Allow Your Feelings to succumb to what you want to Manifest in this lifetime!

America, Lady Liberty 🗽

  • Your primary area of manifestation is what everything else circles around. Focus on one area to create success with the greatest probability. The secret of power is in the use of concentration. Many people fail to manifest much in their lives because they do not drop all else for the establishment of a single area of desire. Those who achieve a significant measure of success in any area of their life choose to be single minded in their intent. Let every other intent be secondary compared to your primary intention.

  • Contrary to mass conception, it is perfectly natural to allow your happiness to flow according to money, success or anything that is important to you. Many have been taught to think that it is wrong to let your feelings be affected by material things. This faulty thinking is the reason why many people remain where they are and never really achieve much improvement in their lives. Our feelings are affected by the things we want due to very natural reasons. We must realize how to use feelings for our success.

  • Manifestation is an expression of whether you have been living your divine identity. Remember that the outer world is a reflection of the inner world. What you see in the outer world is meant to be used as a gauge for how you have been doing in the inner world. If we treat the outer world as nothing at all, then we have no gauge by which we can use to know how we are doing spiritually. When we live our divine identity well, we will see the manifestations of the divine. Those manifestations are things we desire.

  • Without the feeling, you cannot be motivated to make changes in order to get more of what you want. There are times when you feel compelled to take a certain action to get what you want. Denying that feeling and just trying to sit and doing nothing would limit you from the result that you might obtain. People are motivated by the feeling of either pain or pleasure. Both serve their own purposes and both are good in their own way. Don’t just try to change the feeling, but use it to take action to create changes.

  • Allow your natural feelings to influence you in response to your manifestations. They act as feedback. This is the whole purpose of your feelings whether good or bad. They let you know what to do next. Your feelings are not meant to hinder you in your manifestations, but they are meant to help you manifest what you desire if you would act on them instead of denying them. The ultimate success formula is to take action, observe the feedback, decide what to change and keep doing until success is made.

  • Those who deny their natural feelings and think that it is wrong to allow happiness to be governed by money, success or anything else are denying the natural order. We are not meant to feel happy about poverty and failure. Those things do not express our divine nature. The divine nature can only feel good when it experiences things which are in accordance with itself. That is the reason why you do not naturally resonate with lack and limitation. People deceive themselves by pretending those things are fine.

  • The shortest path to spirituality is to be authentic and to allow the natural order instead of denying it. Always be honest with yourself about what you are happy with, and what you are not. You can bluff the whole world, but do not bluff yourself. The worst liars in the world are those who lie to themselves.
  • Self dishonesty is the greatest element of stupidity. When you are unauthentic, you block yourself from becoming conscious. Following the natural order by being honest with feelings awakens you fast.
    Having peace doesn’t mean you don’t feel unhappy. Peace is an underlying strength of spirit.
  • Lost of peace is when you feel broken, destroyed and hopeless. Think of a situation when you have been beaten, but you feel fired up and ready to fight with a new move or with more effort to win. You may not be feeling happy about losing, but you have the underlying strength of spirit to continue the fight to win. This is what peace is. From peace comes the power to know that you will get the desired win in time.

  • The left hand path is the path of pragmatism. It is about going for what works and what you want directly and cutting through all the nonsense. It is not about what others say is supposed to be the way or not the way. There is only one rule for the path of pragmatism: If it works, it is right. There are no other considerations. People create all kinds of obstacles in the way of getting what they want. There is no one stopping them but they themselves. Get out of your own way by being direct in getting your desire.

  • Those who do not truly understand the natural order invent all kinds of nonsense to deny it and prevent themselves from getting what they want. They would create faulty philosophies about being contented with their lot. They would reason their way out of going for what they desire. They would judge others for not accepting what they have and would be unhappy if they get more than their current lot. All of this serves to create harmony in a society of foolish beings. There would be chaos if the stupid revolted.

  • But for the intelligent and capable people, they should by all means go for more of what they want as they have the power to do so. Society rules were established to keep the ignorant at peace. But the rules do not apply to the intelligent elite. The intelligent and capable are meant to be free to create what they desire with all the power that they possess. Understand that the system of the world is designed to keep the masses in harmony so that there can be maximum productive use of energy from them all.
Laura Zukerman
Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman
Becoming Your Inner Goddess
Goddesses realize societies rules were to keep the ignorant people at peace with themselves; not applying to the intelligent ELITE
Goddess of Authenticity is the shortest and most sincere path to spirituality!

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