Conflicting thoughts weaken amd destroy health!

  • Health is a state of harmony. Health is a state of being. Health is not a thing unto itself which you can have. What we call having health is actually the outward manifesting of our state of being. Your state of being is governed by your state of consciousness.
  • What you think is what you are being. Disharmony is the opposite of health. When you experience loss of health, it is due to your consciousness being in disharmony. Your external physical condition is a reflection of what’s happened in your inner world.

  • Disease is a lack of ease psychologically and physically. Disease is not a thing unto itself which you can have. What we call having disease is actually the outward signs of your inner world. When you have disease, it means you have not been at ease. You have to be at ease both psychologically and physically in order not to have disease. The more you order your life to be at ease, the healthier your state of being will be.
  • Cut disease at its root by resolving lack of ease quickly, and you’ll be well all the time.

  • Stress is the force that creates lack of ease or disease. When you are experiencing stress, you are in a state of mental distress. Conflicting thoughts and feelings in your consciousness is what causes this state of distress. Resolve the stress by resolving the conflict. It is not actually the conflicting thoughts but the feelings themselves that create stress. You may have conflicting thoughts but it is how you feel about them that has the effect over your well being. It is your feeling that defines your state of being.

  • There is an information and energy component to your mental activities. All activity is mental. The information component is your thought, and the energy component is your feeling. You can have two conflicting thoughts but if the amount of energy you put into each thought is weak, then the conflict is weak. But if the energy you put into each thought is strong, then the conflict is strong. Holding strong conflicting thoughts and emotions for prolonged periods results in sickness manifesting upon your being.

  • When you notice yourself becoming sick, watch for conflicting thoughts that have arisen within your consciousness and resolve them. In fact, it is better to notice thoughts that are in conflict when they arise and deal with them sooner before you start becoming sick. The foolish remedy problems at their effects but the wise cure problems at their causes. All health is mental health. The mentally intelligent can be mentally well but the mentally stupid becomes mentally unwell. Resolve your thoughts in conflict.
    Either push them all one way or the other, or find a way to hold them in a harmonious way.

  • Having your thoughts pushed one way or the other is better than having them stand in conflict. Sickness and disease is a sign for you to resolve mental conflict. Having your thoughts aligned in one direction is congruence. Having congruence is to be powerful but having incongruence is to be powerless. All power is within and none is without. You make yourself powerful or powerless by how you align your thoughts.

  • A way to hold conflicting thoughts in a harmonious way is through the use of peace maker thoughts. These are meta-thoughts or thoughts that govern how thoughts affect the rest of the mind. Peace maker thoughts set the frame by which conflicting thoughts are perceived, so that you can feel peace instead of distress. It is the underlying harmony behind the chaos taking place. You hold conflicting thoughts in a harmonious way by seeing each of them as different levels of truth so they can exist in harmony.

  • It isn’t just positive or negative feelings, but conflicting or non-conflicting feelings that influence your state of well being. A person can experience strong negative feelings but not get sick if they are not in conflict within themselves. Negative feelings are a driving force that supplies you with energy for a cause. When you are congruent, these negative feelings can feel empowering. Resisting negative feelings creates resistance which results in stress and lack of ease. Always be empowered one way of the other.

  • The immune system is the first and last line of defense for the body’s well being. Conflicting thoughts is what causes the body to break down as the immune system is weakened through internal cellular conflict. Resolving conflicting thoughts and feelings takes the stress of the immune system and allows it to work on recovering the well being of the body faster. Holding on to conflicting thoughts and feelings makes a person sicker until they just have to rest their feelings, or keep on being in conflict and die.
    Self esteem is the energy of well being. Actions and words that result in the damaging of self esteem is destructive against well being. Those who do that are expressing the opposite of true love. If they claim to love you by doing things that are damaging to your self esteem, their love is corrupted because it is without wisdom. Do not have your thoughts and feelings be in conflict because of such people. If you can’t accept their words or actions as benefiting your self esteem, don’t accept their act as loving.

  • Bring your consciousness to a state of rest. You can have strong activity and yet still be at rest. You can fight hard on the outside and gain strength as long as you are not fighting within yourself and losing strength. How can your mental kingdom stand when it is divided? The universe is in perfect harmony.
  • There is a supreme divine order at work above all the appearance of chaos and conflict that takes place. All conflict is self conflict. Be in harmony within yourself and you will have power to rule everything.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of a Healthy Life Style!

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