Completion brings Peace and Greater Happiness

For Givenchy

  • Do you find yourself having many things that need to be dealt with? Do you feel that you cannot rest until everything is settled? Do you wonder how did you end up in such a mess of clutter? The reason is because you have left too many things uncompleted. Life is meant to be lived one experience at a time. When you leave one experience before it is properly completed and move on to the next, you would find that its shadow has now overlapped into your new experience. Run away from it and it runs to you.

  • The truth is you can never run away from anything at all because it is all inside you. The external reality is a projection from your inner consciousness.
  • Where you go, you carry the essence of the situation with you. If you go to another place, you project that situation again in the new place. The way to end something is to do whatever that needs to be done about it. Every experience is for a purpose of spiritual growth.
  • It contains a gift which is the lesson. Once you have the lesson, the experience can leave.

  • You were the one who created the experience for yourself, because you were the one who decided that it was time for you to learn the lesson. It is the choices made by your higher self, which is one with God. Understand that everything is happening for your greater good and not evil. You’ll never be left worse off than before. You’ll always be brought to a better place than you were before. Progress is made when you choose to engage the experience fully and obtain the lesson as well as the spiritual growth.

  • The past is not meant to be left behind. It is meant to be embraced. In truth, there is no past or future because time is an illusion. Only the present exists. The perceived past and the perceived future both exist in the present within your consciousness. If you experience a situation which wasn’t dealt with completely and is now in the past, it is not really in the past. It is within you, and it recreates itself over and over in the present. This is the secret explanation for recurring problems that never seem to leave.

  • There is nothing in time and there is nothing in space. Everything is within you. You can run to another place, but you bring the situation with you and re-experience it in that place. You can run to another time, but you still bring the situation with you and re-experience it in that time. Letting go of something doesn’t mean you leave it alone. This kind of letting go is actually a form of resistance. It is because you are resisting facing it. True letting go is when you let go of fear or doubt and face the situation fully.
    The great secret of power is concentration.
  • Focus on one transaction at a time, one experience at a time and one intention at a time. Give yourself wholly into it and you will find it returns its gift wholly to you. But you can only focus freely on the experience when you have cleared all other experiences in the past. Otherwise they’ll eat into your present experience which makes it harder to complete. The previous experience may contain a gift which is necessary for the completion of your present experience.

  • That is why you cannot jump steps. Everything must be in order. The universe is order incarnate. It was created by logos or logic, which is order. Nothing exists without this higher order by which it emanates from. The more you complete whatever needs to be completed, you can move on to the next thing. That is why those who complete as much of their experiences as possible are the ones who progress quicker and smoother than everyone else in life. The short cut in life is not to bypass any experience.

  • You cannot fully enjoy success and riches if you had not learned the spiritual lessons of nonattachment and knowledge of the true self. You cannot fully enjoy marriage if you had not learned the spiritual lessons of unconditional love and non-resisted appreciation. One experience comes before the next, and one lesson comes before the next. Many people enter into the next experience without being ready for it. Then they have to deal with two experiences at once. You can live better by completing steps.

  • Let patience have her perfect work so that you may be perfect and entire, lacking nothing. Slow and steady wins the race. It might seem like the hare is faster than the tortoise. But which is ultimately faster? It is the one who wins the race. The way of the universe is filled with paradoxes. Slower is faster. Less is more. Lower is higher. Are others marrying faster than you? Are others succeeding faster than you? Don’t worry because when you complete your lessons, what you have would be much better.

  • That is why it is important to focus on the process instead of the outcome. In this way, you are not skipping steps. You’re working your way through progressing naturally until you reach your goal. Your achievement would be a lot surer because you possess the necessary awareness to sustain and enhance it. If you have gotten something prematurely, you wouldn’t have learned everything you needed to know about it. You’d have to retrace your steps and learn things you do not fully know yet, all over again.

  • The more mess you accumulate, the more mass you accumulate. When you have very little mass, you can accelerate to full speed with very little resistance. Drop your mass by clearing your mess. You will become pure energy, being able to move at the speed of light. Seek to achieve closure in life. Don’t leave things hanging. Tie up the loose ends. You will find much peace when you do so because your mind is clear from many things. With closure comes peace and with peace comes greater happiness!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of patience and perseverance brings perfection to it’s core!

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