True Enlightenment – the Human Plane of Spirituality!

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  • Enlightenment is the ultimate goal of existence. Enlightenment is the state of being and living by which one can experience supreme freedom, absolute power and the highest happiness. But there are many paths to achieving the state of enlightenment. Not all paths are equally good. Each path may only get you to experience a certain level of enlightenment.
  • The level of enlightenment that a person achieves may not be true enlightenment because there are higher levels than that. Only the highest is true.

  • The eastern philosophical way of attaining enlightenment by denying the ego and getting rid of desires is a form of enlightenment. But it is not the true enlightenment. They believe that in order to experience the true Self, one has to shed the false self by realizing there is no ego. They believe that an enlightened being is without ego and desire. What they have is only half the truth combined with untruth.
  • Enlightenment is transcending the ego but that does not mean denying the ego. To transcend is to go beyond.

  • Enlightenment that comes from denying the ego and ridding oneself of desire is actually touching the mineral or vegetative plane of the spiritual dimension. They are not touching the human plane, which is a more true form of enlightenment. There are different planes of the spiritual dimension. An enlightened consciousness is one that transcends the physical plane.
  • It is also a spiritual consciousness. You can become spiritual by transcending physicality, but that doesn’t mean you are fully enlightened.

  • An unenlightened consciousness is one where there is attachment to form and appearances. It is the result of a being experiencing itself as separate from all that is. An enlightened being has no perception of being separated from all that is. The ego is perception of being individual and distinct, therefore the ego creates perception of being separated from all that is. Plants and minerals have no ego and therefore no sense of being separate from all that is. Having the consciousness of nature is enlightenment.

  • Plants and minerals are only one level of nature. The higher levels of nature include humanity. Full enlightenment comes from having complete perception of true reality at all levels. To deny our ego and desires is to deny our own humanity. This is not the way to attain divinity because true divinity contains humanity within itself. The way to divinity is enlightened humanity. One formulates the concept of enlightenment by they way one perceives Original Consciousness. That perception defines everything else.

  • Original Consciousness had desires and possessed human qualities. Desires and human qualities are not apart of Original Consciousness, but they are a part of it. It is because of desire and human qualities that Original Consciousness decided to express itself as the Divine Personality known as Yeshua the Creator and Redeemer.

  • God created humans in his image, possessing ego and desires. As above, so below. Humans exist at the plane of creation. God as Yeshua was not created but was emanated from Original Consciousness. God as Yeshua is the Divine Ego that manifest from Original Consciousness. The Divine Ego is the Creator God that does all the work in the plane of creation. Therefore the most direct way to know divinity is through the principle of correspondence. Creation is from Emanation that is from Origination.

  • Desires are of the divine. Therefore to deny our desires is actually to deny our divinity. One cannot be divine by having no desires. Enlightenment is not about denying your material desires, but it is about seeing their spiritual equivalent. The desire for money is actually a desire to experience and express abundance. The desire for sex is actually the desire to experience and express pure pleasure with another aspect of your Self. Experiencing your true desires through material means brings true fulfillment.

  • True enlightenment that touches the human plane of the spiritual dimension requires expansion of ego and fulfillment of desires. You do not deny your ego but you expand it. You see yourself as more than just the individuated self that you are. You realize that who you really are is the entire universe. Transcending your ego is not about letting go of who you are, but about embracing All That You Are.
  • Divine selflessness and selfishness are one because you care about the whole universe as your total Self. You experience the best freedom and joy not by being desireless, but by being fulfilled with your desires.

  • There are different levels of enlightenment and the lower levels are foolishness when compared to the even higher levels. There are foolish so called Buddha people that think their vegetative enlightenment is the highest, which they call as the formlessness, and emptiness nonsense. It is true in some sense, but they just don’t see how the whole thing fits together correctly as they only have partial Bodhi or awareness and they think they are right and others are wrong. True formlessness incorporates all form.

  • An enlightened consciousness is inclusive and not exclusive. Those who are enlightened become not enlightened when compared with those who are more enlightened. To experience full enlightenment, one must not deny the ego but to expand it. It is not the desire that we must rid ourselves from, but it is the attachment to desire.
  • The fully enlightened Buddha knows that humanity and divinity are one. The physical world is emptiness but a part of the spiritual fullness. All is to be experienced and enjoyed.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of True Enlightenment

Goddess of Spirituality!

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