Eternal Youthfulness is in Your Consciousness!

  • Youth is not a matter of time. It is a mental state. You can be just as fast, just as agile and just as active as you were ten or twenty years ago. Youthfulness is a perfect state of health. You can have that health, and the boundless energy and capacity for work or enjoyment that go with it. You can cheat time of ten, twenty or fifty years, not by taking thought of what you shall eat or what you shall drink, not by diet or exercise, but purely through having right understanding of your physical being and conditions.
    You may wish that you could live your life all over again so that you could do the things you didn’t when you were young. But the fact is that you can have it.
  • You can start right now and live again as many years as you have already experienced. Health, physical freedom and full energy do not have to end for you at 35 or 40, nor at 60 or 70. Age is not a matter of years. It is a state of mind. No matter how many years you have lived, think of yourself as an immortal being. You look eternally at your desired age.
    Man has been searching the unknown regions of the world for the Fountain of Youth, when all the time the secret of that fountain was right within himself. For the fact is that no matter how many years have passed since you were born, you are only eleven months old today! Your body is constantly renewing itself. The one thing about it you can be surest of is change.
  • Since your body is in a constant state of change, you can direct that change with your consciousness towards ageing or towards renewal.
    Every one of the millions of cells of which your body is composed is constantly being renewed. Even your bones are daily renewing themselves in this way. These cells are building all the time. Every day they tear down old tissue and rebuild it with new. There is not a cell in your body, not a muscle or tissue, not a bone that is more than eleven months old! Why then should you feel age? Why should you be any less nimble, any less cheerful, than these youngsters around you that you have been envying?
    The answer is that you need not, if you will but realize your youthfulness. Even at the age of 105 a person can be growing his third set of teeth! Why is it that the animals live eight to ten times their maturity, when man lives only about twice his?
  • Because man hastens decrepitude and decay by holding the thought of old age always before him. Every organ, every muscle, tissue and cell of your body is subject to your subconscious mind. They rebuild exactly the way your subconscious mind directs them to.
    What is the model you are holding before your mind’s eye? Is it one of age, of decrepitude? That is the model that most people use, because they know no better. That is the result that you see imaged upon their bodies. But you do not have to follow the models of ageing that others use. You can hold before your mind’s eye only the vision of youth, of manly or womanly vibrancy, of energy and strength and beauty and that is the model that your cells will use to build upon. You can look younger than you are.

  • There is only one thing that is responsible for the whole difference between youthfulness and ageing. Youth looks forward always to something better. Age looks backward and sighs over its “lost” youth. In youth we are constantly growing. We have the mindset that we have not yet reached our absolute peak. We know we can expect to continually improve. We look forward to ever increasing physical powers. We look forward to a more developed and perfect body. We look forward to greater mental ability.

  • But what happens after we get to be thirty or forty years of age? We think we have reached our prime. We have been taught that we can no longer look forward to greater growth, and that all we can hope for is to “hold our own” for a little while, and then start swiftly downward to old age and decay. The truth is we can never “hold our own.” You must go forward, or back. You must move or life will pass you by. Realize that there is no such thing as having crossed your prime but keep increasing it all the way.

  • There is never any end to growth. Your body is constantly being rebuilt and perfection is still so far ahead of you that you can continue growing towards it indefinitely. You need never know age. You can keep on growing more perfect, mentally and physically, every day. The reason why the physical body wears off as we age is because the etheric image becomes less sharp. We can sharpen the etheric image by holding the image of youthfulness about ourselves. Staying young is by conscious act of choice.
    Every moment you live is a moment of conception and rebirth. You may be weak and anemic. You may be crippled or bent. No matter! You can start today to rebuild along new lines. In eleven months at the most, every one of those weak and devitalized cells, every one of those bent and crippled bones, will be replaced by new, strong, vigorous tissue.
  • It matters not what your age, what your condition. You can start now renewing your youth, growing daily nearer the model of yourself that you are imaging.
    Even man of 85 should have not only the physical vibrancy, strength and enthusiasm of 21, but combined with them he should have the skill, experience and the ripened judgment of 85.
  • You can grow old at 30. You can be young at 90. It is up to you. Which do you choose? If you choose youth, then start this minute renewing your youth. You really can grow faster, stronger and smarter the more years you live. The secret of youthfulness is consciousness of youthfulness. Be forever young in your mentality.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Goddess of rebuilding along the youthfulness of new lineage!

The goddess that is constantly growing, hold the etheric image about our youth onto ourselves to higher standards then normal ; you will see, you will age much more gracefully!

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