How our energy influences on another in this lifetime!

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  • Did you know that we curse or bless people all of the time without realizing it? It’s true.

  • Whenever we think of someone we establish subconscious mind connections with them through which energy and information passes. When we focus our mind on others, they are being “blessed” with extra energy. If we are lower in energy than they, energy will flow from them to us instead. Here, they are being cursed and we are being blessed. If you circle the energy out, then it will eliminate the loss of chi both ways.

  • Ordinarily, the energy exchanged is briefly given or taken, however, if we think about a person frequently, or worse, if we mentally fixate on a person, then this could mean that there may be a flow of energy in one direction or another almost constantly. Are we losing energy to another person or are we taking too much of their energy? You can think of others from time to time but too much of a fixation would cause an imbalance. Either you feel like you are on the losing end or they feel you are draining them.

  • It is ok to lose energy to those we love but what if we are losing to someone we hate? This is what happens when the focus of our lives revolves around hatred. We are leaving ourselves open to possible harm and are, in essence, cursing ourselves. Therefore, we should let go of feelings of hatred toward others, even our worst enemies, and free ourselves from the possibility that our very own hatreds could not only turn around and cause us immeasurable damage but actually benefit the people we hate.

  • There seems to be a constant scenario with those that use their chi in a way to hate others. In all cases those with the hate tend to have the energy circle back to them and affect them in a very negative way. The saying “What goes around, comes around”, is a perfect analogy in this case. It is best not to focus too much on the things we dislike and just let go as much as possible. Take our minds away from things which drain us and focus on things that give us energy instead. Do not disempower yourself.
    If there is a deficiency of chi in a person, animal, plant, place, or thing, with which we have an open-gated subconscious mind psychic conduit established, that is not good for then they can, and often do, silently draw energy from us. This can leave us feeling drained and tired as our day progresses. Therefore the aim is to eliminate as much as those energy draining objects or living things in our surroundings and lives as much as possible. The more energy you free up for yourself, the more you can live.
    There is more to energetic vampirism than just being drained when we are in the physical presence of an energetic predator. If we happen to occupy the thoughts of someone during the course of the day, a natural subconscious mind psychic conduit is temporarily established between us.
  • If this person happens to be low in chi, we will lose energy also. It is a telepathic energy vampirism in which we are subtly being relieved of our energy from a distance. We must recharge our psychic shield of defense.

  • The inability to move after waking up from a nap is also a sign of energetic vampirism. It feels as if we are being held down or temporarily paralyzed. The reason that this phenomena occurs is that while we sleep, there was such a drain of chi from us that our muscles temporarily lack the necessary energy to respond. However, once our subconscious mind recognizes the problem and directs a fresh supply of chi to the muscles, we are released from that paralysis and everything soon gets back to normal.

  • In business, energetic vampirism is a factor that should be carefully considered. When we are low in chi, our client’s subconscious mind is aware of it. This awareness propels their subconscious mind into a defense mode in order to prevent us from draining energy from them. When this happens, the client’s subconscious mind closes its psychic gate and whatever rapport we want to establish, or has been established with them, will be lost. Therefore in all probability, we may very well lose the sale or deal.

  • Sometimes much of the feelings that you feel may not really be your feelings. The energy field of others could be affecting you more than you realize. It depends on who you have been in close contact with physically and energetically.
    If we want to succeed in business transactions, then we should raise our energy levels to the point where we have such a large quantity of chi available to us that we actually become energy donors. The person that we are trying to do business with will be receiving really nice euphoric and blissful chi from us throughout the course of our meeting and his or her subconscious mind will happily keep the gate open at their end of the subconscious mind psychic conduit. Energy really helps doing business.

  • This experience of added positive energy will cause their higher mind to transmit to their conscious mind the sense that something extremely good is taking place, something very beneficial. This will create a special bond, a workable rapport, with the client and that means success. Success like everything is energy. Failure is the opposite of success which is the negation of energy, just like darkness is the negation of light. Give and you will receive. Those who gain a lot are those that give out a lot.

  • Many business people’s problems are not in the product or in how they dress, but merely a question of energy exchanges and conscious mind impressions based on subconscious mind defense mechanisms. When you “donate” chi to someone that makes them feel really good, you get the obvious good feedback and are successful in what you do. When you emit stagnant or stale chi, the person feels that too, and want to get as far away and as fast as they can from you. Be an energy donor to attract.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddesses of subconscious and conscious defense mechanisms!

Goddess of success creates immense energy for themselves!

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