Taking No Credit For Helping Others Naturally!

  • A master takes no credit. If people’s lives are changed, it is they that did it. He knows that he does nothing. Everything that a master does comes from a place of being. His actions are a natural expression of who he is. His work is inspired and divine. Other people who come into contact with him are affected ultimately in a positive way. It takes two hands to clap. A master does what he wishes to do and the result of benefiting others is based on their response to his actions.
  • He credits them for changing.
    A master may not take credit but he allows credit to be given. He allows himself to use credit given for social proof to influence others according to his purpose. He knows that those that need to help themselves tend to externalize the help from other sources. Therefore they need to believe that he can help them by the claims others make about how their lives have been changed by him. He knows that if others believe they could help themselves, they would seek to learn from him without externalizing power.

  • A master may not take credit but he allows himself to receive appreciation. He knows that appreciation is a gift of love and must be accepted so as to complete the cycle of giving and receiving. Some people refuse appreciation or compliments because they think that is the way to take no credit. But they are being ignorant because when we refuse such positive expressions, we are preventing others from expressing their love and abundance. Take no credit but always allow yourself to receive it when given.

  • A master is not responsible for the lives of others. He is only responsible for his own life and his own world that he creates. By thinking that he is responsible for the lives of others, it means he would expect someone else to be responsible for his life as well. When he knows he is not responsible for the lives of others, he is free from having to take care of everybody’s problem and can simply do his own thing. Others cannot use the weapon of guilt on him. He is also respecting other people’s power to change.

  • He does not try to help others. He only does what he wants, and if in the process others are helped, then that’s great. If not, then that is none of his concern. He offers his best gifts to everybody. He rejoices with gladness for those who benefit from him, and he doesn’t feel bad for those who don’t. He is like the sun that simply shines its own light. He is not trying to feed, nourish or help anything grow. Even if there wasn’t anybody or anything to nourish, he would still shine. He simply does what he’s here to do.

  • He knows that if he thinks others need his help, it means they are lesser than him. No one needs his help. He doesn’t have any power over them. The power belongs to themselves. If they cannot receive what they need from him, they can obtain it somewhere else. The universe supplies every need from whatever channels that are made available. A master knows that he is simply a channel for the universal good to be expressed through. He can play his part and enjoy the experience of it or choose not to.

  • He knows that he is not greater than others. He knows that they all have the same unlimited potential that he has. He knows that we are all equal in essence. We are all God manifested in different forms to experience different relationships with its different aspects within itself. Rich and poor experience each other. Strong and weak define each other. Male and female compliment and contrast each other. We may all be at different levels of evolution but fundamentally we are all one being in the grand motion.

  • It is a paradox that the ones who are most capable of changing peoples’ lives are the ones that do not seek to do so. The more they know how things should best be done, the less they seek to enforce their views. They respect the choices of others and honor their right to choose. They practice the principle of noninterference. Simply go your own way and let others go their own way. They have their own paths to take and somehow they will still reach where you are. Give them freedom and they will evolve best.

  • Most of us think that when we become God, and having all power and all knowledge, we would change the world in every way. But the irony is that once we become God, we would not do any of that. That is because when we have all knowledge, we would realize that the world is perfect as it is, and that there is nothing to change. Everyone is on his or her own path of growth and evolution. There is no need to change the natural order. It’s an irony that when you have all power you would seek to use none of it.

  • A master knows that we all co-create our reality. He knows that if others benefit from his work, it is they that created him in their reality. He is simply there to serve as a mirror. He reflects what they are looking for in him. If they are looking to learn, he reflects knowledge and understanding. If they are looking for faults, he reflects faults and errors. In this way, a master does his work without being affected by the judgments of others. He knows they judge according to who they are and not what he is in reality.

  • He that is greatest in heaven shall be least among all. Those who are truly great do not care about being the greatest or the least or anything in between, because to them there is no true comparison that exists. In the beginning, there was only one original consciousness that exists and it is the same right now.
  • Only God exists. There is no meaning in comparing one ego with another. The masters are beyond approval and disapproval. They simply do things to accomplish whatever purposes they have in mind.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of No Ego!

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