Shift Your Perception to Increase your choice in Power!

Consciousness seems to you to be a very ‘tricky business’ – elusive; an element to be pondered, but never quite to be understood. But it is not quite so difficult to be understanding of consciousness and its action if you are only viewing, if you are shifting your focus. Shifting perception is much easier than you create it to be! Shifting perception does not necessarily mean that you turn completely around and be facing in another direction! The shift can be slight. Think only of using your peripheral vision.

Take the example of an archer and his target. If the archer is focusing upon the target, the arrow will fly straight. If the archer is expressing to himself a noticing ‘off’ the direction and the target, the arrow will ‘most probably’ not engage the target efficiently. If he is viewing the wind velocity, the temperature, the angle of his bow, his footing, his balance, he is not concentrating upon the mark. Therefore, the arrow is not directed. He may stand in one position, and due to perception, the arrow may fly differently.

If you are viewing straight forward continuously and never noticing elements that are ‘slightly off’ of your immediate perception, you deny yourself many choices and many knowings of reality. It is only dependent upon your perception and shifting of your perception, noticing that you have been indoctrinated in one area of thinking. When you are noticing that your thinking continually ‘pulls back’ to one focus, you may lean to the side and notice another perception. This is how to see from multiple perspectives.

All things are not always what they appear to be, but you possess the ability to be viewing reality in many different directions; this being also your ‘method,’ so to speak, if you must incorporate a method, for changing your reality. The action of shifting your perception within consciousness may offer you information without physical movement at all, for your understanding of situations may change. Your vision of probabilities may widen simply by shifting your perception. Seeing more enlarges choice and power.

Therefore, consciousness is not an elusive, mystical concept that you may not grasp, but it is a magical element that you possess. Consciousness affects all things in life. By shifting your consciousness this way and that way, you create changes here and there which may be almost instantaneous. Shifting perception gives you greater awareness, and gaining awareness allows you more range to shift perception. That is why the more you learn about reality, the more you are able to see and wield power.
Do not be fooled by your rationale, within your scientifically logical minds, which suggests to you that within your physically-focused psyche, you either possess complete control of all that you encounter, or you possess no control of all that you encounter. Neither of these concepts is, in actuality, complete or correct. They are perceptions which you accept into your reality. Your perceptions always follow your beliefs. The more control you can gain and use, the more power you have in getting what you want.

If you want to succeed, then you have to think intensely about success, and it will be yours. So you have to be careful with your wish. It will happen if you concentrate on it hard enough. When you desire business success you must concentrate all your thought force upon the matter that must succeed, and you must then name it aloud; in your thought, see it a success, and the expectation that success to manifest. You’re using the cosmic command which is a strong demand for what you want to manifest.

You may think it foolish to try to develop concentration by taking muscular exercises, but you must not forget that the mind is associated with muscle and nerve. When you steady your nerves and muscles, you steady your mind, but let your nerves get out of order and your mind will become erratic and you will not possess the power of direction, which, in other words, is concentration. Therefore you understand how important exercises that steady the nerves and muscles are in developing concentration.

Concentrate on perceiving something the way you want it to be. When you are concentrating strongly, your energy is strong. There is actual energy that goes out to manifest what you want in the physical/etheric realm. Magick is the art of manipulating these energies at this condensed level of the subconscious mind to accomplish what you will. Concentration is needed to create thought forms and substance. Singlemindedness is all-powerful because it is the uttermost concentration for manifesting.

The only way to receive what you want is through your openness. And, the only way to create what you want is through your focus. Now, you need both. Being open is being clear of resistance so that energy can flow freely to manifest what you want into your life. Focusing is actual deliberate concentration of your thought forces into the goal which you desire to see manifest. In focusing, there is positive mental effort being put into your goal while in being open, there is negative mental effort being removed.

Being clear means having internal blocks removed from manifesting what you want, and having a clear aim towards what you want. Clarity requires openness and focus. Clarity is clarity of perception. When you have no things blocking your vision and your vision is sharp, you can hit and get what you want with the highest probability. To sin is to miss the mark, and whatever is not of faith is sin. Steady your mind, your nerves and muscles to center yourself and concentrate on the thing that must succeed.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Manifestation, by being open you are clearing yourself from resistance!

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