Avoiding slumps after major accomplishment!

  • There are times when after we have achieved a huge amount of results, we somehow seem to experience a slump for a certain period of time. This seems to be a mystery but there are subconscious reasons explaining why it happens. Understanding the issue helps us to keep producing our best instead of succumbing to the mysterious ups and downs in our performance. Such instances occur in areas of our lives such as work and business. We achieve a huge amount of sales followed by periods of no sales.

  • Have you ever encountered mysterious incidences in life where you made a big amount of sales, or earning more money in one day than ever earned before, and then the following days, you seem to be making a lot less sales than even your usual standard? Or have you seen someone awarded top salesperson of the month, and then they seem to start performing terribly some time later? What is going on here? The usual logic of things is that things are supposed to get better but yet it seems to get worse.

  • There are secret reasons why we are actually causing our own slumps after major accomplishments. Success is meant to spur us on to greater achievements, but there are times when we are unknowingly being sabotaged by it. It is not that success is bad because success is always good. It is how we respond subconsciously to it that determines our future performances. The irony of life is that too much of a good thing can be bad for us. But is not necessarily so if we can transcend the negative aspect.

  • In everything that exists, there is always a positive perspective and negative perspective about it. When we learn to observe both positive and negative perspectives, we are able to choose the positive without being unconsciously affected by the negative. An enlightened consciousness sees the totality of a thing. Many people only see things partially, and that is why they are always being pulled back unknowingly while trying to move forwards. Only the enlightened are free to move forwards with their full power.

  • One secret reason that causes a sales slump is that after you make a big sale, or are given a sales award, you start thinking and saying that you’ll never be able to make that big a sale or become top salesperson again. Then when a day or two goes by with few sales, you have thoughts that you are not doing as well as you did last month. You wonder what is wrong with you. As you keep looking for the reasons why you are not producing, you may then be unconsciously programming the sales slump itself.

  • This is the negative pull of success. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is a law in the physical world and it is also a law in the mental world. We are always comparing and contrasting our experiences internally. The greater the achievement we made, the greater the pressure we may feel to achieve or surpass that amount. The greater our fear may be about not matching up to our new standards and the more inadequate we may feel. That’s how success can lead us to greater failure.

  • When we are aware of the negative aspect of success, we can consciously free ourselves from its pull and allow only the positive aspect to be our influence. When you think you’re not doing as well over and over, the goal of not doing well is inadvertently created in your subconscious. Realize that you do not need to do as well as before and free yourself from fear and pressure.
    Be detached from results whether positive or negative and you’ll be free to create anew with total self acceptance and confidence.

  • Another secret reason for a slow period following a bigger than usual accomplishment, is that you need time to rest and celebrate. If you continue business as usual, you will find yourself moving a little slower. You’ll have thoughts that you’re not working, and so how can you expect the same results again. This worrying trap you in a sales slump once again. Instead of worrying about lack of production, you need guilt free time to rest and celebrate. Then you can return to work refreshed and having full power.

  • Sometimes, the reason why production stops after a bigger than usual accomplishment, is that you simply forgot to program the next goal. When you set an intent, you create a magnetic field that works on attracting it to you. Once the intent has manifested, the magnetic field is dissolved. You need to set a new intent to create another magnetic field which continues the power of attraction. Whenever you want to experience best results continually, you must intentionally choose them again at every time.

  • Dissolving negative energy fields is another important step to prevent your success from slowing down. Certain things can happen that cause us to feel negative feelings about others or the world. You may have forgiven a customer or partner for backing out of a big deal, but still feel disappointed about the deal falling through. The purpose of forgiveness is to free yourself from the negative experience so that it doesn’t get repeated in your life. To forgive is to let go of judgments and feelings about the situation.

  • Allow yourself to feel the negative feelings about the person or situation, and do not judge yourself for thinking and feeling the way you do. You have every right to feel any feelings you have, and once you have given yourself permission to feel instead of avoiding it, the emotion will pass and the negative energy field will be diminished until it is dissolved.
  • You can also dissolve negative energy fields about world events such as stock market dropping or bad things happening. Keep letting go, keep moving on freely.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of accomplishment!

Goddess and Or God of Moving Forward!

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