The Hidden Communication begins with form and essence!

Below is a segment of a conversation between Curt Baggett and Bart Baggett, co-founders of
Handwriting University on their seminar on love, sex and relationships.
Curt Baggett: Bart comes to me years ago and he says, “I don’t understand,” (his brother’s name is Brett), “Brett has physical aggressiveness in his handwriting, but he’s the most non- violent person I know – what does that mean?”
I said, “Have you ever talked to him? He gets right up in your face, he invades your space. His physical aggressiveness manifests itself in getting in your face and your space.”

You see, he’s not physically aggressive, he’s not going to hit you, but he’ll take your space and dominate the conversation.
Bart Baggett: The older President Bush of ten years ago had aggressive strokes in his writing. One would think the younger one might have it too. But, you wouldn’t think by talking to the older George Bush, or seeing him, that he’s an aggressive man. He’s very sweet and kind. But, you know what? He didn’t hesitate to invade, you know, it means assertive people.

When I read that, I thought to myself, that’s so true indeed. Such things are present all over reality but we are usually not aware of what’s going on. This is what hidden communication is about. Things that are existent but we’re not conscious about their underlying meanings.
Sometimes, certain characteristics of a person are not displayed in an obvious manner (obvious as in the way we think it is usually displayed), but they are portrayed in a covert manner.

The characteristic or personality trait of that person is still there but is being communicated in certain behaviors, that we do not naturally associate it with.
So how do we learn how to look for characteristics and personality traits whether positive or negative without perceptual filters in reality? Simply by looking to essence instead of form. We have been pre-taught that the characteristics and personality traits of a human being are found in the corresponding behaviors and expressions that they are named after. And so we have simple-mindedly assimilate it as – behavior equals being.

But behavior does not equal being. Something can exist in many forms but is actually of the same essence. Form does not equal essence. Form is a reflection of essence. Form can keep changing but essence always remains the same.
What we have done is looking to the form of something to call it what it is instead of looking to the essence to understand what it really is. By doing so, we’ve limited our ability to define such things because we’re stuck to a limited set of given associations.
In essence, all characteristics and personality traits are simply names given to describe the nature of Energy present in a person. As you know, we are all beings of Energy and so everything that we possess is essentially Energy.

Compassion, aggression, depression, exhilaration, desperation, frustration and satisfaction. They are all different kinds of Energy that is present in our being. Actually the names give structure in helping us to define things but sometimes they can also hinder us by giving inaccurate meanings.

That is why learning the distinction between things is so important. We know the distinction of one thing from another by knowing the difference between the difference.

For example, anger could actually be intensity of feeling, will and desire plus the concentration of mental and physical force being directed towards a certain goal that is strongly intended to be accomplished. It’s the feeling you get when you lost a competition and that overpowering feeling and burning desire within you to focus all your energy and efforts in achieving immense improvement so as to win at the very next chance. It is that fire you experience in your being and actions that actually feels good at the same time.

Now in this context, the so-called feeling of anger isn’t really anger in the usual negatively connotated sense of the word, but yet it can still be called anger and it is ok to do so, except this time it is thought of in a positive light and the meaning associated with it is different this time. So you can clearly see that it all depends on context to know the definition of a thing. I use the word definition instead of the word interpretation. Because interpretation seems to mean “it could be this or it could be that, it all depends…whistles away”, while definition means “over here it means this, over there it means that, and that’s it!”.

I’m for clarity, not confusion.
Mind Reality is about knowing things exactly as they are with absolute certainty without doubt nor confusion. Because that’s the order of things in the Universe. That’s the nature of the Mind of God. Everything is defined when you know essence.

So we know the difference between the difference by knowing the relation between form and essence. Form comes from essence. Essence is inner, form is outer.

One thing may be similar to another but is actually different. It is similar because it is similar in various factors, it is different because it is different in certain factors. But whether the awareness and judgment of those factors come from a mind full of insight or a mind without it, is the difference between the difference.
Having insight is the key to seeing hidden communication.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of Form and Essence, knowing the difference!

Goddess , remember anger can be insisted upon fear, will and desire!

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