Full alignment , having faith in Universal Laws

  • Have faith in universal laws. It might seem as though a law does not require us to have faith in it, but only to have knowledge about it. But the faith we put into the law is not for the law, but it is for ourselves. Having faith in something puts us in a state of confidence. That state does not come about by pure knowledge, but it comes about by having faith. The difference between having knowledge and having faith is in the state of being. One puts us in a neutral state while the other puts us in a directed position.

  • Everything works by faith or belief. Reason is itself a matter of faith. It is an act of faith to assert that our thoughts have any relation to reality at all. You cannot see the direct connection between your thoughts and reality, but you can the correspondence between the two. The perceived connection and the reason for it that is accepted is still a kind of faith. How do you know that what you see is not itself an illusion or a simulation? Therefore truth can never be seen directly because it is invisible and hidden.

  • When you have faith in the law of attraction, it is applying the law with the law. The act of application here is a conscious and deliberate one. Until you choose to have faith in the law, it is not a law unto you as far as your consciousness is concerned. Being conscious of the law is being a conscious creator. The secret of the law of attraction is consciousness of the law. When you have faith in the law, that’s how you clear conflicting intentions created by your thoughts of the law working as well as not working.

  • This is double faith. It is to be fully aligned in your entire spiritual world. There is nothing else but a single coherent worldview in your mind. This is harmony. That is when you are being the light. All other states of matter have their particles moving in all three directions. But light has all its particles moving together in a single direction. When you become the light, you will manifest spiritual results. Double faith is when you have faith in something, then experience the contrasts and to still choose the same faith.

  • It is not about having faith in faith. Having faith in faith is no different than having faith in a molded calf. It is about having faith in the lord or the law. Faith is the means. The law is God. God is law. Universal laws are not created by God. They are the very mechanics of God. To have faith in universal law is to have faith in what God is. You know what God is when you know universal law, and therefore you know your Self. You know what you are capable of because you know your God Self and divine super reality.

  • The lower laws of physicality operate for us because of our faith in them. The physical world is consensus reality governed by collective consciousness. When collective consciousness belief about the physical world changes, then physicality itself would change. If the majority of collective consciousness believed that the human mind can reverse the effect of gravity or death, then that is what will be experienced on a mass scale. There is only one principle that governs all reality, and it is the collective mind.

  • Even the higher laws of spirit also operate for us by our faith in them. Those who doubt the law of attraction will manifest evidence of its failure in their lives. Faith can be conscious or unconscious. The overall strength of our conscious and unconscious faith determines our experience. Physical laws can only be overridden at times when our spiritual power or subconscious faith is in a very strong state. That is why miracles or seemingly impossible events happen when we let go our ego-hold on our reality.

  • We can never see the law directly. Our knowledge of the law is based on awareness and never by direct observation. We can only see the effects of the law. That is why our consciousness of the law is still a kind of faith and not direct knowingness. We can see a manifested object and know that it is there. But we can never see a law and know that it is there. The law is always invisible and hence our consciousness of it is always a faith. Therefore all mental actions in any level of existence are acts of faith.

  • We might think that once we have experienced something, we can know it is true. But even the experience is a memory or a perceived past and we cannot know for sure if it could be only an illusion. Even when we could see the future, we are only seeing a perceived probable future that also may not happen. Therefore we can never truly see or know anything for real because what is seen or known is only in perception. We can only have faith. The real is changeless, invisible, transcendental and unknowable.

  • The real is revealed to us by revelation and inspiration. The Source emanates all knowledge of itself and withholds nothing. That is why we can have many worldviews but we must choose the one that is most coherent and logically complete to ourselves. The ultimate truth exists and is a perfect and total integration of all personal truths in the universe. We must find our way to total truth by learning from all sources without limits. By letting go the ego, we’re not stuck in one polarity of truth or in its opposite.

  • In the end there is only one law, and that is the law of attraction. All other laws are the workings of the law of attraction. The different laws relate to the different aspects of the mind and self.
  • They are the subtleties for the working between subconscious and conscious, higher and lower self. But all are one and everything that is worked with is worked within the one. Understanding the different aspects of the law and getting it to work for you is for the purpose of bringing yourself to full alignment towards creating.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Source emanates knowledge!

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