Knowing what Girls Need In Troubled Situations!

  • Many guys are clueless about what girls want or need, and they either say or do the wrong things. They cause girls to end up getting more hurt and wonder what the heck is going on. Girls also wonder why the guys don’t seem to get it. That is why awareness and understanding is vital in relationships. When you have awareness, you would not experience the problem because you do not even create it. Sometimes the truth of a matter is counter intuitive to what we think. Realization clears the matter at once.

  • What girls need is affirmation and emotional validation. They need positive energy and reinforcement of who they are from you. It is more of an energy thing than it is about information. Guys would try to offer them data and left brained help when their true need is emotional. It’s so easy to give them what they want when you realize that their need is so simple. You don’t need to wreck your brains trying to figure out how to help them handle their problem. That’s not your problem. You only need to express love.

  • They need your emotional support. Girls are emotional beings. When a girl has a problem, the first and foremost thing she needs is emotional support. The feminine is pure emotion. The masculine is pure will. Guys tell other guys what they should or should not do when they have a problem. But when it comes to a girl, it is not about what should or should not be done. It is about feelings. They don’t care for action until they got their feelings worked with. Support emotionally and the rest falls into place.

  • They don’t need your help. By trying to help them, you are saying you are greater than them. You are not greater than them. You are only equal to them. When a girl is in a weakened state, do not reinforce it by positioning yourself as her savior. In so doing, you are creating a duality of higher and lower. Help her by not trying to help her. Be one with her by reflecting her true self. Speak words of affirmation and allow her the space to be how she is in the moment. This is love without judgment. This is freedom.

  • They don’t need you to give your reasons, your explanations or your solutions. They don’t need you to try to fix things for them. When you try to fix things, you are further reinforcing the duality that arose within them. What they need is to be brought back to a place of wholeness. You do this by not trying to fix anything, but simply allow them the space to be. Offer your acceptance of who they are and the situation they are in. Once you are not judging them, you liberate them from judging themselves in it.

  • There is nothing to fix. Everything is perfect. They need you to affirm that all is well and to remind them of universal truth and goodness, so that they can be in a positive state to handle the situation in an empowering manner. That is what we are here to do for everyone actually. We are here to reflect the light and the love of God. We are here to connect them back with source energy. We’re the light bearers and the way showers. Working with things from a place of perfection is the only true way to make them so.

  • You can offer solutions after you have given them affirmation and emotional validation first. That is how you hear them out first otherwise they would say you are not even listening. Let them talk about how they are feeling about the situation. They just need to express their emotion and let it out of their system. Then they would be truly free to move on. This is called releasing. When they have released, you can affirm and give emotional validation. That’s called renewal. Enable them to release and then renew.

  • What they need is empowerment. By being responsible for their problems, you are disempowering them to handle it for themselves. They want you to give them the strength they need to handle the situation for themselves. You’re not responsible for anyone’s life except your own.
  • Engage other lives with the principle of noninterference. You are simply here to offer unconditional love, and to offer love is to offer strength. Love empowers. By empowering them, you draw out their strength to handle situations.

  • They need you to remind them of their wholeness. When a girl is down, she is feeling lesser than who she really is. She feels fragmented and as though certain parts are missing. By trying to fix the pieces together or by trying to fit something else in place, you are reinforcing the fragmentation.
  • You simply need to let her know that all is still well with her and her world. Reflecting her wholeness is how you complete her and make her feel the truth that there is no loss. From there things start to be restored.

  • That is how you say the right things to them and tell them what they need to hear. What a girl needs from a man is enlightenment. Enlightenment is the same as love. It is the reuniting of consciousness with universal wellness and perfection. Let her know that she is perfect and her world is perfect no matter what.
  • Love is oneness, and to offer love is to make her one with divinity once again. The masculine is conscious awareness. It is the role of the conscious to impress the subconscious with divine truth.

  • They also simply need a hug. It would make them feel a lot better. Even an expression of a hug instead of an actual physical hug will do. They just want the feeling that they are loved. A hug or an expression of a hug is the most direct and immediate way to transfer positive energy to them.
  • It gives them life energy to carry on and face the day with hope and peace in their heart. When they are down, a hug would lift their moods and bloom their spiritual strength. Feminine draws strength from non-judged love.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Girl/Woman Power! 🔥

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