Intuition – Nonlinear thinking to know reality

  • Real intuition does what the intellect alone cannot. It senses truths that do not follow directly from the old assumptions, old logic, or old programming. Truths accessed by intuition are therefore transcendental. Intuition can point you to flaws in prior assumptions, help you notice new observations that were otherwise missed, and present new possibilities to contemplate. Real intuition comes from beyond. Whatever determines your current realm, your current body of assumptions, intuition extends far beyond it.

  • If you are a product of the past, intuition is a feedback flow from the future. If you are the lower self, intuition comes from the higher self. If you are operating from the five senses, intuition comes through the sixth. Intuition is your internal compass magnetized to absolute truth, that if followed takes you through ever greater levels of knowing and thus through ever more advanced realms of existence. It is the voice of your spirit, and it only speaks as clearly as you have ears to hear and the mind to understand.
    Logic alone is incapable of determining the absolute value of anything because it deals in binaries and the relation between them: premise versus conclusion, subject versus object, congruent versus divergent, rational versus irrational, or cause versus effect. But what decides the premise? What determines the first cause? Who decides what is rational? What determines objective truth? Not the intellect; it only acknowledges and obeys them after they have already come into existence. It has its limitation.

  • Intellect takes what it is given and follows through with it. In the absence of intuition, it takes orders from group consensus or physical signals, hence the “nature versus nurture” debate, which is another binary fallacy that fails to include the transcendental possibility of spiritual factors. Logic without intuition puts intellect in the business of reinforcing biases rather than uprooting them. On the other hand, intuition without logic leads to vague impressions that never become accurate or workable understanding.

  • The intellect is also necessary to avoid confusing intuition with emotionalism; the latter being subjective, its messages will have holes, self-contradictions, unreasonable motives, and unpleasant consequences. As mentioned, those who discard the intellect have no means to distinguish between the two. They get caught up in a self-made world of illusion that is wholly at odds with the objective reality they reside within. Intellect is needed to discern intuitive understanding into workable and intelligent formats.

  • What can intuition do more? What exactly goes on when you intuitively sense whether an idea is true or false? In intuitive thinking, the truth value of an idea is felt directly rather than determined through its relation to other ideas. By turning within and consciously focusing on a thought, awareness of your surroundings momentarily fades away and the separation between you (subject) and the thought (object) disappears as well so that both overlap and converge into a single entity: “yourself-as-the-thought.”

  • By stepping into a thought you can feel whether there is resonance or dissonance between yourself and the thought in question, thereby comparing the thought to not just another idea originating from outside yourself, but to an absolute truth anchored at the very core of your being. Its truth value can therefore be estimated by how much it resonates with your being.
  • Deep resonance indicates the presence of truth. And in using your intellect you thoroughly investigate ideas that resonate to reach full knowing.
    Good intuition and good thinking leads to good truth analysis. If an idea feels off, then find out exactly why it feels off. If an idea feels right, then find out exactly why. You are not finished until you clearly understand the intuitive impression, have logically dissected it, and can convey it accurately in words. You turn within, pose the question, feel out the possibilities, investigate the results, correct misunderstandings, apply them, test them, revise them, feel and figure out the answer, realize and then transcend.

  • Intuition throws a rope from the other side, so that intellect can deduce what came before from contemplating what possibly comes after. It is a backwards process, but it works. After having made use of the rope, intellect builds a solid bridge across the gap so that what was formerly a discontinuity is now a continuous path that can be logically followed forwards or backwards. Higher levels of objectivity are supersets of lower levels. To derive a superset from the subset is impossible while the reverse can.

  • Intuitive thinking therefore leads to logically self-consistent results even if the intervening process momentarily abandons logic for intuition when encountering an impasse. If your intuition is correct, then in following and testing it you will encounter new observations, new experiences, and revised assumptions that prove it. But this type of transcendental confirmation must come after-the-fact. Since intuition comes from beyond, the proof of its validity is accessed by going beyond. It’s proving after perceiving.
    And that is the true scientific method, where a hypothesis is proposed first and then tested.

  • Too many scientists and skeptics irrationally reject “far out” hypotheses before investigating them solely because they are not yet supported by prevailing assumptions. Intuitive thinking is more scientific than modern science because it does not allow the scientific method to be restrained by limitations irrationally imposed by old assumptions. It is the method of the Gnostic Intellectual rather than the agnostic rationalist.

  • All non-rational emotional communication between past and future selves is an act of time travel. It is a handshake between the past and the future. When you receive a strong or clear feeling about something but you don’t yet understand it in the present moment, you may find yourself understanding it in the future where you have reason to communicate it to the past. Therefore when you receive a clear or strong feeling about something in the present moment that you don’t quite understand, be willing to trust and act on it knowing that it is an act of time travel communication from your future self. When you arrive at the future, you will fully understand it.
  • This is how intuition works. It is a non-linear communication in quantum time. You can also start to receive guidance from your future self when you focus on envisioning and living a probable future and allowing it to rearrange your timeline in alignment with it. You can also do time travel communication with your past to shift your current timeline.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of intuition , having non linear time!

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