Having No Limitations in Getting what you Desire!

  • When we look at the lives of extraordinary people, they seem to have overcome impossible odds to accomplish what they intended. They were either faced with situations that seemed to prevent their idea from being workable or they lacked certain things that were thought to be necessary for the achievement of their goal. But yet they still succeed in getting what they desire as though those things that were supposed to stop them, didn’t even existed at all. Such are the people that live lives without limitation.

  • A limitation is a limitation when you perceive it as one. In truth, there really are no limitations. Perception creates reality and whatever you perceive something to be, you create it to be. Hence when something appears to be a limitation but you do not perceive it as one, it will not become something that limits you. Having a mindset of no limitation is very powerful because it causes you to become unstoppable. When you perceive yourself to have no limitation, you will become totally irresistible to others.

  • The reason why people resist us is because they perceive that there is something we are lacking. They only want to accept or let in that which will complete them and not something that doesn’t fit because it is incomplete. Our perceptions create their perceptions. When we perceive limitation about ourselves, we will project it to others to perceive. We’re the creator of all the resistance that we experience. When we perceive no limitation about ourselves, we project it to others and they have nothing to resist.

  • People want to be free and they are drawn to others who can make them free. You can’t free others unless you yourself are free. Being in the presence of someone who perceive no limitation is so liberating, because makes you feel that you can be, do and have anything you desire. People who have no limitation have great influence over us because they are able to make us do anything they want. We feel under their control as they are able to have their way with us and make us drop all our inhibitions.
    There really is nothing stopping you from anything.
  • You are the only one stopping yourself. When you realize that, you stop giving others the power but you take it back for yourself. The external world is only a reflection of your internal world. When something on the outside seems to be an obstacle, it means that you are relating with it as though it is one. It is meant for you to grow in awareness so that you can move it or move yourself in such a way that you can move on to where you want to be eventually.

  • All limitations are illusions. In fact everything that appears in this world is an illusion. It is only something that takes form and has its effect based on what we observe it to be. When we change the way we observe things, we change their form and function. Everything is possible on a higher plane of reality because it is a place where we are unlimited beings. That is what we truly are, and we came into physicality to play with limitations so that we can experience the power of unlimited spirit in a limited world.
    The world is actually an unlimited one, but we have created all the limitation in it according to our perception.
  • If everyone freed their perception of all limitation, we would all free ourselves of the normal boundaries of physicality. We would do things that was thought to be only possible in dreams. The experience of limitation serves a divine purpose to reveal the unfolding fullness of omnipotence. Throughout history, mankind has been transcending limits after limits and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

  • If you want to experience total freedom of engaging the world and people, then do not buy into the limitations of others. Do not accept the limitations that they have about what they will do and how they relate with others. See yourself as the exception and that their limits do not apply do you. Do not play by their rules, but play with them according to your rules. Live in your reality and not in theirs. When you engage them as though their limits do not exist at all, you can do with them what others cannot do.

  • Sometimes something that appears to be a limitation is not really a limitation. You may choose not to be able to do something at the moment because you have something else to do. It is not that you are limiting yourself from experiencing it because of something else, but you are intentionally choosing to forgo it in order to follow what spirit is guiding you to do. In this case, a limitation is really a liberation because you free yourself to do what’s best now by limiting yourself from doing anything else.

  • Be unlimited. Have the mindset of stretching. At times when you think you are not going to be able to get something done for one reason or another, choose to stretch yourself and do what you thought you couldn’t do. You will prove to yourself that you really have no limits and that you can accomplish something when you intend to. It increases your idea of what you are able to do and in the process it causes you to grow beyond what you were.
  • You will have less fear as you know you really have power.
    If you see yourself as having no limits, then you will find ways to show that it is true. You will look for another door that is open when one is closed. You will never allow yourself to get stuck because you will keep moving on. You will use everything that is working for you and in the process create more things that will work for you. You have no internal resistance and therefore no outer resistance.
  • The more you see nothing as a limitation, the faster you’ll move towards the attainment of all your desires.
    ❤️ Laura Zukerman
  • Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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