Handwriting is a persons actuality of Brain-writing!

You can tell a person’s personality and character traits faster and more accurately by his handwriting than almost anything else. Certain strokes correspond to different characteristics. A person’s handwriting is more or less consistent with the way he/she is as a person.
The science of handwriting analysis is called Graphology.

Every thought, emotion and behavior of a person is a function of his/her mental programming. Your mental programming consists of the neurological patterns that run your brain. The principle that graphology is based upon is – Every neurological pattern has its corresponding neuro-muscular pattern.

Just like for every emotion, there is its related physiological signs. Heartbeat, breathing rate, muscle tension, energy level, posture, movement, body temperature, facial expression, voice tone, skin color… etc…

So to put it simply, you are what you write.
It doesn’t matter if a person writes with his left hand or write hand or even with their toes for those without hands. Handwriting is Brainwriting.

Change the way you write and you will change the way you are.
When you deliberately start to change a certain stroke of your handwriting, you change the corresponding behavioral trait as well. Because every time you then do it, especially when you do it with awareness, it’s a conscious and unconscious affirmation, or self hypnosis.

Consciously, you’re saying, “I’m changing my handwriting; it’s going to affect my self esteem. I’m changing my handwriting, I’m not going to be as stubborn.” Which is kind of like the placebo effect in a very positive way.

Research that says there are certain neural pathways that actually run through your finger, go to your brain, and if you can change the neural pathway, the thought changes unconsciously.

Literally, if you take a CT scan, and they’ve done this with monkeys at the University of California, Davis, the monkeys actually, by different finger movements, they have different neural pathways being fired. So by changing the handwriting, you’ve fired different pathways, therefore the habit becomes changed.

Why does your handwriting change from moment to moment when your mood changes? That is because certain strokes correspond to emotions. Your handwriting does look different depending on the state of mind you’re in and the purpose of your writing. The strokes that correspond to personality and character traits would remain consistently the same.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddesses handwriting changes depending on what moods they are in from one moment to the next!

Goddess, change the way you write and it will change your whole persona!

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