. Know the truth and the truth shall make you free. To know is to be conscious. All our lack of freedom and limitation is the result of unconscious causes. If we know, we may change something. Awareness is the first step before change. Continue to free from the laws that limit your true nature.

  • Suppose a man is satisfied with mechanical life; then he cuts himself off from higher influences which could teach him how to awaken, and he receives only influences from lower levels, including his own inclinations. Certainly he is then in a worse position than a man who receives influences from higher worlds.
  • Many influences can be received mechanically, but many others need effort. Freewill and intelligence are one. You need to use your will to access greater intelligence according to the law of one.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Purpose , for learning!

Goddess of oneness, all powerful beings!

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