Spiritual Warfare , winning the fight of faith!

  • All warfare is internal. It is the fight within the mind, the fight of your thoughts and feelings. All external conditions are a reflection of the inner world. Conflict has to exist on the inside in order for it to be experienced on the outside. Thus by taking care of the inner world, the outer world follows naturally. Always remember that you are not really fighting against external forces or other people, but you are fighting within yourself. Take control of the warfare within yourself and you’ll become a power in the outer world.

  • The fight is the fight to believe, it is the fight of faith. There is nothing too difficult to do. The only difficulty is in believing. If you can believe, all things are possible for those who can believe. Believing opens up the possibilities while doubt closes them. Believing is based on reason and it is also a choice. You have to counter reasons for why it is not going to work with reasons for why it can work. It may be tiring but if you give up, you lose the fight and fail. If you use your will to enforce the right beliefs, you’ll win.

  • Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. The inner world is the only true reality. Your thoughts and feelings about things give tangible form in the higher dimensions for them to manifest in the lower ones. What you picture and feel in your consciousness is as real and actual as what you see in external reality. Nothing else in the visible world may support your hope but if you keep the faith, you give it the only energy it needs to result in the miracle that you are longing for.

  • Faith is believing in the midst of contradictory scenarios and conflicting symptoms. That means that even if everything else in the external world is going in one direction, you can choose to go a completely opposite direction in your inner world. The greatest kind of change requires the greatest kind of faith. Having faith that is in alignment with things that are already manifested faces little resistance to be overcome. The real test of faith is in believing for things that are completely un-manifested and invisible.

  • It is the inner work that matters the most. All of life is for the purpose of spiritual development. Whatever talent, skill, intelligence, resources and opportunities you need, all can be gained by having the faith for it. The Source, God or infinite intelligence is unlimited in whatever that we can draw from it. We choose how much we take according to our beliefs. If we want to have a lot, we must think big. That is why expanding consciousness is the way to expanding our world. We can be, do and have what we think.

  • Overcome the struggle within. When you are struggling, you are barely making it. Some people keep themselves in the struggle because they think it is good for spiritual development. The fight is good to make us stronger, but it is not good to prolong it more than necessary. In all warfare, let victory be your sole objective. Do not engage in lengthy campaigns and needless drama. Otherwise the losses would outweigh the spoils gained. Seek to overcome the struggle quickly by getting yourself back in power.

  • Have the attitude of winning the fight. Do not treat challenges and problems like stuff that destroy your world and make you lesser than you could be. That is the mentality of a loser. They are causing their own defeat without even realizing it. If you fall in the day of adversity, your strength is weak. Realize that anything that seems to diminish your power is a chance for you to increase your ability to enforce your own power. See the inner fight as one you intend to win. See yourself as a winner in every situation.
    Become strong in faith, become invincible. The ultimate state of spiritual evolution is to be invincible no matter what comes against you. The stronger and more complete your faith is in every aspect of life, the more you will be on top of situations.
  • Supreme spiritual power is when you are above only and not beneath. To be the head and not the tail is a position that all beings created in God’s image are meant to assume. Infinite intelligence has given you all power to rule your reality and nothing shall hurt you.

  • The secret of power is consciousness of power. Power to whom power exerts. You must know your power and you must enforce it. Like everything else, you either use it or lose it. Each time you use your power, you strengthen it. Refuse to let situations cause you to think thoughts that are hopeless and devastated. Choose to change your beliefs towards something different if you have to.
  • Be detached when you act to rectify problems. Have the attitude that you don’t care if it doesn’t work, and just go ahead.

  • Think empowering thoughts, be in an empowered state, have an empowered physiology. Walk around like you are a prince or princess of your reality. You are in command and you give orders to how you want things to be. You do not bother about whether your authority is questioned because you just act with it anyway. Spiritual forces have to obey you because you assume sovereign authority and power in your reality.
  • We are meant to be co-rulers of the cosmos with our Creator, having dominion over all powers.

  • Shine your light in the darkness. Light stands out more when it is in the midst of darkness than when it is among light. All things that seem to render you powerless are chances for you to become more powerful than ever before.
  • Every problem is only a test and if you would enforce your own power, it will turn around and go your way. A problem only remains when you do not enforce your own power. When darkness arises around you, do what every star does. Shine and turn the darkest darkness to light.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess on Fire 🔥

Goddess of the fight within the mind, conflicts with yourself!

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