Rejection is really a good thing when it happens to you!

In the weeds

  • There are only two reasons by which something is rejected. It happens when something is not good enough for others, or it happens when something is too good for them. It is the law of attraction that governs whether something is accepted or rejected.
  • For something to be accepted by another, it has to be in vibrational harmony with it. Otherwise it will be rejected. That which rejects you is rejected by you. Conscious dissonance creates rejection. Therefore rejection is really a good thing when it happens.

  • It is conscious resonance that determines harmony or conflict.
  • When two people have similar consciousness, that’s when they harmonize with each other. When they have opposing consciousness, there will be conflict in their interaction. Rejection helps you to discover who does not vibrate at the same frequency as you, and therefore it lets you know whom not to waste your energy and resources with. By following the way of the universe, you’ll act wisely and give yourself only to those who’re truly worthy.

  • Value has to be perceived and appreciated in order to be embraced. You may possess great value and precious resources, but if others do not see it, then they cannot access it. When they reject you, they do not receive the gift that you have to offer to them. In order for people to be ready and suitable to experience the value that you are, they must have the capacity to perceive it. You should not cast pearls before swine as it is an unwise way to handle precious wisdom.
  • There must be a receiver for a giver.
    Birds of the same feather flock together. Chickens and eagles do not mix as they exist at very different levels. If you want to be one, you have to reject and be rejected by the other. It is those that are unwilling to be rejected that cause themselves to remain where they are. Losers vibrate at the same frequency and so do winners. The higher you go on your own path of self development, the more you will find yourself becoming not of the same frequency with others who are not with you and be rejected by them.

  • The law of averages state that the majority of anything will always be found balanced at an area between the highest point and the lowest point. Those that are hardest to find are either exceptionally very good or very bad. It is those at the middle that have the most company, because they have many others at their level to connect with. Therefore if you find it harder and harder to connect with those around you, it either means you are going further beneath them or above them. You’re becoming exceptional.

  • It is time to raise them closer to your level if appropriate, otherwise it’s time to detach from them and connect with a whole new group of people who are closer to your level. Become more and more detached from the people around you, except those who are worthy. Forsake everything else that is a waste of your time, or not the best use of your valuable time.
  • Don’t bother relating with all the lesser people. You have to reject the rest in order to accept only the best. Rejection is a blessing as it sets you apart.

  • Rejection shows you where spirit wants you to be. When God wants you to relate with someone, he will draw you to that person and he will draw that person to you. The same spirit that works in you to move you towards a certain direction, is the same spirit that works in that person to move him or her in the same direction. For something to happen at the time that it is meant to happen, there must be internal and external alignment. The workings of spirit is always easy, light and effortless. That is the way.

  • Therefore you do not have to try to gain anyone’s acceptance or try to win the approval of others. There simply is no need to when you understand the workings of the universe that brings the right people together at the right time and in the right way. All you have to do is to walk your own path and to be the way you are guided to be in every moment. You do not have to change to suit anyone. You simply be who the universe created you to be and you will attract the right people at the right time naturally.

  • When you try to change in order to gain the acceptance or approval of someone, you move out of alignment with spirit. Your true state of being is one that is perfect, complete and whole. Therefore to think, feel and act like you need acceptance and approval is to be out of vibrational harmony with your true self. The universe has purposed you to be a certain kind of person for a certain purpose, therefore when you remain true to yourself, the right pieces will come together and the wrong ones won’t.

  • Don’t be afraid of rejection from others and don’t be afraid to reject others. The more you walk the path you are meant to walk, the more you will find people becoming in resonance or out of resonance with you.
  • The trap that causes you to be unable to leave people you are supposed to leave is created by you not continuing on your path. You do not gain enough momentum from spirit to break away from your lower state of being and that is why you are still attached to them at that level. Truth sets you free.

  • Rejection is good. It is good to reject others and be rejected by others. Rejection is a means by which the universe shows you who you’re not meant to relate with because it is not for your highest good.
  • Therefore when you reject others or are rejected by others, you can be happy about it. Rejection shows you who’s not worthy for you. Even Jesus Christ was rejected by Man. The stone which the builders rejected became the head of the corner which was the most crucial piece of the temple building.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of NO FEAR 🙏💕❤️

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